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December 30th, 2002

Well I have become what I hate…I am a cell phone user. I used to say
I would never be one of them…those people who have those cancer boxes pressed
tight against their faces. Saying things like “i’ll call you back” and “whats
going on”….well now here I am. I have a cell phone. I can now say super
awesome things like “call my cell” and “im cool now because i have a cell phone
therefore i am cool”

Now I see people looking at me as I used to look at them. “look at that guy,
he thinks he’s so cool because he has a cell phone” …”bla bla bla” … “etc
etc etc”. I hate it.  I can’t sit now without being called every 10
minutes. I’m always “connected” which with its convenience comes annoyance. I
would shut it off, but then call forwarding would just send it to my other phone
anyways so now I’m trapped. I have a constant vibrating in my pants (which
freaked the hell out of me the first time but since then has become oddly

complaining gets your nothing but whining gets annoying” -Ryan

….so…how bout that snow storm outside eh?   It snowed 6″, so I
spent an hour shoveling my driveway and then it snowed another 6″!!!  But
something I realized today is that shoveling snow (at least I find) is one of
the most relaxing physical things you can do. Its so easy and rewarding, you
have accomplished something at the end of it, and it really gives you time to
think…..NO I WILL NOT SHOVEL YOUR DRIVEWAY! But yeah….snow is good.

I took some pictures around my house tonight of all the
SNOW. It’s kinda cool so check it out. As

Tonight I saw the dumbest/funniest/wishihadacamera’est thing ever….
as Diller and I are driving down Central Avenue we see this kid making snow
Angels ON THE TRAIN TRACKS!  It would have been such a funny picture, but
alas “its when you DON’T have your camera….”

Anyways I think I might be putting my webserver back up pretty soon = more
videos pictures to come.

The end.

December 27th, 2002

Anything Funny about this picture?

So I finally sold out and bought a cell phone *booo!* well I know I know, but
I was working at Future Shop on Boxing Day and they had this sweet phone for $20
(after rebate of coarse) and it came with 4 months of free service. So I got it
and come May it can be a cool paper weight!

So I was lined up “for the deals” on boxing day at 8am, and while standing in
line for 2 hours I came to a realization of how ignorant people are when it
comes to consumerism. Now I work at Future Shop for HP so I know how it all
works, but it wasn’t until I stood there for 2 hours and saw how people buy
things on Boxing Day just because “its a deal” that I really saw how consumerism
affects people. People were buying things that weren’t even on sale, or that
were that price every day, but because it was boxing day they “had to get it”.
Now of coarse I was a victim of this too, (and don’t tell me you weren’t
either!) but for a second think about why you really bought all that crap that
you didn’t really need but just bought because it was a “deal” and then the next
time you see a sale think “is this them giving me a deal, or just enticing me to
buy more stuff?”


December 25th, 2002

Christmas is here and the is back up!!!  Thanks to some
web space from my good friend Arlin punkoryan “lite” will have to be run for a
while till I can figure something out with my webserver. So there nearly as many
pictures or video as there used to be, but I’ll still have the bands and current
“friends” stuff up for now.

But for now I have to get back to “family stuff” so MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

I got Puffed Wheat Cake!!! Thank You Grandma!!!

Mom couldn’t find the stockings so I got a McDonalds bag and my brother got

December 14th, 2002

Whew!!! So I went to Brett’s party on Friday night which was quite fun, but when I went to leave
I couldn’t find my CD case that I brought in…hmmm…..I looked all over the
house and tore up all the couch cushions and yet nothing! I was quite distraught
to say the least over the idea of someone stealing 20 CD’s from me….but I
couldn’t find them so that was the reality that I had to face.

When I got home I laid down and retraced all my steps and realized that I had
the CD case in my hand when I went upstairs! In a furry of anticipation I called
Brett’s house and asked him to go upstairs and…..THEY WERE THERE!

I was so relieved, because it wasn’t just that it was 20 CD’s = $400 but that
it was all of my favorite CD’s in 1 case and a CD collection isn’t something you
can throw together in a day. It takes years of buying CD’s here and there, and
having a story for every CD and where you got it from. Half the CD’s in that
case I wouldn’t be able to buy in the city because I got them at shows when I
saw the bands live and to just “burn” all the CD’s wouldn’t be the same nor
would just going and buying them all at once again.

Speaking of BRETT’S PARTY
<— Here are the pictures!

So what else is new? Well I finally got around to having the GO TEAM JACKSON!
shirts made for Jarrod Jackson and I. Jarrod and I always talked about how we
should get shirts made that say “go team Jackson!” and I was in Schmatta today
and thought to myself, “its either do it now or a year from now” so I had them
made. I knew the girls there (HI Erica!) and so they gave me 20% off. (THANK
YOU!!! :)

In other news I got a new digital camera! My 715 camera broke (I’ll miss
you!) and they don’t make it anymore so I paid the $26.49 difference and got the
hp 850 camera which is like a WAY better camera so I’m super happy about
that….now if only I wasn’t in finals I could take pictures with it :(

Speaking of finals…yeah…..4 down / 2 to go…..I’m *optimistic* (as
always) that I passed all my classes (so far) so lets hope that I keep that up!
Anyways its 4:11am and I need sleep so I can study tomarow and hopefully if I
get enough done go see Polk and SIXTY STORIES at Amigos tonight
(Saturday)….*HEY YOU SHOULD GO TOO!*


December 8th, 2002

Well if you didn’t notice I haven’t been updating or anything lately. This
would be due to the fact that I’m only home for about 8 hours a day and I’m
sleeping for 6 of it.

There won’t be many updates in the next two weeks because I’m in finals. So
there’s my excuse!

For the time being though…WISH ME LUCK ON FINALS!!!

December 1st, 2002

I’ve added some more NIGHT SHOTS I took
last night at the University and on Central Ave.

Today was my last day to use my CDplus card which I thought only needed 1
more stamp to get me “my 10th CD free” but alas… it was “buy 10 get $10 off a
CD”… I almost didn’t buy anything but then I started browsing and found Green
Day – Kerplunk used for $10.99 (yes that’s right folks Dookie wasn’t their first
album, they had two albums along with 2 E.P.’s before anyone even heard of them.
(sorry to anyone who already knew that, but most people don’t.) I also found
Straight Faced – Conditioned, Blindside – self titled  (<— BLIND SIDE
KICKS ASS! If you like fast/heavy/hardcore/awesome music check them out) and
System of a Down’s new CD “steal this cd”. I think thats a good name for a cd
because it seems no one buys cd’s anymore since Napster/Kazaa. All my friends
think I’m a sucker because I actually “buy” CD’s. But I would so much rather
have the real CD than “just burn it” because I care more about the CD, and I am
supporting the band so that they can make more albums  (though 3/4 of the
CD’s I bought today were used so none of that money is going to the bands, but
you know what I mean). Kazaa is great because you can discover new bands but if
you like them you should go and BUY THEIR CD’S!!! It will sound better and you
wont go to hell! :)

It’s study’n season again! I spent my Saturday night at school studying EE201
and it was great. That hypnotist CD I listened to really worked on me because I
can study now!

One last note. Tostitos new flavor “Salsa & Cream Cheese” is amazingly
tasterific! Go get some!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)


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