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January 31st, 2003

there is a SHOW tonight (Friday) and tomorrow night (Saturday).
Tonight is Morally Sound and Sparky playing at The Odeon for MS’s new CD
release. Tomorrow night Liberated Noise, Loaf, and Sparky play at Louis’. I will
be at both shows (hopefully!) taking pictures so see you there!  Both Shows
at at 9pm by the way.

So Brett with all his fury Tai-Kwon-Doe’ed to death the ice’e’kel
(<—I spell it like that because I’m not actually sure how to spell
icicle…holy crap Spell checker just did it! Ok, ok… ICICLE)

If you are bored click
and HERE
to see the videos of this amazing feat of Ukrainian power.

January 30th, 2003

You know its actually the 29th… I always write my updates at like 2am so
its always already the next day. This time its only 10pm, but I’m putting down
the next day anyways!

The exhaust for the heater in my garage (I say “my” as if I own it…) drips
water = ice = see below.

It’s about 9 feet tall I believe. We have to knock it over tomorrow
though before it obstructs the exhaust, but for now its super cool!

finally in nerd news I got the HTML code that makes my webpage reload
every time people go to it. The problem was that I would update my website, but
then you would have to click “Reload” to see the changes. So… thanks to <META
http-equiv=”Pragma” content=”no-cache”> placed between <HEAD> and </HEAD> this
problem is fixed. THANKS SANTA! On the downside, you will reload all the
pictures each time you come here which will take longer,  but hey, that’s
better than not seeing “what’s new” :)

January 29th, 2003

there were well over 500 birds in my back yard today! It was freaky!

quote of the day: “what do most people mean by “living”?
They don’t mean living. They mean the latest and closest plural approximation
to singular prenatal passivity which science, in its finite but unbounded wisdom,
has succeeded in selling [them].” -e.e. cummings   <– if
you went to Joes you should remember cummings’ poems and essays we studied in
English. this brought back memories.

January 28th, 2003

I got the last and this season of Scrubs off KaZaA. I love that show!

a penny to anyone who can guess what today is!  ….You know what
gets me. The fact that millions of dollars a year are made on BOTTLED WATER!
Now I admit, bottled water does (in most cases) taste better than tap water and
depending where you are in the world can certainly be a lot safer but for
the majority of people you are paying more for what you can get free out of a
fountain than you would for a bottle of coke! Bottling companies must be
laughing their asses off and wiping them with your money!

Enough about that. Quote of the Day: (Dana walks in with her hair
newly dyed blonde) “Dana, I like your hair! …. It matches your face!” -Ryan
Jackson      it may be lame putting my own quote down
on my website but damn that was funny!

In other news BUNNIN’s NOT DEAD. Yes you may have wondered time and
time again when Shawn Bunnin is going to update his rant section. Well for those
of you who don’t know, Bunnin is in Victoria for this semester going to UofV
and training for the upcoming Mountain Biking season. Shawn has gone to the
worlds the last two years and this year with all the extra training he gets to
do in +10degree weather is will be a hot contender! (GOOD LUCK SHAWN! DON’T
BREAK YOUR LEG AGAIN!)    So as a result of all this, Bunnin
doesn’t have a computer in Victoria, but Internet Cafe’s only cost $2/hour so he
will be updating his section soon with a humungous rant about all he’s been
doing in Victoria and etc.

my final notes will be on fire alarms.  The last time a fire
alarm went off what went through your head? I know myself it
is always “ohh probably another drill” or “must be some kind of malfunction.”
No one takes Fire Alarms as serious as we should but then again can we blame
ourselves?  I remember this summer I was taking a nap in the library at
school after my summer class and the fire alarm went off for about 2 seconds for
a test. In one of those two seconds I was on my feet and running thinking “I
gotta get to the elevator!
” What’s sad is that getting to the elevator was
the first thing to come to mind!   Another bad thing (and what sparked
this whole rant) was that the fire alarm in my house has been malfunctioning
lately. Last week it went off 6 times in one night. Each time for almost a
minute!  What’s bad is that the alarm is at the top of the stairs (I live
in the basement) and it didn’t even wake me up!!! That was kinda scary when I
thought about it! Anyways, I’m off to bed now.  Sometime this week the
punkoryan webserver should be back up and I’ll have a million new pictures to
put up and hopefully punkoradio too!   Until then be sure to
check out the new band pics in the BANDS section if you haven’t yet. Night.

January 26th, 2003

you know what I love about life. The fact that “life is a book
that you can’t skip ahead to see the ending in.” You NEVER know what is coming
or what life is going to bring, and THAT is what makes life worth living for
(aside from the endless list of other things of coarse!). But if you think about
it. It would suck to die today, because then you will never get to see what
would have happened tomorrow, or next week, or a year from now. Tonight I saw a
friend at the Pat that I haven’t really seen since grad, and we were best
friends in high school. That just made me reflect on how exciting life really is
if you just forget about all the big (maybe ugly) things in life and think about
the little things. Like reuniting with a friend, or being at the right place at
the right time, or just having a really good day. APPRECIATE LIFE DAMNIT!

Through the Eyes of a Drunk….

I was downtown today, took some interesting pictures.

