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September 30th, 2004

That was great show! Awesome to see soooo many people fill up
Prarieland. I took A LOT of pictures but “school work comes first” so
expect pictures up Thursday night.

Until then however “for all you conspiracy people” watch
incredibly interesting video about how a plane was never actually
recovered from the Pentagon Crash site on 9/11. Makes you

September 28th, 2004

Just incase you didn’t know, Alexisonfire is playing at Prarieland
tomorrow night (29th) with Moneen, Hopesfall, and Closet Monster.
Should be a jolly ol’ time. $16 in advance (Place Riel) / $18 door.
7pm I assume. See you there!

September 26th, 2004

“this domain is for sale”

So this guy in New Jersey bought our runner up for Canadian Idol’s web domain and
he wants to sell it for $5000US. I read the
article in the news paper and
heard about it on John Gormley Live (650NTR) on Friday.

This guy runs and simply buys peoples names and
then tries to sell them when they get famous….

SOOOOO…. I went on and…… bought HIS name!……..

Now I own his name and want $5000US for it or I will trade for to give to Theresa for her to use.

John Gormley said I was one of his “smarter radio listeners” – I’d
have to agree!

September 23rd, 2004

Pictures are up of
Protest the Hero
, Bombs over
, and Sum41 who put on one
hell of a show I must say!

September 22nd, 2004

Come back later for pictures of Sum 41, Bombs over
Providence, and Protest the Hero, as well as a couple interviews from
last night at The Odeon.!

September 17th, 2004

Hooray for band pictures! Here are pictures of
PHD from last night at Ryley’s. Enjoy!

September 14th, 2004

Hey remember when I used to go to shows and take pictures?
Wow…those were the days!

More Pictures are up from House Boating, there are almost 500 here
and they are mostly from my houseboat as well scenery, cliff diving,
boat jumping, water sports, and such.

If any of you want any of these pictures printed
e-mail me the file names of
the ones you want (right click on the picture and select properties and
write down the name eg. IMG_8446.jpg) and I will send the original high
res file to Shoppers Drug Mart and have them done for the bargain
basement price of 25cents for a 4×6 or 99cents for a 5×7.

As for that band photography? There have been a lot of sweet
shows lately that I have had to miss unfortunately but don’t fret as it
is the new school year and with that always comes lots of great shows
such as Alexisonfire, Moneen, Billy Talent, etc. And YOU should go!

My website has been “broken” for the last few weeks now and I still
am having lots of problems updating and logging into my site which will
hopefully be fixed soon. I hope this massive attack of pictures
you’ve gotten this week makes up for it though :)


September 10th, 2004

Few words can describe how awesome a five day house boating trip with
over 80 of your friends is so I thought I’de take over 2000 pictures
instead :) We went in two greyhound busses and had four houseboats
between us on Shuswap Lake in British Columbia. If you ever get a chance
to go house boating I would definitely recommend as it will be one of
the best times of your life!

Here are all the “PARTY
which is about HALF of the pictures to be updated.
There are 756 pictures in this gallery which if you spend three seconds
looking at each in the slide show will take 756×3=2268seconds/60=38
minutes to look at them all. So go to the bathroom
first, grab a beer and enjoy!

September 2nd, 2004

What’s the only thing worse than punkoryan not updating for over a
week?…. I’m leaving in 2 hours to go House boating for another
week! *diabolical laugh*

However, seeing as I “hate to let you all down” and want to leave you
with something, here is a GIGANTIC
of 369 pictures of various things and events and places and
friends and stuff that I have taken in the last month. I didn’t have
time to edit or organize these I just threw all the pictures I liked
from the last month in to a gallery. Enjoy and see you in a week!


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