360-Video Talk at ONA2012

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360-Video and Innovation Talk at ONA12 from Ryan Jackson on Vimeo.

Andrew Satter @asatter discusses innovative video techniques. Ryan Jackson @ryan_jackson talks about his 360-video projects and an open discussion on video with the audience happens at the end. Enjoy! Sept. 22, 2012 at Online News Association annual conference ONA12 in San Francisco. http://www.ryanjackson.ca http://www.asatter.com

Ashley and I are driving back to Edmonton from San Francisco and I have limited internet connectivity so this blog post will be fully updated with links and quotes in a couple days.P.S. If you ever get a chance to drive the west coast, DO IT!

This is a super duper quick list of the links I’ll be sharing at the #ONAunconf Unconference session at the 2012 ONA conference in San Francisco


Try to do something different. NOT TV. “make something worth talking about” – Seth Godin.

-Multimedia — use best tool to do the job. … sometimes video, sometimes sound slides, sometimes panoramas, sometimes interactives.

– I want there to be a holodeck like on Star Trek!

-I want to have the news beamed into my brain like in the Matrix or Simpsons.

-We’re going to get there before you know it

Getting closer!

#1. put me there.
360 panorama Twitter CEO yesterday

I hate boring video
. Passive vs. Active. We will sit down and watch TV for hours (passive) but it’s hard to watch a 2-minute video online (active)

Make your videos active.

-Interactive Talking Heads


something simple…
Interactive Political Debate Video
-I shot video. Lucas Timmons figured out the API and he blogged
HERE how to do it.

Blog about shooting it

-28 mins of video here. people spent WAY more time on it than if it was just a normal linear video.
-think backwards. how do you wish you could watch long videos that are boring?
Immersive Video

Make videos immersive and interactive.

Blog post about shooting 360-Video.

Watch 360 Dodgeball Video on Edmonton Journal

Went viral. picked up by Gizmodo and got 10,000 hits in an hour. which 10k x 100mb video = a lot of bandwidth!
Slave lake 360

-took this tool I made and used it for something more serious and breaking news

“Google Streetvew” style 360 video tour

360 Street View Tour of Slave Lake after Wildfire Devastation
-got special access because this video could be used as a service to the citizens.
Blog post about making my own Google Street View Tours

The next year I returned and shot 360 Before/After Panoramas showing the reconstruction

Lucas Timmons created the map.
Blog post about re-shooting the panoramas from the same place.
-next year later i returned and did the exact same route. thank god for GPS. Lucas Timmons

-Next, combine those two ideas. Start with one project and build on it for the next.

360 election – Interactive Coffee with politicians

-how be used for something different. scarcity. interactive, put you there.
Interactive 360-degree interview with political leaders:

Blog post about interviewing politicians in 360-degree video.

Choose your own adventure game

Interactive 360 “Choose your Own Adventure” Tour of Edmonton Carnival

-Best viewed on iPad.
-now this is cheesy but think of it as a little town. You could do panoramas of a small town or neighborhood and make it so you go to each section and talk to people.
-360 video on a Roller Coaster

-Start with one thing and build build build on it.
-i use KRpano.
-interfaces with VR headsets and game controllers.

-360 isn’t for everything
-must be super duper interesting topic to get good ROI
-must be something worth looking around for.


Collaborated with Carnegie Mellon University

-contacted them and collaborated

Zoom into video and move around in time and space.

-dodgeball again! 1st – viral…2nd. 360…3rd… time-lapse in time and space…
-URL and video screenshot

GigaTAG Facebook.

Also created a Facebook GigaTag so you potentially have 5,000 University students tag themselves in Facebook.


Dynamic time lapse of CAPITAL EX
-every hour update video.
-just PHOTOS…

Robot tweeted every time it took a photo


Interactive Beer Trivia Game

Posted by ryanjackson on Sep 12, 2012 in 360 Panoramas, Game

While working on the beer story with Lewis Kelly I came up with the idea to make an interactive beer trivia game to go with it.
Click here to play the game.
Lewis signed out some beer books from the library and made a list of fun trivia facts.
I then wrote the code for krpano using this example as a starting point.


I photographed almost all the bottles at Sherbrooke Liquor. They have hundreds of brands available as single bottles so I didn’t have to open any boxes.

I setup two strip boxes and one strobe under the white background. It took about three hours to photograph all the bottles.

So thirsty!


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