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April 30th, 2003

Where is Ryan right now? …. He is in Edmonton seeing BAD RELIGION!!!!

So to tide you over till I’m back I have pictures of

and some
NIGHT SHOTS I took of Saskatoon two nights ago at 3 in the morning.

So… seeing as I’m seeing them TODAY I figure my Song of the Day should be:

Bad Religion – Parallel

April 29th, 2003


April 29th  <—- THAT’S TONIGHT!!!



All the beer you can drink, with pizza, and prizes (of more booze)

Great Western Hospitality Room on 2nd Ave.

Tickets MUST be purchased in advance

Contact Kyle @ 374-0915 or
for tickets and

arrangements can be made to have tickets either picked up or delivered

Proceeds go towards the 2003 Provincial Wakeboard Championships, with

skateboarding, and bands including Full Release, No Parking, One Stone Dog,

Limited Edition, and Kookshow.

The Wakeboard Championships will be a kick ass weekend (that anyone can go
to) with great bands and sports but it wont happen unless Kyle can sell all of
his beer night tickets so PLEASE call all your friends and

come get drunk to help a cool event happen.

If your thinking “oh I wont know anyone there so I don’t want to go” then
call your friends and get some people together and come out! It is open to
anyone and the more people the better! PLEASE help this event happen. YOU ( <—
yes YOU) can go and help out this event.

April 29th, 2003

Free poll provided by Poll Wizard
What do you think about this Tattoo for Brett?
Go for it!
That is by far THE gayest tattoo I have ever seen!
I could offer some suggestions on how to make it better.

Select an answer and click to vote
Do not select an answer and click to view result

If you voted for the last one then send an e-mail to
Tell him it sucks, or if your bored take the
original drawing and
make it better!  (Hey its summer, what else do you have better to do than
draw a crappy tattoo for someone to wear for the rest of their life?)

You know what you should do on May 2nd?

#1. Think back about how awesome the show at the Bassment that you went to on
May 1st was:

Saskatoon Metal Kingpins

Morally Sound

With The One Drop Collective

(Insanity straight out of British Columbia)

the newest breed of Saskatoon Screamo,

Tombstone Diaries

and Drinking Semen,

formerly known as the infamous Reeta Mckneels

plus perhaps another band, TBA

$5, All Ages, you know the rest… May 1st

#2. Go to The Bassment  on May 2nd to see Ubiquitous Midgets / The Paper
Kites / Shackleford / Conch at 7pm for $5 and then when the show is over around
11’ish you should walk to Amigos and see Polk and the Pinch at Amigos which will
start at 11pm for
another measly $5.

Think about it! Two shows in one night! What more could you want?

Songs of the day:

Jughead’s Revenge – Tearing Down the World

Jughead’s Revenge – Perfect

April 28th, 2003

Buck sent me the pictures he took at the Voyd show so if you want to rekindle
some more memories of the awesomeness of last Thursdays show click


If you remember back in Boxing Day I bought a cell phone (going against
everything I ever used to hold sacred) for $20 and it came with 4 months of free
service. Today that service ran out…. Why didn’t I go with a plan? I promised
myself I wouldn’t get one.  4 months for $20 is good, but $32/month for a
plan is a little (lot!) steep for me!

Still…I will miss the “convenience” but I guess on the bright side I have a
sweet phone book….

If you want to be super cool and put up a couple posters yourself click

Song of the day:

Millencolin – Dinner Dog

April 27th, 2003

What is sad is that we got new shingles put on our roof before we got a new
garage door….

Why wasn’t I at Spunk Fest or any of the other great punk shows on last
night?    1 word:
Pub Crawl!

To make up for it though I do have two songs of the day! (Thank You to Brad
for sending me Audiograbber!)

The Dingies – Rebel Youth

The Dingees – Carry on with the Countdown

April 26th, 2003

I have some videos of last nights show!






As well here are three taken by Buck:




Sorry I DO have a song of the day, but I can’t
find a good, free CD–>MP3 program and I wasted half an hour trying out crappy
ones that don’t work so if anyone has a program that works (i.e. cracked) please
e-mail it to jackson@punkoryan.com
(max 5 megs)

Tanis also updated!

April 25th, 2003

Ever been to a show where the band gave away about 50 CDs and free stickers
and patches at the end?  If you were at the show last night then you would
be able to say “yes…yes I did, and even though he said the CDs were $2
everyone else was grabbing them so I grabbed one too!”

Pictures of the
farewell show with

The Paper Kites

Tombstone Diaries
are up!

Remember “back in the day” when I had “songs of the day” well THEY ARE BACK!
Now YOU TOO can listen to good music like I do….  (though I must thank
Brett for introducing me to this one… )

The Used – Choke Me <—- great if you
like sweet screaming hardcore

The Used – The Taste of Ink <—- great
if you like catchy music that you would never guess comes from the same band as
the above song….

