November 2002

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November 30th

Sorry for all the downtime in the last couple days. The viruses
returned…but THEY ARE ALL GONE!  I finally got an antivirus that works
with my server and now all is secure and good!

Here are some pictures of the SUNRISE
on Thursday November 28th at about 8:30am.

Yesterday I worked 9:30am to Midnight!  I worked the Future Shop Grand
opening. Wow it was huge! The store is huge! There were so many customers and I
was there for the morning meeting. There were like 70 salesmen and people
working and a huge crowd of “door crashers” waiting to get in and grab the good

Well I’m off to school to study now. Have fun!

November 27th, 2002

BUNNIN has a new
rant so check it out!

Added some pictures of the sunset
tonight, and there will be more to come.

The marks are in and I got 23% on my math223 midterm #2. Whew! Now I can drop
the class :) I have to go to school and finish (stick) an assignment tonight so
there’s not going to be as much of a deep thought provoking rant as there was
yesterday but oh well.

Friday is Future Shop’s grand opening and I work 9:30-5:30pm there for
Hewlett Packard and then 5:30-12 midnight after that. So I will be pretty tired
on Friday, but on the bright side that’s a lot of money!

You don’t need to read this paragraph at all so I finally
figured out
how to change the settings of my Linux Apache server (the
webserver that you are on right now if you are reading this) and…I got
cocky…changed a few more settings than I should have and when I restarted the
computer…”starting server..FAILED” …so now I have wasted all the
hours I spent installing Linux and I have to do it again….I have seriously
spent 3 or 4 times more hours on the webserver than the website, but ohh well.
Eventually I’ll figure out what I’m doing and have it running the way I want it.
–> which means no more down time for my website! *hooray!*

November 26, 2002

….something to think about…

I always “at first glance” see people in photos as having ‘blank’ minds like
the person in the picture doesn’t have a soul, or a brain, they are just
mindless and captured in an instant….then I think about  what’s going
though their head at that instant” …though if you think about it, in
1/1000sec shutter speed, the mind isn’t really thinking at that
instant…thoughts are dragged over time like talking

My friend Steph brought all this up and now I’m really thinking about it. She
brought up the example of the Mona Lisa and how we see it as a famous panting
but never think of the person in the painting…. of coarse then I brought up
the speculation that the Mona Lisa was simply Da Vinci drawing himself as a
woman…. (go HERE
for more info)….so yeah that was a bad example, but you get the idea…of how
when you look at people in books and magazines “posing” for pictures they have
to be thinking something –> what is it?  or is it nothing? did the picture
“steal the persons soul” and the soul died so its a picture of a dead person? or
am I just way over analyzing things and I hate it when people do that…ohh well
think about it.

AN-OTHER thing I’ve always wondered was if my friend Gordon (who is
Chinese and came from China when he was 4) “thinks” in English or Chinese?
Like he talks to us in English, and his family in Chinese so he gets equal
portions of each language pretty much …but what language does his “inner
voice” speak when he’s thinking?

think about that! (in English preferably :)

p.s. when I asked Gordon this he told me that you don’t think in words but in
images so it doesn’t matter what language you speak….

New stuff includes:

– Gordon (and people)’s Grade 12 English Parody Video:
Lost in 60 Minutes

-My Grade 12 Christian Ethics video on
Work (boring yet I threw in
some funny stuff to make it interesting…thus contradicting me calling it
boring *ahh!*

-I’ve also added High Res versions of Arlin’s videos
LIX and his Grade 12 English

-Pictures from the IEEE Big
Little Brother  (yes with actual little brothers, not the ones
you get drunk) Christmas party where we played dodge ball with grade 6 kids and
then after had a HUGE POPCORN FIGHT!

-Pictures from Bowling with Profs night  (don’t even bother caring if
your not in EE)

November 25, 2002


– Shawn Bunnin’s Grade 12 Drama video: THE
<— really really good. Worth a watch

-Some NIGHT SHOTS that I took last night with my new wide angle lens, I’m
hoping to go down town one of these nights and take a whole mess of night shots,
I just have to wait for the right weather and time.

