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February 28th, 2003

I *finally* got around to naming two of the bands from the
Battle of the Bands. One is
Soccer Moms and the other is
Faster than Tommy.

But there are still some “mystery bands“.
If you are one of the bands, or know who they are e-mail me at

February 27th, 2003

or just to www.threeohsix.org
There are 12 shows coming up!!!

Friday Feb 28th – Sparky @ Wash ‘n slosh with Dirtbred and Farkus  9pm

Saturday March 1st – Breach of Trust @ Wash ‘n Slosh  + Driven @ Louis’
at 6pm

Monday March 3rd – The Reason, Shackleford, Richard Marshal Division @ The
Bassment  doors 7:30pm

Friday March 7th – Long Division, To the Point, Tombstone Diaries, NO
PARKING, Samuel the black shaman, +(another band (sorry band))  @ The
Bassment  6pm $5

Monday March 10th – Marky Ramone (FROM THE RAMONES!!!) and the Speedkings
– ???CANCELED???  The website says its canceled though :(

March 14th The Pinch @ The Bassment

April 4th – Set Aside reunion show @ The Bassment

May 3rd – Untimely Demise @ Amigos


Why does Regina get all the best shows? (cuz they have a way bigger scene and
the #1 Highway goes by there…)

March 6th (THAT’S NEXT THURSDAY!!!)  Fat WreckChords Tour!  Mad
Caddies, Rise Against, Real Mackenzie’s, Flipside  @ The Riddle Center in

March 11th  Snapcase, Juliana theory, Hopefall  @ Riddle Center in

Match 30th  TEN FOOT POLE  with Catch 22 and Bombshell Rocks
@ Riddle Center in Regina

All this info I got from
so go there for more info!  I’m going to try
to “be a good little Engineer” and get all my homework done so I can go to most
of these so look forward to pictures!

February 26th, 2003

what’s in your cereal? remember back in the day when you would
get a toy or something cool in the cereal box (or you would accidentally eat
it…but that’s a story best left untold)

well now cereal companies are including FREAKING DVD’S in cereal boxes.

for a news article). But yeah…isn’t that crazy!?  Like I can
understand with the way things are going now-a-days, but like last year I saw
CD-ROMs with computer games in cereal boxes and I thought that was kind of
“assuming that everyone has a computer”. And now “we assume that everyone has a
DVD player” Now sure you can get DVD players at Wall-Mart for $89 now, and I was
amazed to see a 2.0GHz HP computer on sale at Future Shop for $849 on Sunday,
but all this has got to make you think about the way the world (or at least our
capitalist buy buy buy want want want side of the world) is going that there are
DVD’s in cereal boxes now!

February 25th, 2003

my alarming stupidity was at its peak last week when a friend at work told me
to touch two metal plates in the freezer in the back of Mc.Donalds. “It’s going
to shock me isn’t it?” Well *of coarse* I touched the metal and got an
electric shock. The screw for the light fixture was in too far and had gone into
a 120v wire!  But what’s sad is that I don’t stop at there. I touched it
again… and again…. I am in Electrical Engineering and tomorrow night I write
a test on occupational health and safety where we learned how dangerous an
electric shock can be…but still I picked up two long metal rods (one in each
hand) and touched it again which gave me a huge shock and caused my hands to
shake for the next hour. Why did I do this?  Why do we do anything
I know how dangerous it is. I know how dangerous it is to
drive during a snow storm, but I still go out and risk crashing my vehicle. I
know how unhealthy it is to go two days without sleep, but I still do it and
wind up getting sick… I guess the answer could be that life would be boring
if we didn’t take risks
. I guess there isn’t even any point to writing this
because we all know this, but the question of the day is to ask yourself
what risks do I take in my every day life that make it more
interesting/better? and what risks do I avoid taking that are holding me back
from what I want to do in my life?
”    I always hate when I
chicken out on asking a girl out to coffee, or not doing a drop on my bike, or
asking someone for help in school. That’s why I always “just do it
without thinking (i.e. grabbing two metal rods and touching 120v wire). But it
seems I (we) waste our risk taking’ness on stupid things rather than something
that will better our lives. what are you chickening out on right now?

of the day
is “21 Guns” by Good Riddance.  The song doesn’t
really do the band justice for how awesome they are, but listen to it a couple
times and you’ll appreciate it.

February 24th, 2003

I spent 8 hours in total finding pictures, doing a photo shoot of Chris, and
! but I think they all turned out pretty good and he
better win!

I have a huge list of things to rant about, and I’ve been meaning to put them
down…but then I went to Edmonton, but don’t worry. I have lots coming “to make
you think” and ALSO BIG NEWS for punkoryan.com as you all know the
section is gone, but a new section THAT WILL ACTUALLY BE UPDATED will
be up this week!  It will be the TARRAH section and as long as it
doesn’t suck (it better not Tarrah!) it should help make this site more
interesting. (than it already is of coarse!)

song of the day

“the trick is to keep breathing” by Garbage.  I know, I know, its not punk,
but its been stuck in my head all day so you all have to suffer!!! *evil laugh*

February 23rd, 2003

sleep now…. tell you about my SUPER AWESOME EDMONTON TRIP later.
470 pictures are HERE.