April 24th, 2003

Pictures from the show at the Odeon last night:


Faster Than Tommy

Sammy’s Sticky Finger

Another Day Down

Everyone better go to the Voyd Farewell show Thursday night at the Bassment.
Doors at 8pm $5  with Tombstone Diaries and The Paper *Kites

April 23rd, 2003

Gob was soooooo
good!  Also have pictures of

Swollen Members
which I am sure I’ll be getting an e-mail from Bunnin
telling me I sold out for having hip hop on my site but whatever they were

If you weren’t at the show then I have a little
VIDEO here of what you
missed!  (though for $24 a ticket I can understand why you may have missed
it ( I got in for free 😉

Welcome PELSH to the
Waste section.

April 22nd, 2003

THE SCENE! (and see some good bands too!)

The Flyer is below (scroll down)

The NOT BY CHOICE show was really good! Pictures of


are in the BANDS section. Another cool thing was that Louis’
had a beer garden so it was an all ages show, but people could still drink so
that was really good! The turn out was pretty big and that was good to see.
I unfortunately missed the first two opening bands but they were local so I’ll
get pictures of them next time.

I AM FINALLY DONE SCHOOL!   And there is a show almost every night
this week so there will be lots of pictures and new things to come to punkoryan!

Tonight is Gob + Swollen Members which will be a good show. If your going
I’ll see you there!   Also, I bought Gob’s new CD. I’m on my 3rd
listen and it keeps getting better. Obviously it is as mainstream as you may
expect but it is certainly well done and I think there is only one song on it
that I don’t like (as apposed to there only being one song that I DO like…)

Anyways I’d like to thank Ryan Smith (the guy who runs
www.threeohsix.org ) for giving me some
web space to hold me over till we get a new server.

Ryan and I will be going together and renting our own server to share for
www.threeohsix.org and
www.punkoryan.com so we will both have a
lot more web space and bandwidth = a lot of cool new things coming to
punkoryan.com!  I will be completely redesigning the site with new sections
and a new look….

Any Suggestions?  

April 20th, 2003

Only one final left and I have 6 weeks short of HALF A YEAR OF NO SCHOOL!


April 29th



All the beer you can drink, with pizza, and prizes (of more booze)

Great Western Hospitality Room on 2nd Ave.

Tickets MUST be purchased in advance

Contact Kyle @ 374-0915 or
for tickets and

arrangements can be made to have tickets either picked up or delivered

Proceeds go towards the 2003 Provincial Wakeboard Championships, with

skateboarding, and bands including Full Release, No Parking, One Stone Dog,

Limited Edition, and Kookshow.

The Wakeboard Championships will be a kick ass weekend (that anyone can go
to) with great bands and sports but it wont happen unless Kyle can sell all of
his beer night tickets so PLEASE call all your friends and

come get drunk to help a cool event happen.

If your thinking “oh I wont know anyone there so I don’t want to go” then
call your friends and get some people together and come out! It is open to
anyone and the more people the better! PLEASE help this event happen. YOU ( <—
yes YOU) can go and help out this event.

April 17th, 2003

NOLTO updated!!!

As well there is April 18th is Sparky/Adolyne/Loaf/Driven @ The Bassment

April 19th, NOT BY CHOICE at Louis’ doors at 8pm. $12.

April 22nd, GOB + Swollen Members @ Wheatland

April 24th Voyd Farewell show with the amazing Paper Kites, and the young
screemo upstarts Tombstone Diaries. 5 bucks @ The Bassment, doors @ 8pm

And then the 26th @ Prarieland D

Train wreck Endings

One Stone Dog

Richard Marshall Division

New Jacobin Club

Savage Henry

Sturgis Trash

Ubiquitous Midgets and more…

Doors @ 4pm – Music @ 5pm

$10 in Advance – $15 @ the door

Available @ Eye of The Needle and CFCR

April 30th BAD RELIGION in Edmonton (just thought I’d point that one out

I just copied all these dates from
so “you should go and see for yourself”, book nights off
work, get some friends together and GO TO SHOWS!




Speaking of that GET TO WORK!