-Pictures from the MECH/ELEC Pub Crawl.
<—Be sure to look at all the shirts
they are hilarious!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated! A little too long…now that my
webserver is secure and virus free I can spend time on the actual website!
I am kicking myself for not going to the Bassment on Friday now though because
Liberated Noise played along with Polk and Autopilot and two other bands (I
think) and I really wish I had gone to take pictures…but ohh well a lesson
learned. I did, kinda get a lot done this weekend though so that’s good, and I
almost did an entire assignment on my own! *applause*  But anyways, now for
my ramblings of my last few days:

NICEST BUS DRIVER EVER! On Thursday I went to the Skuzz and before I
left I took my bus pass out of my wallet so that I couldn’t lose it, but then of
coarse Friday morning I go to catch the bus and I don’t have it. I tell the bus
driver that he can go because I forgot my pass and he’s like “where do you
live?” I was so shocked! I’m only 5 houses away from my bus stop so I sprinted
to and fro my house and was to class in time! *applause*

Speaking of the Skuzz So Thursday after the Skuzz (at like 2:30)
we go driving around and we stop at good ol’ St. Joes and Brett (who is very
drunk of coarse) decides that he should try to climb the fence at the back of
the school. What do we hear next but THE SECURITY ALARM going off!
Another Antymniuk moment…

Another $300 down the toilet. So yesterday I’m sitting here and I try
to turn the refresh rate of my monitor up, I set it to the usual setting and it
goes blank…ok…wait 15 seconds and it turns back…so I try again…goes
blank…STAYS BLANK…now it wont turn on at all!  So now I’m
staring at a crappy old 14″ monitor that hurts my eyes and I have a nice 17″
monitor sitting on the floor…mocking me…laughing at my red, watery,
squinting eyes! :(

Ms. Exner is still hot! Last night Diller and I went to The Hose
for Dana’s Birthday (Happy Birthday Dana!) and when I was on the main level
getting a drink for Dana I looked over and saw….My Grade 10 Science teacher
Ms. Exner! She was sitting with Ms. Scissons and Mrs. Taylor-Gordon and some
other teachers too. Diller and I finally got the courage to go up and talk to
her…and of coarse Diller bought her a shot and I bought her a drink. We were
like “Sorry for giving you a hard time back in grade 10 Science but we’re in
Engineering now so you must have done something right!” She told me that the
sign I made for her back in grade 10 is still up on her wall and she always
tells her students on the first day the story of how on her first day of
teaching grade 10 Science the class was talking and she yelled “Do I need a sign
up there that says “WHEN I TALK YOU DON’T!!!” So of coarse the next
morning I showed up with a 10 foot banner with those exact words which she hung
up on the wall…Hmmm…. I just now realized that I left a mark at my old high
school! Wow, and I didn’t even have to score any touchdowns or write death
threats in the girls bathroom :)

Diller is back at Mc.Donalds!!! I’d like to officially announce that
L. Chris Diller (I bet your wondering what the L is for now :) has his first
re-training shift on December 2nd, and I will be hopefully the one training him!

Anyways I seeing as how I have school (and Finals coming up…OH MY!) I
better kick it, but remember to always check back as:


-Another grade 12 English Parody video entitled:  Lost In 60 Minutes

– 3 more videos as well that I have to convert

-Of coarse more and more pictures.

-BUNNIN section is up so be sure to check it out.

November 19th, 2002

MATH IS OVER! Well, sadly I failed the shit out of my midterm (big surprise)
so I think I’ll be dropping it now because if I don’t think I will be able to do
well enough on the final to make up for my bad midterm marks so I will just have
to take it this summer. (*sound of $400 flushing down the toilet*).  Aside
from that, as I type this I am installing Linux Mandrake with Apache on my web
server because some ASSHOLE thinks its funny to try to hack into my web server
and put viruses on it…well I can tell you that you may find it funny to fuck
with other peoples web servers but you wont be laughing when your in ASSHOLE
HELL with my elementary school bullies and the greek…

So this weekend I spent an enormous amount of time studying…yet didn’t
really get any studying done! Last night at like 3 in the morning I am laying in
bed and my mind is just racing, its been racing all weekend and I just cant
concentrate on anything (except everything….you know) and I’m like “oh man I
need some Redilin or something (my friends have told me I have ADD and I have
EVERY symptom but I don’t want to go on any drugs cuz then I wont be
me…another whole story that I’ll tell later) anyways back to the story at
hand. So I’m laying there and I’m thinking “I need to concentrate” and then I
remember that this summer at the EX I saw Wayne Lee the “hip-notist” and I
bought his cd “dynamic concentration” which hypnotizes you into concentrating
and studying and working better. I am stupid and kept on putting off listening
to the cd but finally I listened to it…WOW! Today I studied better than I ever
have before. “there is nothing more important than achieving my goal” ,
“distractions keep me from achieving my goals” , “I must buy all of Wayne Lee’s
cd’s to achieve my goals”  (hehe he didn’t actually say that but that would
be funny).

So this summer I left 5 cd’s out at my cousins place in BC and she finally
sent them back to me…except she kept three!!! :(   Just so you know
(because I’m sure you want to) the cd’s I got back were Smacking Isaiah (an
amazing band I discovered at Warped Tour this summer), Bad Religion – the grey
race (I’m listening to it right now, probably my favorite cd of theirs) and Dr.
Dre – Chronic 2001. Ya ya I know this is, but that would
definitely be the best rap cd I have ever heard. It one best rap cd of the year
and for a good reason…it was!   The two cd’ s that my cousin kept
were AFI – very Proud of Ya’ , and Blink 182. I miss them Tara. Please mail them
to me!

