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December 28th, 2003

One of “those moments” again…So the other day I
had a deaf customer. He had to talk to me through his wife who he
signed to. As they signed I thought to myself about how “I wish I
knew sign language that would be so cool”. Then, and hour later when
I was in the Future Shop parking lot a guy walked up to my car and
knocked on the window…. he handed me a little card and a pen. I
gave him a couple bucks (er…well more like half a couple bucks)
and then I realized he was a deaf guy selling me sign language
cards!  Isn’t that weird when stuff like that happens?

It begs to question whether the guy wasn’t just some bum
to be deaf though……I mean like c’mon, if he was
deaf then how could he see me?!

December 27th, 2003

Click “reload” a dozen times :)

Yesterday I worked Future Shop for Boxing Day. All of the
salesmen had to be there at 4:30am so we could be ready for the “door
crashers” when we opened at 6am. It was madness… but then…after a
while…. it wasn’t “that” busy any more. In fact, it was more like a
really busy Saturday. Turned out, The Star Phoenix was suppost to put in
an 8 page color flyer and instead there was only a 1 page black and
white…ouch!  It was still super busy though.

What’s sad is how stupid crazy people are on boxing day.
Pushing each other over for “the deals”. In fact, 95% of the stuff in
stores usually isn’t on sale, but people buy it anyways.

Here in Canada we always have “boxing day sales” but last
week I was on the phone with a girl for tech support and she said to call
back “the day after Christmas”. I was like “Ok, I’ll call back Boxing Day
then”…. she didn’t understand what I was talking about! She had never
heard of “boxing day”, I guess where she lived (in the states) they didn’t
have huge sales or anything “the day after Christmas”….its just another

December 25th, 2003

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We couldn’t afford a manger so Mary has to hold Jesus, but you
get the idea.  If your reading this rather than being with
family, or friends, stop wasting time. If your alone, call your
family and friends. Christmas is the ONE day of the year when
everyone is off of work, spend it wisely. Be with your family, be
with your friends.

December 24th, 2003

Well as a crappy pre-Christmas gift here are the 6
day late pictures of Junior
and Our Mercury

I’ll have way more to write and post on Christmas day a.k.a. a
day off!!

December 22nd, 2003

Pictures of
are up WITH VIDEO!!!  Junior Pantherz and Our Mercury
will be soon to follow (“soon” being anywhere from 1 minute to one

December 21st, 2003

As the greed sets in…..

I type this in exhaustion as I stood on my feet from 9am
till 1am 16 hours today. My HP job is just hourly pay which I like because
I don’t have as much pressure to sell as the normal Future Shop salesmen
do. However, today as I was working as a Future Shop salesman and an HP
rep (8 hours each) I had my first true FS Salesmen moment when I got angry
when a customer didn’t buy the extended warrantee (which I would have made
money on). Of course I didn’t get angry at the customer, but after I was
like “What the hell were they thinking?! Why wouldn’t they get that!” Then
it hit me, that normally if I was just on hourly I wouldn’t care if they
got the warrantee or not because it wouldn’t matter to me, but today it
did, and I got a taste of what its like to be on commission like that.

Some guys really like commission, they do well. I do well
too, but I would rather be on hourly. Not because of the money, but
because I find there are two types of salesmen:  The ones who check
their numbers every hour to see what they are at, and the ones who check
at the end of the week. The ones who check all the time are usually a lot
more stressed out as the numbers go up and down, and are big one day, and
nothing the next.

I like getting my “numbers” every 2 weeks in the mail….

December 20th, 2003

Well I don’t have time to put up the Voyd pictures
but I do have a second to throw up my friends’ cat Gorby who they
decided should be pink for the holidays!

December 18th, 2003

Voyd I will miss you!!! :(Due to my working
9a-9pm tomorrow and the next day you will unfortunately have to wait
for the pictures *tears*

BUT I must say that, aside from the fact that don’t have enough
time to sleep let alone edit and post 100 pictures this is
punishment for all the people who took off after Voyd and missed Our
Mercury because they were really good….. not to mention after the
show when DFM and Kevin showed up with three 40’s….