“February 14th”, (but really the 16th…) 2003

If you notice yesterday was the 16th…and today it says the 14th… why? Cuz
I forgot to put the pictures from the 14th up so they are in the FRIENDS section
now if you were there.  And if you weren’t there then still watch
THIS video!

I worked 5:30am – 5pm today with a half hour break to run from Mc.D’s to
Future Shop. I am so tired. yet I’m about to go out…why? CUZ ITS SPRING

Anyways, song of the day you ask? Well I already have one for the 14th so HA!

I also deleted the BUNNIN section? Why? Because if YOU WONT UPDATE THEN WHY
IS IT THERE!!!!  (<— I’m assuming he’s reading this…)

your welcome! -Ryan

February 16th, 2003

i love the Pat!

going all night, 22nd Film Festival 1pm–>5pm then Music from 7pm going all
night.  WHERE: Cosmo Senior Center (accross from the Hose and Hydrant bar)
PRICE: $5 per event, or $13 for the whole shpeal.  MOREINFO: e-mail Jenn:

So if you were at The Pat last night then click
for pictures.

you know what’s fun ? When people tell you the next day the things that you
did the night before that you don’t remember doing…

Anyways its 1am and I work at 5:30am so I best go sleep now!

song of the day
is “Your Shadow” by Waterdown <–if you like hardcore
with one person singing and one person screaming at the same time (like
Thursday) then you’ll like them., also be sure to listen to “Impress
” which is another one of their best songs!

February 15th, 2003

So my valentine (the 26 of vodka) was sweet! We went to Montana’s  and
Brett and I split the HUGE nachos but I don’t really remember eating them (or
pretty much anything from that portion of the night)

BUT after we went to the Skuzz and the band
FULL TILT played and they were
really good so go check out the pictures.

song of the day
is “Underground Network” by Anti-Flag …. yeah
that’s right!  The same band two days in a row! Well you know what!? They
are both awesome songs!

February 14th, 2003 —> You know who my valentine is? a 26 of vodka!

I can’t emphasize enough how much you have to goto 
and watch “dragon” followed by
every other e-mail because they are hilarious!

You know who my valentine is? a 26 of vodka!

ITS OVER! MIDTERMS ARE OVER!!! This week was hell, but I can finally drink,
sleep, and “do nothing” (eg. this website)

of the day
is “Die for your government” by Anti-Flag

February 13th, 2003

This was drawn on a desk in the Engineering library…. I AGREE!!!

Its 4:23am. I *just* finished (well HA! I didn’t even finish it…)…I just
“handed in” my Computer Science assignment. and I’m going to go to sleep now…

song of the day
is “The Peoples Song” by BELVEDERE –>

I  moved all the January ramblings into a separate file so the main page
doesn’t take so long to load. Scroll down to the very bottom and you can read
Nov, Dec, and January’s rants.

February 11th, 2003

so now for the story behind the band by a thread. (see Feb8th rant):

it all starts back in grade 10 when I ordered a gob t-shirt from
www.landspeedrecords.com I
bought the white t-shirt with a blue toilet on it and it said
and was only $12!  After months of waiting I was afraid that
I must have got ripped off so I e-mailed the mail order place and apparently (or
excuse-ingly) a bag of mail had been stolen from them “surprisingly” the same
time that I had sent in my order. So they sent me the shirt, along with another
gob shirt that I bought, and for all the hassle
they threw in 2 free cd’s and a bunch of stickers too! Now my friend Tarrah at
this same time had also ordered a gob tank-top and
her order had been lost too. So she got pretty much the same “sorry we screwed
up” care package of free stickers and cd’s.

(new paragraph) <– so that you know that it is a new paragraph incase you
didn’t notice the space between these two blocks of sentences. Amongst the free
items was a cd cover (you know the thing that goes in the jewel case with the
lyrics in it and stuiff) for by a thread‘s cd…but no cd…just the
cover!  So, about 3 years after all this, Tarrah decided to check out by
a thread
(because she already has their cd cover) and they turned out to be
a crazy awesome band. So the moral of the story is “when writing
always use bold letters and 18pt.

wish me luck on the rest of my midterms! My REAL birthday will be this
weekend! = super awesome-fun time.

song of the day
is “Match Book” by Strung Out don’t
really need any introduction to this band, but if you have never heard of them
then be sure too!

February 10th, 2003

completely un-punk related Andrew got a beagle!!! It’s only 1 month
old and sleeps a lot…

…so then I guess to make up for having a freaking puppy (though its sooo
cute!) on my rant today I will have to make up for it with a

it is called “Half-Life” by the band [minus]. If you like grind then
checkout their song “chimera”.