I have been in finals all week. In Electrical Engineering our Conspiracy
Theory is that “they” deliberately put our 4 EE finals in a row (with math two
days after) because THEY WANT US TO FAIL!  There are 80 2nd year EE’s and
only room for about 50 in 3rd year apparently, so what better way to keep
classrooms small then to screw over 20 or 30 people out of their futures….
I’m just bitter…

Anyways the point of my above GET TO WORK state ment is that I am too busy to
update during finals = if you are reading this and should be studying then YOU
SHOULD GET TO WORK because of all the sites in the world you could be wasting
your time on I’m flattered that you picked mine but you should really be

unless you don’t want to… then…if your a nerd or just want to read
something interesting then go to

It is a very interesting site, and be sure to read
http://www.fuckmicrosoft.com/content/whatsbad.shtml. Its “kinda”
opinionated, but they back up everything they say with proof and it wasted a lot
of my time so it should waste yours too!

My last final is on Monday…then I drink….then I sleep…..then I’ll
update again.

Till then! Wish me (and anyone you know) luck on finals! –> AND GO TO SHOWS!

April 14th, 2003

why do you mocketh me oh Lord?!!

April 15th    Closet Monster, Choke, Ghosts of Modern Man


The Exchange

Choke is one of my absolute favorite bands and I have 4 finals left this
week! :( …… “oh well”

There are a lot of bands playing this week/month so check out the calendar on


April 12, 2003

Why hasn’t Ryan been updating you ask?  Well It’s finals season and I’m
a “little” busy. I have all of my finals in 1 week (less the one I wrote on
Wednesday) but I’m not going to whine, instead I am going to rant like I wish I
could do more. I yelled at all my Ranters to write though, so hopefully they
will pick up the slack where I can’t update because I’m to busy. (sure they’re
busy too, but they aren’t ME are they?)

This morning I listened to John Gormly live on 650 NTR. I love listening to
his radio show because even though I don’t always agree with his opinions, I
love that he has opinions and sticks behind them. It is easy listening to him
(as it is with any media) to be swayed towards his beliefs, but I think he does
try to keep and open mind (or at least an open phone line) to what everyone has
to say.

What I find about the John Gormly show is that it is a good way to get heated
about an issue. He always talks about interesting issues, that affect people in
Saskatchewan, and there are always at least three different topics on the go
that you can learn more about (or call).

I was going to put up a bunch of links to news articles I’ve read in the last
while that are interesting but instead I think I’ll just write my:




conspiracy theory of the week:

(note: Ryan’s conspiracy theories are in no way probable to being valid in
any way and should not be said, let alone read)

WE WON THE WAR! WE WON THE WAR! You will be hearing a lot of this
soon. It will be interesting to see how this whole post-war thing will turns
out. USA will be bragging forever about how what they did, and how they won
their war on terrorism (which is a double negative), but something I noticed
today was the beginning of the “now that the war is over I have a story that I
couldn’t tell till now” stories.   A ridiculous amount of innocent
people died in this (as with any) war (and funny enough a large number of the
deaths was from friendly fire but we wont get into that).

My conspiracy theory ties in with how if you watch pretty much any news
program except CBC (which brags about being unbiased but pretty much bashes the
states a little too much to be considered unbiased) you will get more pro-war
news and ideas than anti-war. By watching this media too much (or letting
yourself get sucked in) it is easy to have your own personal views on the war
swayed towards war.

Now that “the war is won” we will be seeing all of the “lets feel
good about what we did and forget about all those people that died
” stories.
I heard one today already, and in the next few weeks we will all hear tons of
“never before told stories” or “proof that the war needed to happen” and “now we
can all look back and feel good about ourselves” stories.

You will read/hear/watch them and think “Wow, that Suddam sure was an asshole”
but remember. Your thinking that because you are being fed the stories that fit
the current times to think that. Sure he is an asshole, and it is a good thing
that he’s gone, but over a thousand innocent people will have died,
billions of dollars in infrastructure will be destroyed (who’s paying for
that?), hundreds of oil wells are on fire, and not to mention all of the history
rich temples and I’m sure tons of museum artifacts that will have been lost.

As much as you will have been told that the war IS a good thing, you will be
told that the war WAS a good thing.   Pay attention to what the media
is doing, and don’t get sucked in to their bias.

End Conspiracy.




April 10th, 2003

I *finally* got the film pictures I took at the Set Aside reunion show
developed. I used ISO1600 film, a 28mm wide angle lens + a 0.42x fish eye lens to get the cool
fish bowl look. They turned out pretty good, but next time I’ll use ISO3200 film = even better pics!  To see all the pictures click

May I add that you should check out my new ranter

April 8th, 2003

would you show your support?

I saw these two flags flying above a house a block away from me today. It
made me think:  If Canada were involved (directly) in the war would you
fly a maple leaf to show support of your troops?
Why? Why not?

My family always puts up a Canadian Flag on Canada Day (and then leaves it
there until a storm knocks it down).  As stupid as Americans may be, they
are 100x more patriotic than we are.  They are proud of their country,
and here in Canada we don’t (or at least you don’t see) the same enthusiasm. If
Canada joined the coalition, I don’t think that I would see a maple leaf flying
above every house on my block. Of coarse this would be because of mixed feelings
and opinions on the war. But aside from the issues of the war, the above picture
really made me think about how these people are openly (though indirectly)
supporting their troops
.     Would you?