December 17th, 2003

Ok, so I normally just work as the Saskatoon HP Rep
on weekends. I only had two HP shifts during the break which is why
I decided to work full time for Future Shop during the break….WELL!!!  HP asked me if I would like to “pick up some extra
shifts during the break” I said yes because I figured it would just
be a couple extra 4 hour shifts or something…and well….they gave
me SEVENTY ONE HOURS + I am working full time for Future Shop which
means I will be working 12-15 hours a day every day for the next 18
days… on the bright side…*bling bling*  :)

I have also created a new design for
but its kinda just not working….  yeah…… eventually….Ok so I promised you a crappy rant and now you get it:

What the hell is with those Duracell commercials?
Do they think we are idiots, or are they idiots?  Of course I am
talking about the “Well Consider This” commercials. You know, when they
are like “More Hospitals trust Duracell for their heart monitors than
any other brand…or….”The Rocky Mountain Rescue Crew uses Duracell
Batteries in their flashlights to save lives”… now when I first saw
those commercials I thought it was a little lame but I let it slide
however now the new commercial is “Well Conceder this….On the set of
The Lord of The Rings, they trusted Duracell batteries for their light
meters”  What the hell does it matter?! Why the hell would they say
that? I am never buying copper tops again, or at least until I forget
about their ridicules false advertising that only acts as fuel for
stupid people….which will probably be next Tuesday or something….

Voyd, Junior Panthers, and Dyno Wars    THURSDAY NIGHT
@ The Bassment @ 7:30pm be there or b2

December 15th, 2003

So I will be a blood thirsty Future Shop salesman
during the Christmas break but its all to afford a new camera for me
to play with when I’m not in Finals!Speaking of that, only one
more final to go then I have 3 rants, cd reviews, and will have
pictures from the Voyd show on Thursday.

Speaking of that:

GO TO THE VOYD SHOW ON THURSDAY at the Bassment!  It will be
your last chance to see them ever (or untill they play again).

IF you haven’t heard their new album download it for free at

December 12th, 2003

After failing a math final THAT bad
there is nothing better than a
Beer Night

December 9th, 2003

“As Always” I am in finals so I wont be updating much till
next week but I’ll leave you with a link to a hilarious short film simply

Farm Sluts

Wish Me Luck!

December 6th, 2003


Its not just something that applies to doing your
homework, or a project to build something. It is something much larger
that you can unfortunately do with your life and not notice it. We all
push away the small things, but fail to see the larger things in our life
that we procrastinate.

Life choices, deciding to go to school, deciding to change
work, learning that instrument, or asking that girl out.
“Procrastination may lead to problems later, but gives satisfaction now.”
So true, but when you are procrastinating the larger things in life that
isn’t bringing satisfaction. I worked at McDonalds for 4 years.
There were many other, better jobs that I could have worked but instead I
just complied with the clown, knowing there was something better for me,
but procrastinating the act of writing a resume and taking some initiative
to better myself. (Not to say McDonalds is a bad job, but I could have
worked a more fulfilling job).

In conjunction with my last rant, open your eyes and see
what your doing. Think of what you want to do in your life, and think of
what you can do to make that happen. If your happy with the way things
are, then feel confident in that you love the way your life is. If there
is something in your life bugging you, or holding you back, deal with it.
Think of the options in your life, and the doors that you can open
yourself, if you can stop procrastinating.

Procrastination doesn’t always give satisfaction now, it
may be the holding you back now, and will do worse later.

December 5th, 2003

Think of all of the people throughout your life who you at
one time thought were stubborn and stupid, and then it ended up that you
were the one being stubborn, being unenlightened.  That’s a part of
growing up, but still…

Open your eyes

Think of yourself from a third perspective, a year from
now.  Of course you can’t go into the future, but we can all look at
ourselves a year, 2, 3, 4 ago and think “what the hell was I thinking? I
had no idea”    It would be nice to be able to go into the
future and see what we are doing wrong now, but then again. Stop for a
minute and think… If I was looking at myself a year from now, what do I
think I would shake my head at? What is something I’ve been doing, or a
way I have been acting, thinking, living which come to think of it, I’ll
probably think of as childish and stubborn.

People who you think are stupid are probably smarter than
you, you just haven’t realized it yet. Think into the future and try to
figure out what you could improve in yourself so that a year from now you
wont look back and shake your head, you will be glad you had opened your

December 4th, 2003

I feel bad for not thinking to advertise the Engineers
Without Borders show at Amigos but when I got there, judging by the
packed’ed’ness I would say it was a huge success!

I only caught

Good What Good
unfortunately, but I was very impressed by them. So…
the next time they play YOU should go see them too!

December 2nd, 2003

Edovarus ( “somewhere between Boy Sets Fire and Filter” )
is having a $5 beer night at Great Western and then playing a show at
Lydia’s on December 9th.

Whats better than an evening of cheap beer and a show? Anyone can come, so
get your friends together and just show up!

Great Western (519 2nd Ave N) 7-9pm

Edovarus at Lydia’s 10pm

December 9th, December 9th, December 9th!



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