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May 30th, 2004

Thanks to Steve for pointing out the fact that
if I am going to write a rant about how there are two sides to
every story I should have links to both sides!   Here
is Michael Moore’s website which I have linked before and is
great reading to get you thinking as well he has many links to
alternative news sites that offer unbiased (non-CNN) stories and
articles you normally wouldn’t EVER see on TV or in the

Remember, I still love Michael Moore, and even if his side
may sometimes be a little one sided, it is often a side that you
normally wouldn’t get to hear or see and that is what is most

Finally I must link to a site I find VERY interesting (though
a long read) on all of the events that happened up to and after
911.  From The Wilderness is an essay site run by a guy
Mike Ruppert and it covers everything from War to the Economy. A
great site if you like to read up on more of what is happening
in the world.

I still haven’t seen Moore’s new movie but I’m sure a lot of
it will be based on the below essay and you know that everything
in this essay is based on fact.  The guy has a $1000 reward
to anyone who can prove anything in this essay to be false. If
you read anything for the rest of your life (ok maybe that is a
little extreme) but still everyone should read:

Lucy! – You Gotta Lotta ‘Splainin’ To Do

<—- READ THIS (borring at beggining but gets very interesting
around 9/11/01) The more you read the more you get into it.

Mau 27th, 2004

The other day I asked my cousin “if you see the
new Michael Moore movie somewhere on the net download it because
I want to see it”. “Michael Moore?” he said “I’m not going to
waste my time with that liar again. After Bowling for Columbine
I started “thinking” but then realized that everything he showed
was just his view of it, and hardly anything he said was based
on concrete fact. He just showed you what he wanted to be seen”

Now this thought had of course come to my mind
too, but I never seriously put some thought into the fact that
“Americas Whistle Blower” may be just as corrupt as the media he
bashes, and greedy as the corporations he tries to bring down.

Turns out there are A LOT of people out there
who feel the same, and when I read into it, my eyes were as
opened to Bowling Columbine in how much of it was distorted.
After all, I loved the movie so much I was too concerned with
how awesome it was to question it. A few websites are on the
left that everyone should check out. –> Not because I am now a
“Moore Hater”, I still love him and his movies, but because just
as his movies try to do, they leave you to make your own

Judgments should always be based on the facts.
As much as I know I will love Moores new movie F911, I will now
be much more skeptic about what is said because remember:

Your seeing things how he makes them to

May 25th, 2004

Pictures of The
are up!  I was only allowed to take pictures of the
Distillers so no Crowned King unfortunately but enjoy!

May 22nd, 2004

Pictures are up of Big Wig,
Tsunami Bomb and
Misconduct, as well…for those of
you who weren’t cool enough to go to The Easy Alibi after you
missed a jaw droppingly amazing band
Lythic Blue
finally I added some pictures of the
pit from last night
to the friends section. Enjoy!

May 21st, 2004

Only in Regina!    Pictures of
Death by Stereo from one of the
best shows of my life!  Yes that picture above is of the circle pit
taking up the entire Riddell center all the way to the back wall!
More pictures to make you wish (or glad) you were there soon.

May 20th, 2004

Pictures are up of
Out of Your Mouth
, Social Code
(formally Fifth Season) and The Salads!
Enjoy!  See you in Regina!

May 19th, 2004

Pictures are up of Bif
from last night!  I will have the rest of The Salads, Out
of Your Mouth and Social Code up soon. Enjoy!

May 18th, 2004

See how welcoming that car is?  My friend Tera and I
are going to Regina to see the shows on the 20th (Death By Stereo, Big Wig, Belvedere, Tsunami
Bomb, Misconduct
) and the 25th (Distillers w/ “guests”)We
need a couple more people to fill the “ever so spacious and
comfortable Accent” (which at least is cheap on gas) SO if YOU
are NOT a flesh eating psycho and want to go to Regina (or you
already have half a car and need two more people)
e-mail me !

