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April 29th, 2005

It is overcast and rainy so I haven’t really taken many Pictures yet but we payed extra to have internet in our hotel room so damnit I am going to update!

This is all I have seen for the last 14 hours of driving. My friend Kevin wasn’t kidding. The first day of driving in Ontario is just road, trees, and rocks. We have seen four moose though which is pretty cool. It’s funny because in Saskatchewan a moose is a rare thing to see and deer are what you are afraid of hitting with your car where here the moose are running accross the highways…and they are dumb!

I must say that I am quite surprised with Ontario so far. Tomarow we will be getting to the super populated areas as we get closer to Toronto but for what I have seen so far there…isn’t that much. I guess I am used to Saskatchewan where there are tons of small towns everywhere and lots of signs but for the first leg of the #17 highway there aren’t too many towns and they are very far apart. The driving is endless but luckely we have a laptop with many hours of movies and tv shows to watch so the time goes by.

Yesterday we “stopped for a quick supper” in Winneppeg which ended up taking close to three hours because we got lost and it took us an hour to get out of that city. It is really anoying when all of the streets are “named” streets as aposed to numbered streets. We spent the night in a town at some small motel that felt like a prison with cinderblock walls, no phone, and no alarm clock. Tonight however we are staying at a “fancy” Comfort Inn with so called “free wireless internet” which after spending two hours trying to get it to work I called tech support to find out that their network is down. So now it is 4:26am local time (2:26 home) and I am waiting to be able to update this and go to bed.

Tomarow we are going to give ‘er for another 14 hours and make it to Belleville. I’ll update in a couple days with more pictures and boring travel logs :)

April 28th, 2005

Well I’m off! Three days with three people driving in a Pontiac
Sunfire! We’re actually not going through the states to get to Belleville (even
though that is the fastest way) because we want to see Eastern Canada. I will be
updating pictures whenever I can of my adventures so check back every few days
and wish me luck! I’ll miss you all!

April 24th, 2005

Pictures are up from
LAST NIGHT. Thanks sooo much to
everyone who came out. What an awesome time with awesome friends. I’ll miss you

April 22nd, 2005

To strategically compete with the show below at the Bassment The Fullblast w/
The Soccer Moms and Playing in Traffic

are playing at Louis’ on April 22nd too. $7, 8:00pm

Speaking of The Fullblast
remember when I took pictures of them 10 days ago? Enjoy!

April 21st, 2005

Pictures are up of Palmer from
Monday night. Enjoy!

April 20th, 2005

So I leave to Ontario in 8 days! Sorry for the lack of updates
but I’m pretty damned busy. I’m too busy taking pictures to update pictures :)

This Saturday 7pm at Winstons is going to be a farewell
drink-a-thon for any and all who are leaving in May or who wish to bid farewell
to those who are leaving in May. (Myself included). Just show up and celebrate
spring and new beginnings! (with beer)

April 14th, 2005

Pictures are up of Alexisonfire and
Rise Against.  I’m off to Calgary for a
Photojournalism Conference this weekend. Enjoy!

April 11th, 2005

April 10th, 2005

Pictures are up of
Death from Above 1979 and
Controller Controller from Friday
night. Enjoy!

April 8th, 2005

So after a wonderful evening at Louis’ to see Controller
Controller and Death from Above: 1979 I find this lovely note stuck under my
windshield wiper. Yes I did park “kinda close” to this person’s car but I
wouldn’t say close enough to make her walk to the credit union near by, grab an
envelope and write that on it in black glittery makeup. Yes makeup.

Seriously, who writes that? Especially at 12:30am at night in
the parking lot in front of Louis’. Wow. Who writes that?!

April 7th, 2005

Pictures are up from last night of….

April 5th, 2005

Holy shit! NOLTO

You should all go see Choke/The Reason/Ghosts of Modern Man tomorrow night at

As is obvious I haven’t been updating much lately. Out of pictures? Out of
things to say? Computer Crashed? Camera Broken? No. Just been doing “other
things” like reading, working, spending valued time with friends before I leave
for 7 weeks, and most of all – getting all my shit together!

I come from a family of “keepers”. We keep everything. We keep too much. My
room/closet/shelves/etc have been piled up and saturated with crap that I have
wanted to keep…but will never use. Last week however, after holding on to
shoeboxes, bags, bins, and buckets full of papers and keepsakes for years I have
been simply throwing shit out.

I guess I had to move away to have a reason to do this. I have kept stuff
from high school and even elementary school that was in my closet for no other
reason other than “just to have it”. My solution to this problem was to do what
I do with everything. Take a picture.

Do I really need to keep my McDonalds crew member of the month trophy? No.
But I do like to remember receiving it so a picture of the trophy with suffice
and then chuck into the garbage.

It is a reassuring feeling to clean out a closet. Almost like I’m out with
the old and ready for the new. How fitting.


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