February 9th, 2003

as you all know I am a super lame-o and was studying today, but my
brother did go to the Battle of the Bands and took some
PICTURES. Sorry, I don’t know who any
of the bands are or anything, but you don’t care anyways do you? (unless you are
one of the bands… then e-mail
and I’ll put your name beside them…

Tarrah sweet talked me into putting
on my website so here it is: “Diamonds and Guns” by The

February 8th, 2003

must….resist….urge…… this switch is like a button that
says “do not push”. Turns out its just a bloody light switch!

So tonight being super cool as I am, I was at school till about 1:30am being
a good littl’ student and studying, but around 11pm Brett and I went
in the basement of the Engineering building <–click for pictures! Also, seeing as
in a week I will have a week long break (minus 4 days in Edmonton…) so I think
in that time I will make a Punk-O-Ryan version 3.0 website….

Any suggestions? —> e-mail:

any ideas will be appreciated, I’m not going to do any forums or anything cuz
there’s www.threeohsix.org for
that. But last month 164 different people visited this site (which I
think is crazy!) so someone has to have an idea….but yeah….I’m just
rambling…so e-mail me.

speaking of websites, go here –> 
and watch the e-mail
(cartoon) “website” , and then if you already haven’t, watch “dragon”, “new
hands”, “island”, “Japanese cartoon”, “guitar”, and well…if you are bored, or
just don’t want to study like me, watch them all because they are hilarious!

!Surface” by the band By a thread
I actually have a super long story about this song, but you’ll have to come back
tomorrow to hear it. Sleep time!

February 7th, 2003

So had I time, I would write a super long rant about turning 20 and “better
days gone by” bla bla bla, but instead I will ‘just whine about how I have 5
midterms next week…but no I won’t even do that.

I’ll just say THANK YOU to all those who wished me happy birthday
and I’m too lazy to give you a picture of the day, but I will tell you once
again to go to the Battle of the bands on Saturday at Wheatland building and
tell you to listen to THE SONG
!  punkoryan.com just got a huge face lift in web space and
bandwidth, so now I can have cool things like “songs you should listen to
so download THIS SONG. It
is called “Lemonade” and is performed by the band Tsunami Bomb.
Listen to it. If you like it check out their other stuff and BUY THEIR CD! If
not, come back later for more songs that if you listen to you will be cool like
me :)

February 6th, 2003

Happy Birthday to me!

I won’t be updating much in the next week because I have midterms. But there
is a battle of the bands going on this weekend at the U of S so you should go
check that out! In fact, there are quite a few shows going on in this next
week…but…alas… I have to study = not fail my midterms so until then goto
www.threeohsix.org and check out
all the new shows coming!

Also check out
its pretty funny, especially these
be sure to watch “dragon”

February 4th, 2003 (I’m only a teenager for 2 more days!!!!)

what I learned today… so I’m walking with my friend Andrew today at
school and I say “you know what bugs me? 4th year Engineers (i.e. almost full
grown men) who still wear snow boots to school! (and in and around school as
well)  Why don’t they leave them at home back in the 4th grade?!”  Now
I can say this to many people and they will agree with me that its “totally not
cool to wear snow boots to school anymore” but when I said this to Andrew he
opened me eyes when he snapping at me: “No. You’re just stuck in the high school
mode that you have to care about your image over functionality. Those guys wear
snow boots to school because its cold out and they’re smart. They don’t care,
but you do, and it doesn’t matter!”

Some of you who read this are still in high school,  most are graduated,
in or out of university. I always talk about how I love University because of
how much more “mature” it is than high school, but I was being immature
myself still. Once you get out “in the real world” or “half of the real world =
university kinda” you learn/keep-learning that a lot of things don’t matter.
I learned how to solve a first-order linear differential equation in math224
yesterday, but I think what I realized today is much more important….

“maybe I’m a hypocrite. maybe I should shut up”

February 3rd, 2003

first off before you even read what you are reading now, go check
out the pictures from yesterday
in the BANDS
section!  Then you can finally see the pictures I took
in the PHOTOS section which I put back on. Enjoy!

February 2nd, 2003 (2:24am)

Ahhh. In the time it took me to listen to Sparky’s KICK ASS new cd I have
added three new sets of pictures from the show to(last)night. Check out all the
new pictures of Loaf, Liberated Noise, and Sparky in the BANDS section!  If
when you go to the bands section you don’t see the new pictures click “Reload”.

February 2nd, 2003 (1:38am)

I just got home from an amazing show at Louis’. If your online right now, the
pictures will be up within the hour. *tick tick tick tick tick*

February 1st, 2003. (<–Only 5 more days till by Birthday!!!)

so if you weren’t at the Odeon to see Morally Sound and Sparky
play (and you are of legal age) then you have NO EXCUSE for not being
there because it was an awesome show!  but don’t fret!  You can
still catch Sparky and Loaf and of coarse Liberated Noise at Louis’ tonight! Be
there…or be the shape of the photo below… (if anyone else finds that funny I
applaud you!).

All of the pictures are in the BANDS section so go
check ’em out. I’m still getting the hang of my new camera but the 3 below are
my favorites…


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