May 16th, 2004

All The Pictures of
The Paper
Despitado, and
Ghosts of Modern Man
are up with some more video (which by the way isn’t
as crappy
as my old videos were because I got a new camera)
so enjoy!*videos coming soon

May 15th, 2004

That was such a good show! Unfortunately you all have to
wait until Sunday night to see all the pictures because I am leaving to
go to my Grandpa’s 90th Birthday in 4 hours from now but as a teaser I
give you two Paper *Kites Videos:  “Oh
No! The Robot!
”  and  “This
is a Schwa
”  You need
Windows Media Player
to watch them but if you are wunning windows you should already have

May 14th, 2004

May 13th, 2004

Vampires!  The Vampires won’t stop calling me!  It’s like
they like my flavor and they keep coming back for more! (well actually I
am type O which makes me the “universal donor” so they do like me) BUT
STILL!!! I donated blood back 4 years ago and they have called me every
few weeks since then “thanking me for my previous donation” and wanting
more!  What am I suppose to do ? I can’t just tell them to stop
calling me (…I wouldn’t want to come off as some jerk who doesn’t want
to save lives or anything  :)      So what
are my options? I could get a tattoo or piercing! Then I couldn’t donate
for a year! But they would keep me on their list …. waiting….
waiting ….until 365 days have gone by and then *ring ring* “we thank
you for your previous donation” AHHHH! I guess I could
just go donate blood again…. then they wouldn’t call me for three
months because I would have to regenerate another feast for them….
hmmmm maybe I will donate blood one of these days… I
keep telling the people on the phone that I will. I guess they have me
caught in their trap (just like Jackie Chan) … I give them blood and they stop calling me for
three months, it’s a win win situation…..or at least until they get
hungry again!

May 11th, 2004

Seven Hours of organizing and 276 pictures later I
completely redid and added to the PHOTO section.
Many pictures you will have already seen, but I seriously haven’t
updated that section in about a year and I have taken…oh….a “few”
since then so I figured I better get it up to date!

I also put up some of the pictures I have done for photo
press packages for bands. If your band needs some promotional shots
taken feel free to drop an e-mail and “hire” me :)   I still
have a lot more pictures to put up and will be updating that section
more often now that this Gallery thing makes it so easy to update
picture albums.  Next in line –> The Waste Section!!!  And oh
yeah, remember “back in the day” when I seemed to have an opinion on
everything and could write tons…well I haven’t actually written
anything for my site in a very long time and I really miss it so expect
to be even more bored out of your mind with my site than normal because
I have some rants’a’broo’n !

May 10th, 2004

Pictures of
The Pinch,
DFA, and
The Chunks

May 8th, 2004

Pictures of Metallica
from Last Night. I must apologize for the crappiness of the pictures but
I wasn’t able to get a photo pass so this was the best I could do with
what I had. Enjoy!

Oh yeah and tonight!  THE PINCH is having their cd
release with DFA, The Chunks (The Portmans without horns) and The
Decline. It will be a great show and only $6 adv at Vinyl Exchange or $8
at the doors of the Cosmo Senior Center (beside the Hose). See you all

May 6th, 2004

Death By Stereo, Big Wig, Belvedere, Tsunami
Bomb, Misconduct

May 20th @
University of Regina


$14.00 in Advance $16.00 at the door

Doors open at 7:00pm Show starts at 7:30pom

And yes the Distillers are coming to Regina!  I don’t have
a price or time yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

May 5th, 2004

Pictures of PHD and
10 Second Epic are up!

The “attendance” at the last couple Bassment shows have been quite…
unsatisfactory….  so how about you all make up for it by going to
this show! ( <— left )

May 4th, 2004

Pictures from last Thursday (yes yes I know, but I was
busy!) of The Undecided,
Neath, The Anatomy of
, and Webster.Enjoy!

And call your friends and go to the Show tonight!

Only 3 more days till Metallica!!!

May 3rd, 2004

Tomorrow Night at The Bassment!

PHD – Post Human Disorder

10 Second Epic (from Edmonton)

Spade The Shovelhead

Faster Than Tommy

Tickets only $5, Doors 7:30, Show 8 PM

Yesterday was the Kids Help Phone Bell Walk for Kids. The
Fundraiser brought together over $13,000 in pledges which was great!
It was more of a “run for kids” for me because I was running the whole
time taking pictures of the event for the Kids Help Phone website.Fun
was had by all, and many-o-pictures were
taken.  Enjoy!


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