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November 29th, 2004

Pictures are fashionably late of
All That Remains when they played with
GWAR last week.

November 27th, 2004

Pictures are up of Junior
when they played at Amigos last night. Enjoy!

November 25th, 2004

FINALLY!!! Pictures are up of GWAR
! If you were unfortunate to have missed the show then read on, it will
make the pictures seem a little less crazy. Enjoy!

So on Sunday night I walk into Ryley’s to see GWAR and there is plastic on
the floors, the walls, and the ceiling. “Why is there plastic over everything?”
I ask my friend Liam. “Apparently GWAR has 150 gallons of fake blood and a
canon!” he replied.

I knew it was going to be a good night! I was able to get a photo pass
for the show but I still had to pay $30 to get in. I was wondering why the
show cost so much but by the end I realized why…. It was a freaking Broadway
musical! Every other song GWAR played had a new character/monster come out
on stage. Members of the band either killed them or battled them with giant
swords until the whole crowd was soaked in fake blood.

It all started off with John Kerry coming out and having his head cut off
after lecturing the crowd and the band. Fake blood spew from his body and then
he was dragged off stage, next it was
Arnold Schwarzenegger with his
giant stinky fingers which were soon chopped off in a sword fight. His limbs
shot blood on the crowd as members of the band tore into Arnie’s chest and
ripped out his organs which shot more blood at the crowd.

Paris Hilton was up next. Strapped to a torture
table on wheels they ripped and pulled her apart with more blood spraying out at
the crowd who were all in amazement of what they were seeing. I could not
believe how awesome the show was going so far and wondered how many more “acts”
there would be.

Michael Jackson graced the stage next and sang
some backup “ehhh hooos” to the song Crush Kill. As the song went on Michael’s
face fell off and showed his hideous skeletal remains. Of course blood as
you would expect by now came splattering from his head.

The lead singer then called onto stage the most
wanted man in the world Osama Bin Laden to battle during the song Bring Back the
Bomb. There was a sword fight with a nuclear bomb and of course Osama lost
with bloody results. A worthy adversary to follow Osama was George W. Bush who
just like Paris Hilton was strapped to a torture table on wheels and was torn
apart by the band members. The entrails and several meters of intestines and
organs danced around in the arms of the band as blood shot out from Bush’s

Probably the least tasteful thing I have ever
seen was to follow with Laci Peterson who was murdered by Scott Peterson while
pregnant with her son (its been in the news a lot lately). In expected bad taste
Laci Peterson was there and had a self abortion on stage with the baby puking
green blood all over the crowd. It was sick, it was discussing, it was GWAR!!!

Back from the dead came the Reaganator. A half
Ronald Reagan, half robot who had a huge battle with the members on stage. He
couldn’t be stopped until they were able to rip out his hydraulic lines and
spray the crowd with green blood again. The lead singer of GWAR with his giant
snake like penis then sprayed the crowd with his “filthy urine” while playing
the song Sick of You. The band left the stage and the crowd went wild
screaming for more GWAR. After being soaked in fake blood, drenched in green
puke, and rained on with filthy urine (all fake here of course) the crowd
couldn’t get enough.

The band did an encore with some rock star I
guess named Melvin taking stage with them. They didn’t seem to like Melvin
because his head didn’t stay on too long. Melvin made it a point however to make
sure that every drop of blood from his severed head went onto the crowd and
continued to spray until Bonesnapper came out.

Bonesnapper was a giant monster with an apatite.
He had the longest and biggest battle finally ending with his face and then his
head being torn off and green blood shooting in every direction. Needless to say
it was hard to keep my cameras from getting soaked but I did my best. The final
battle with Bonesnapper happened during the last song Lost Gods which made the
crowd go crazy. Like I said GWAR didn’t just play an amazing show, they put on a
terrific performance and no one left the place without red or green blood on
them, and if they almost did, after the last song one band member brought out
“The Biledriver” a giant blood canon to shoot the crowd with. No one was spared!

I have seen hundreds of shows in my days and I can definitely say that GWAR
was the craziest and most worth my money. Now I just need to get this green
blood off of my camera! If you want to know more about GWAR
and where they came from check out

There is also a show tonight (Thursday) at The Bassment with PHD, Sammy
Sticky Finger, and Against all Odds + others.

C’mon and The Junior Panthers are also playing tonight at Amigos. It’s my
girlfriend and I’s 1 year anniversary. Lets hope she’ll want to see the Panthers
for our 1 year :)

November 24th, 2004

I unfortunately showed up to Amigos a little too late and the SNFU show sold out
so no pictures :(

November 22nd, 2004

The list of best shows I have ever seen now has GWAR at the top!Pictures will be up late tomorrow night.

Holy crap that was amazing!

November 21st, 2004

Pictures are up of Chixdiggit
and The Neckers when they played at Amigos on
Friday. Enjoy!

November 20th, 2004

For anyone who isn’t in the know GWAR is at Ryley’s instead of
the Roxy on Sunday.

November 18th, 2004

Pictures are up of Matt Mays
when they played with The Trews on Tuesday night. Enjoy!

