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September 30th, 2003

Computer now fixed… pictures soon come….

September 29th, 2003

Well my computer is still broken and I spent all afternoon taking pictures
for the Sheaf (yes I’m now a whore for the university newspaper too!) so you’ll
all have to wait for the 100+ pictures of last night :(   Sorry!

BUT WAIT!!! Whats this?
PELSH (kinda) UPDATED!!!!

September 28th, 2003

I vehemently
enjoyed that show!

I took over 100 pictures but you’ll have to wait till Sunday night to see
them all because my computer is broken :(

September 27thm 2003

Alexisonfire and Billy Talent are tonight!!!!   Louis’  9pm
$12 at door GO GO GO  GO!!!

And so you have something to look at till tonight at 2am when tonight’s pics
go up here is a JUMBLE of Tuesday night.

September 25th, 2003

Ahhhh…. the sweet feeling of being done all my assignments and enjoying the
weekend and some sweet shows!  I had to miss The Black Halos tonight
because I was finishing my assignment :(  BUT I did get pictures of 3
Inches of Blood on Tuesday night and so I will have those pics, plus the pics
from this Friday night, plus Saturday night’s pics (ALEXISONFIRE!!!), plus pics
I took last Sunday, plus plus plus..

“I’ll make a million promises and maybe keep two or three…”

September 23rd, 2003

Quite easily the smartest thing I have ever thought of…

Tired of carrying around a wallet AND your keys?  I sure was…until one
day I had the brilliant idea of putting a house key in my wallet!  Now, If
I need to drive I grab my “car keys” and for the rest of the time I just have my
wallet with a key in it.

I amaze myself sometimes. At this rate I estimate I’ll have world hunger
solved by next March….

September 22nd, 2003


3 inches of blood

@the Wash N Slosh 9pm

This Tuesday!!!!

If you haven’t seen this band before be sure to check them out!  They
are like 80’s style death metal!  And now shall be my first
SONG OF THE DAY in months  (you know I just plain forgot about the song
of the day!)


The Black Halos

September 25th @ Louis’ Pub

NOT all ages/ $7 advance, $9 at the door

Then Friday Night:


Four Hundred Strong

Good Enough

Javex Garcia

Le relais, doors at 8:15 ALL AGES booze with id. 6 beans!

and THEN!

Saturday Night:

Billy Talent, Alexisonfire, Spitalfied and Death From Above @ Louis’ Pub

and then when the Louis’ show is over stumble down to Amigos for:

the paperkites and another day down play at amigos for the cfcr benefit. come
support bands not good enough to be muchmusic heartthrobs

Followed ever so conveniently by:

los furios

high energy

latin Ska

from Vancouver

Sept. 28, 2003 @ Lydia’s, Saskatoon

And then the same night is FINGER ELEVEN! @ + WITH

9/28/2003 Praireland Ex Saskatoon SK Closure |
Idle Sons | Mayor
I of course grabbed this all off of
and am going to have to work my ASS off to get my
homework done before all these shows! Wow it will be a good week!

September 21st, 2003

After so many punk and metal shows a good ol’
Rock Show is a great way to
spend a Saturday Night.

September 20th, 2003

It was a sad day…. The Last
E-Plant ever
…and it wasn’t even an E-Plant!  If you don’t know what
E-Plant was…you suck…. Every Year, for the last 18 years The Engineers have
kidnapped the Agro president, kept him/her drunk for 2 days straight and then
strapped them to a giant E.  Hundreds of Engineers paint then selves red,
and hundreds of Agros paint them selves blue and then all of the Engineers lock
arms and hold around the E while the Agros try to get their Presedent down from
it. For 15 minutes it is (was) the most amazing spectacle to watch as Red people
and Blue people push each other and try to break their way to the E.

By the end everyone is purple and then that night is HELL DANCE  (which
would be tonight for me!) and everyone gets drunk.  It is (was) the biggest
event on campus that brings everyone together and really makes all of the
Engineers and Agros feel like they belong to something.

Today was a “funeral” for E-Plant. There were 3 speeches, all the Engineers
were painted black instead of red, and then we carried the giant E back to the
Engineering building to cut it up :)

A lot of people (including very much me) were/ARE pissed off that this 18
year tradition has been forced to end due to “liability risks” but next year a
new tradition will start, and just like E-Plant, it will bring us all together!

September 19th, 2003

Ack! I’ve missed the last two shows! BUT!

Liberated noise w/ The decline and Tickletrunk
@ voodoo lounge
Saturday 9pm $5

You know We’re living in the Future when we can make
dogs talk!

September 18th, 2003

Ryan’s thought of the day:

Fatigue is Plaque spelled wrong…..

September 17th, 2003

Whew!  So the sign only cost $170 with tax, BUT it turned out to be half
the size of the original sign we broke so the owner kept $60 which was fair
because he paid over $200 for the old one. So $230/4= 60 bucks each…. not bad
for a night of theft and scavenging!

In other news,

Walter the Farting Dog is #1 on the

best selling children’s books!  That is so cool!