January 24th, 2003

Brett has HUGE TITS!

can you hear it? its coming… that’s right! The punkoryan
webserver will be up and running again in ETA 1 week. And that means the “full
site” will be back with more video and also I will be hosting streaming
punk-o-radio with all local band music for

also in the news I will have all my fancy-dancy photos of Calgary up
soon too. Here’s a shrunk down preview.

for all those who don’t rat a give’s ass about pictures LIBERATED
will be playing at Louis’ with SPARKY and LOAF on
Saturday Feb 1st. If you haven’t heard or seen any of these bands play I
recommend you go check them out!

Finally….This guy’s last name is actually Write. THAT IS SOO COOL!

January 19th, 2003

you know how Robin Williams has been doing “bad guy” roles lately in
movies….well I think Lesley Neilson should do a serious role too. THAT

in other news I grabbed this off of
its not official but…

July 2nd Race City Speedway in Calgary,

This years edition of the Warped Tour is continuing to take shape, bands now set
to play include:


Poison The Well

The Used


From Autumn To Ashes



Taking Back Sunday



Less Than Jake

Face To Face

Simple Plan


Brand New

The Starting Line

Andrew W.K.

Suicide Machines


Dropkick Murphys

The Unseen

The Ataris

The Distillers

Yellow Card

Ill Kid

Tsnuami Bomb


Slick Shoes

Mad Caddies

Destruction Made Simple

Me First And The Gimme Gimmes

Count The Stars

Destruction Made Simple

The Damned

50 Bands in total are expected to take part in the trek, though not all will be
playing every date. The current schedule has the outing kicking off on June 19th
and winding down on August 10th

This info was taken from www.theprp.com

January 17th, 2003

A show to remember… that was really good! I went to see New Jacobin
Club, Morally Sound, and Polk play at the Bassment tonight. It was a really good
show and I took about 120 pictures. (of coarse!)  This was my first time
taking pictures of bands with my new camera and WOW did they ever turn out good!
So anyways check out the pictures in the BANDS section.

Now as for me…tonight someone was telling me that they go to my website all
the time when they are bored and are sad to see that I haven’t updated. Well
that inspired me (somewhat) to update more so thank you guy from Loaf!
Speaking of update there are 5 new bands in the  BANDS
section so check them out.

Now for my long story as to why the pictures from Calgary aren’t up yet…
well as you may have gathered I spent last weekend in Calgary and had an awesome
time. Along with that I awesome time I also go to take about 100 pictures of
Calgary both at night and day. My (I would say now to be) friend Maria happily
drove me around one night for 3 hours to all the best spots in Calgary to take
pictures. It was awesome! But, of coarse, my memory cards for my camera filled
up fast so, using Maria’s computer I copied the pictures to her computer (by
the way this story may be really boring so you can skip to the next paragraph if
you want
) and burned them onto a CD…well, I remember as I left her place
saying to George “man would it ever suck if I lost this cd”…..well …so
…yeah….the next day “of coarse” I can’t find the cd…I have no idea
where it is! We search the hotel room high and low and middle and no luck. So I
must have left in Maria’s car or something. So anyways Maria is mailing me
another copy (I called her just before she was about to delete all the pictures
off her computer!!!) and when they come in there will a ton of cool pictures for
all you guys to look at!

Well that last paragraph was pretty boring but what ever. I don’t have
read it
. Hmmm…now I guess would come the time for me to write something
witty or thought provoking….

Feb 21st starting at 7pm going all night, 22nd Film Festival 1pm–>5pm then
Music from 7pm going all night.  WHERE: Cosmo Senior Center (accross from
the Hose and Hydrant bar) PRICE: $5 per event, or $13 for the whole shpeal.
MOREINFO: e-mail Jenn:

Was that good? No? Well screw you! I am tired and although I know I have a
bunch of “relevant” things to write about, I’m going to sleep now.

p.s. The PHOTOS section as well as some other things may not be available
anymore due to my limited web space. (FUCK YOU SHAW!!!) so hopefully next week
it’ll all be good again!

January 13th, 2003


I just got back from the bestest’est funnest’est mostamazingness’s trip to
Calgary ever! I am WAY to tired to go into Details right now so I’ll tell all
you people who I’m sure are just dying to know what I did later. Untill then
check out the pictures of the CALGARY
. If you weren’t on the trip then they will mean nothing to you, but
I also took close to a hundred pictures of Calgary at night and during the day
and I will hopefully have all those up within the week. Click
for a preview. Finally, we went to a local Calgary punk show. It was awesome!
I will have the pics for that up soon too. Wish me luck waking up tomarow for
my damn 8:30am class. This is going to suck!

January 7th, 2003

Enough Booze?

Only 2 more sleeps till Calgary!!!    On Thursday at 6:00am my
friend Terri and I leave for the IEEE Calgary trip. I am so looking forward to
it! We get to go to an Electrical Engineering Specific Career Fare, as well we
get tons of free tours, and of coarse a ridiculous amount of drinking!!! (Which
shall  come welcome after getting my final marks back :) Anyways I guess I
gotta sleep now cuz I have an 8:30 class now :(

January 5th, 2003

Wagner is the coolest!

January 1st, 2003

WOW! That was my first time writing (err… actually typing) 2003!!!

Anyhoos, I’m still drunk kinda but here are the pictures from


p.s. I’m in my room right now, but I will be sleeping on my floor and not in


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