Welcome NOLTO to the Waste section.  (He hasn’t updated yet, but he’s

April 7th, 2003 (I know its the 6th, but I probably wont update

Introducing the newest dance craze:


April 6th, 2003

Welcome TOM to the Waste section.

SO VIN DIESEL COULD HAVE DONE IT! I was reading about digital
cameras for a report I’m writing and I stumbled upon

article. Turns out, if you have a Sony Digital Video camera with “nigh
shot” and you put a special filter on it then you can see through people’s
clothes! Is that not crazy!?

Makes you think about that creepy guy with the camera is doing….

April 5th, 2003

WHERE WERE YOU? …. when the Set Aside reunion show was on?   The
show sold out in about 20 mins.  There were over 150 people there, which is
the Bassment’s maximum capacity. It sucks that it sold out and people couldn’t
get in, but its also good to see so many people coming out to a local show!
Keep it up!

All of the pictures are in the BANDS section so check out Set Aside,
Filmmaker, Every New Day, Kevin Walby from Voyd, and Static Season.

As well I actually took FILM pictures too! (that’s right, I took film pics!)
But we will have to wait till Monday for me to get those developed. *Keep your
fingers crossed that they all turned out!*

GOODMAN updated!

April 4th, 2003

BAD RELIGION IS COMING!!!    —> Could I say anything more
exiting than ROAD TRIP !!!!?

04/29/2003 Calgary, Alberta MacEwan Hall Ballroom
04/30/2003 Edmonton, Alberta Shaw Conference Centre

That’s right!  I’d have to say that aside from “free beer”,  Road
Trip would have to be my favorite two words!

If all plans out well I’ll hopefully be going to this, and if your going too
then e-mail me and we can make it a great big convoy!

April 3rd, 2003


My little brother has trouble reading, and it always annoys me when he asks
me how to spell the simplest words. Today, I’ll have to eat those words…

On Tuesday I had my last two wisdom teeth pulled, the extraction went pretty
well, but they had to cut out the bottom one = extra pain killers.

I got a prescription for Tylenol 3 and popped 2 every 4 hours for the last
couple days…. needless to say, yesterday I would not have driven a car as I
was spaced out (even more so than usual) and I even stumbled here and there.
This morning I go to take another two and I actually READ the
prescription to see that I am only suppose to take 1 pill every 4 hours, and not
two.  This could explain why I felt so drugged up yesterday, and sparks
this rant.

Why don’t we read?

We skip over so much reading in our lives? We never read manuals,
, rules, or instructions. How many times have you not stopped
to look at a map, only to wish you had later when you are lost and have wasted
half a tank of gas?

Treat every instruction you get as if it were the instructions to your life
because if your not careful, someday they may be.

TARRAH updated !!!

April 2nd, 2003

Anyone ever wanted to own some ones soul?  I found one on


April 1st, 2003

BUNNIN updated!!!!

Well I hope your all happy!  I now have 13 boxes of Tera Karol’s stuff
because ***YOU*** couldn’t find her a place to live!

If you, or anyone you know, needs a roommate (guy or girl, doesn’t matter)
e-mail me cuz she needs a place to
live!  (and I need to get her crap outta my room!)

Today I got my last two wisdom teeth pulled. I hate having goz in my mouth
and not being able to swallow!

Finally, don’t forget to go to:

I also grabbed these off threeohsix.org for some shows coming up this month
in Saskatoon.  Mark them on your calendar and TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!

Poster Event date

2003-04-13 09:00
Subject : Idlewild @ Amigos
Description :

british band Idlewild play at Amigos Cantina with Blood Music opening.


Poster Event date

2003-04-18 08:00
Subject : Sparky, Adolyne, Loaf, Driven @
the Bassment
Description :

This show is one that will demonstrate Saskatoon’s diverse musical talent
from metal to emo to rock ‘n’ roll.

All-ages/Licensed $5

Poster Event date
Sammy 2003-04-23 09:00
Subject : The Punk Rawk Show @ The
Description :

Spawner records band “Complete” joins Another Day Down, Sammy’s Sticky
Finger, and Faster Than Tommy for a heart pounding punk rock show that will
blow the roof off the Odeon April 23. $7 @ door, or $6 with food item. Doors
@ 7pm, show @ 8pm. Be there or be somewhere elnse that is less cool…


Poster Event date

2003-04-24 20:00
Subject : North of America w/ The
Description :

At The Bassment

245 3rd Ave


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