Some great shows are coming to

in the next week so

check ’em out!

Chixdiggit with The Neckers

Friday, November 19th $8

SNFU with
Married to Music

Tuesday, November 23rd, $10

C’mon with

The Junior Panthers

Thursday, November 25th

November 17th, 2004

Pictures are of of The Trews
and The Waking Eyes when they played last
night @ The Pat.

November 15th, 2004

A couple FREEEEEEEEEE films being shown for FREEEEEEEEE this
week. Thanks Elicia!END OF SUBURBIA

a film on “oil depletion and the collapse of the American dream”

Tuesday, November 16th 7:00pm @ the Main library downtown


A film on how war has affected children all over the world

Thursday, November 18th 4:00pm @ ARTS 133 in the UofS

November 14th, 2004

Pictures are up of Voyd when they played at Ryan Pegg’s house
Friday night.

November 13th, 2004

Pictures are up of Protest the Hero,
Closet Monster,
The Brat Attack, and
Adistin. Enjoy!

Pictures are up of Vying for
. The first band to ever get blood on my camera! I had to clean off my
lens after the first song because there was blood splatter on it. Now
THAT’S hardcore. Enjoy!

November 12th, 2004

Pictures will be up soon of Thursday night, but first a
scolding!I found a beer bottle in the guys bathroom at the show.
I didn’t tell Drabble (though I could have). If he had found the
beer bottle THE SHOW WOULD HAVE BEEN SHUT DOWN because if The
Bassment is ever caught with outside alcohol it would be shut down =
very bad.

There have been way too many shows that have been shut down due
to peoples ignorance with this and it hasn’t happened in a while
thankfully and I pray it never has to happen again.

PLEASE –DO NOT– bring outside alcohol into The Bassment EVER or
the shows will be shut down = bye bye Saskatoon punk scene. Tell
your friends and think about others rather than yourself wanting to
get drunk in a bathroom.

November 11th, 2004

I hope you all took time today to remember what over 100,000
Canadians died for. There were over 7000 people at Credit Union Center which
made it the largest Remembrance Day ceremony in Canada believe it or not. In so
many ways I feel very disconnected from the World Wars and yet I know some day I
will have to explain the wars that are going on right now in Iraq, Africa, and
the middle East to my children.

I don’t know how I will be able to explain to them what the wars
were about, but I know that I will teach them why they were all wrong to have
happened. Remembrance Day doesn’t only make me reflect on what has happened in
the past but also question why wars are happening today despite all that has
happened, and all that the veterans have told us. Lest we forget.

November 10th, 2004

November 11th:

Closet Monster, Protest The Hero, The Brat Attack, Vying for
Solace and Adistin

Thursday at the bassment…..7:00pm doors, $7 and such.

See you there and wear a poppy!

November 9th, 2004

So after seeing The Incredibles this weekend which I must say KICKS ASS! I
was reminded of how much I love cartoons = I’ve decided to make my own comics.
Lame? Yes. Hilarious none the less? Definitely! Click on the
comic to see the full version.

November 7th, 2004

I got a fisheye lens! Pictures are up of
Parades Against Parades,
The Cape May and
The Doers

November 6th, 2004

Five buses and a couple hundred of the ugliest shirts ever.
Pictures are up of The Mech/Elec Pub Crawl
from last night. Enjoy!

November 4th, 2004

Yes that is Ryan Drabble!

November 3rd, 2004


November 2nd, 2004

Who do you want to be the President of The United States of America?

John Kerry

George W. Bush

November 1st, 2004

Tomorrow in the United States the presidential
election will happen. Hopefully whoever gets elected, Bush or Kerry
will win by more than a few hundred votes. If Bush wins by a large
margin then even though I will not be happy for him winning, I will
be glad to know that he is in power because the large majority of
Americans believe him to be the best leader. If he wins by the
Supreme Court ruling him President despite him actually having less
than 50% of the popular vote then I will be very pissed off. For it
will be the same ignorance which reinstates him as the ignorance of
wars starting because we haven’t learned from the past.
Tomorrow I will have an online voting pole open and everyone who
goes to this site can vote for either Bush or Kerry. Even though I
know who will win, it will still be fun.Now since I get to be the
media in this case I think I will put up a good ol’ Bush
bashing video for you all to watch. It is 40 Minutes long (70mb) and
will only be up for the next couple days. The documentary simply
compares what Bush has said and promised vs. what he has done and
lied about. It is a very interesting video. I ask that you right click
and “save as” the video to your computer rather than streaming it.

Documentary video – “There’s
something about W

Pictures are up of The End and
Adolyne at their Halloween show on Sunday at
The Roxy. Enjoy!

I also won a $25 bar tab in a costume contest at the show for my John
Kerry costume. I made money off of John Kerry!

Pictures are up of Poser Disposer,
The Modules,
More or Less
, and The People at The
Bassment last Friday. Also Pictures, TONS of pictures (until the band
manager ran out and told me I couldn’t take any more) of
April Wine at The Pat the same night.


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