Ryan Jackson speaks on 360 Video, Panoramas and Immersive Multimedia

Posted by ryanjackson on Mar 20, 2012 in 360 Panoramas, 360 Video, Ryan's Life, training

I was invited to speak at VendAsta Technologies about the work I’ve done on 360 panoramas and video. It was really cool because I’ve talked dozens of times about photography and video but I’ve never given a full presentation about 360 panoramas.

As I explain in the video , I’ve always been fascinated with the Holodeck from Star Trek and we are slowly getting closer and closer.

As a photojournalist I always get to go to places and see things that most people don’t and I find that 360-degree panoramas with audio or 360 Video can help give you the same experience.

At the pace of technology today. What’s stopping us from being able to download a 360-degree video into our brains in the future?

We’re getting there faster than you think.


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