September 16th, 2003

So tonight was the Engineering Scavenger hunt. I layed down $500 collateral
to “borrow” the neon sign from Extreme Pita and …. when we went to plug in the
neon sign…. it was broken!  Somehow, somewhere, sometime in the evening
we accidentally broke the P in OPEN and so then we had to go back to Extreme
Pita and talk to the Manager. He wasn’t impressed. The Girl who was working
almost got fired too which certainly wasn’t cool either. Tomorrow I’m going to
Costco to buy a new sign for $350…. *tears*

On the bright side we won!  :)    TWO YEARS IN A ROW

September 13th, 2003`

So I am typing this drunk on my fancy dancy new ìwireless
keyboardî that I got for $19 but that is no matter.

What does matter is that I am updating! The question to
that however would be ìwhy am I updating?î

A week ago I had nothing to update with. Untill a couple
days go it was just pictures of bands and thatís it. I wasnít pissed off at
anythingÖ I didnít have any opinionsÖ. Nor could I think of any ìcontentî for my
website aside from just the pictures of shows which I was even avoiding by just
putting up the ìjumblesî of pics.

Why in the last few weeks was I not ìrantingî as I did such
so much at the beginning of the summer?  Well the answer for that would be, as
with the downfall of any man, ìa girlî

Yes she made me happy and with that came the demise of any
annoyed, disappointed, ranted thought that may of otherwise been typed out and
read by you.

Itís like nothing pissed me off anymore. I couldnít think
of one thing to write about. Nothing made me ìthinkî. It was just all about
ìherî.  Of course none of this would come to me as a surprise, as this has
happened to me time and time again. Women seem to have that effect on men. (Eg,
Noticed Nolto hasnít updated in FOREVER! He has a girlfriend now)

Girls always change guys. They abandon all of the things
they hold dear (hobbies, ìguy friendsî, partying, sports, etc) just for ìherî
like she has some kind of mind control spell on you.

Not that this is a bad thing. Itís just the way it always
works. Needless to say by what I am writing now that there no longer is ìthis
girlî anymore for punkoryan and by the next day I already had thought of 5 rants
to write about.  When I say ìIím backî I mean more than I am home. I mean I am
back to the way I was a couple months ago, and I will be that way again until
someone else comes along, and then Iíll forget about everything else in my life
again, just as any guy does, and always willÖ.

Damn felinesÖ

September 12, 2003

“You can pay me back”

I am going to Mexico for Spring Break in February and I need to have $1600 saved
by then.

I was thinking about all of the money owed to me from the times I said “oh you
can just pay me later” and then I started adding all of the I.O.U.’s together…
its over a thousand bucks!

In one way I could be mad for being so “nice” all the time and having all this
money owed to me, but another way of thinking of it is that in the last year I
have almost saved enough for a trip to Mexico by simply telling people they can
pay me back later…

Wow! Saving money is easy! :)

September 11th, 2003

I wrote something about how today is…well today…but I’m sure you’ll be
hearing enough about it in the news, tv, radio so I’ll just say. May they all
rest in peace.

So remember back in early august when I entered in the EXhibition photo
contest?  Well I got an honorable mention for one of my pictures of Calgary
AND I also won the Phase II Photo award too (a $50 gift certificate!)  The cool thing though is that I took the
picture when we were stopped at a red light! I just rolled down the window,
snapped, and it turned out perfect! You never know….

I also *finally* edited and organized all of the pictures of
Bouncing Souls,
Hot Water Music,
The Forgotten and
Worthless United


September 10th, 2003

No this isn’t a ticket giv’a’way…  my friends and I are going to AFI in
Saskatoon and Regina! (and if all goes well I will have a photo pass for both

In the event you are like “i’m an idiot and didn’t know AFI was coming”….
AFI is coming…. you should go to

ALSO if you think “why isn’t Ryan putting much effort into his site lately”
well lets just say I’ve been enjoying a vacation away from consistently updating
my site. However on the downside I have fallen behind on many things related to
it… for one:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!     I forgot to
mention that my site is now 1 year old and I’ve lost count of how many bands are
on here but its around 120 me thinks!

In other news… there is sooo much news…. I’m back, lets just say that!

I also spent FOREVER editing and thumb nailing 306FEST!  SOOOOOO check
out the BANDS section and see
all of the pictures again for the first time of
Away from Here ,
Best kept Secret,
Burning Sophie,
Kevin Walby,
Samual the Black Shaman,
Shackleford, Sparky, The Pinch, Tombstone Diaries, Dirtbred,
Good Sam Park, Greg MacPherson,
Honeyrocket, and
Weak at Best


September 8th, 2003

September 6th, 2003

I spent a day with The Pinch
and it was great!

September 4th, 2003

Well school is tomorrow and what comes with school?  Parties!  So
I’ve been instructed to advertise:

#1   Coco Loco     Friday at the Prarieland
(its a beach party I guess) and its all ages with beer gardens and a dj. I don’t
know a time so just show up.

#2   Commerce BBQ on Monday.  4000 people go every year and
its great (19+) buy tickets in the commerce table.

The end.

September 3rd, 2003

Pictures of

Strung Out
Static Lullaby

18 Visions
are up!     I also re-edited all of the
pictures from last years Strung Out Show.  Amazing what a few seconds in
Paint Shop Pro can do…

Enjoy!   Today I am going to be a “Big Buddy” with Diller for some
first year Engineers today  (in other words, lets get some under age kids

September 2nd, 2003

Strung Out plays tonight at Louis’   I would hope that everyone
already knows that by the million posters everywhere but if not GO SEE STRUNG

Pictures soon to follow…

September 1st, 2003


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