So yeah… the cool thing I have just realized about this website is that I
can ramble on and on and on and on and on and you pretty much have to read it
for fear that you might miss something. (*evil laugh) and believe me I can
ramble. Speaking of that, if you haven’t noticed BUNNIN section is up. I set it
up so he can update his own rants himself, so be sure to check out his “extremely
biased opinions” and well…he’s has “exclusive rantivity” so your stuck with

Speaking of crappy sections of my website…(*Bunnin thinks
for a second and wonders if that was a joke directed towards him*) if you have
any suggestions about my website feel free to email me at I want to
make this the best site I can (taking rime and laziness into consideration of
coarse). The #1 thing that people like is that I thumb nailed all the pictures,
and well everyone loves pictures so that’s what this site it all about.  If
you ever have a contribution to this site feel free to e-mail me and I can put
it on my site and full credit will be given to you for your contribution etc.

I have added close to 600 pictures from my trip to BC and
also just some pictures of the UofS. Now most of them will be boring because I
take hundreds of pictures of EVERYTHING and if I’m lucky 1 in 100 will turn out
to be super nice (see PHOTO’s section) so these are just ALL the pictures will
none of the fat cut out, so don’t be critical if they are crappy, poorly taken
or boring but some people actually like spending hours looking at pictures so
for that reason I’m gunna put up pretty much everything I take with my camera on
here :)

Speaking of Camera,

November 17th, 2002

The crane is gone! :(

So my 812 camera is broken right now (I can’t get the battery door to open)
and my 715 camera is in the process of being broken right now (don’t ask) so I
didn’t bring a camera to school today and what happens? THEY ARE TAKING THE
CRANE DOWN!  The T-crane used to construct the Spinks (hehe) addition has
been up for just over a year now and every day Andrew and I stare at it in awe
because it is so freaking cool…and now…I have like to reason to go to school
anymore (well that’s not true) but I will sure miss the countless minutes
staring at the crane. So there are no pictures of them taking it down (which I
am kicking myself for but oh well) but it re-teaches a valuable lesson that you
should always have a camera handy cuz you never know when they are going to take
down the giant crane that was so freaking cool…

So math sucks so incredibly much! I was at school today from 1pm to 1am…wow
that’s 12 hours! Now you would think that in 12 hours I would be able to get a
lot of studying done right?…well if you think that then you don’t know me very
well!  I don’t even have the crane to blame for my being distracted from
studying today (aside from watching it be taken down which I guess would
contradict what I just said) anyways WISH ME LUCK on my math223 midterm that I
write on Monday (as well as everyone else who is writing it) because it will be
incredibly hard and I will fail it anyways but with your well wishes I’m sure I
will only fail it by 1 question and that 1 question will mock me for the rest of
my life or something…oh well I better go sleep now.

November 15,2002

I’ve added Mike Harrison’s Grade 12 Drama video as well as some more pictures
in the friends section. Enjoy!

November 13th, 2002

I’ve added a “friends” section with Pictures of the Warped Tour Road Trip as
well as Pictures from Halloween. There is a video of my friends Skydiving in the
videos section too. Sorry for the crappy filming but Chris was getting eaten
alive by the bugs!

So Sunday night I’m at school and I’m talking to this guy about punk shows
and he’s like “Winnipeg is a cool place, they get shows all the time. Bands like
No Means No. I love them” and I told him to go to because it always
lets you know when shows are going on. I go on the site and check the shows
section and what do we see but “No Means No @ Amigos Nov10th/02”!!!  Taught
me a valuable lesson to not go more than a day without checking
because if you do…you will miss out!

As you can see my Hit Counter isn’t working (and I don’t have time to figure
it out right now) but I checked my web server statistics and 136 unique IP’s
have accessed my website which means 136 different people have been to this
site! I find that to be crazy, but then again I guess this is the internet… I
am always in the process of adding more and more pictures (sorry there haven’t
been any shows lately that I’ve been too) so remember to check back often. As
well I have a lot of video to convert to Windows Media and have in the videos
section as well.

In the list of “to come” are the St. Joe’s After After Grad 2001 videos,
grade 12 drama and English videos, and some videos from shows as well.

November 10th, 2002

Welcome to Punk-O-Ryan version 2.0!

Its pretty much the same old site, but now there’s frames and thumbnails “oooohhhh….ahhhhhh!”

As well I have added videos from high school and some shows (if they don’t
work its my webserver, so just check back later)


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