SASKATOON (CP) -- Theresa Sokyrka's name may be familiar to Canadians right now, but in cyberspace someone else owns the rights to it.

If the Canadian Idol runner-up wants her name back, the asking price is about $7,700.

A New Jersey entrepreneur named Daniel J. Weixeldorfer registered Sokyrka's name back in mid-April for $11 US when the 23-year-old Saskatoon singer was just one of over 100 anxious Canadian Idol prospects.

Sokyrka's accomplishment in reaching the final two has raised her stock considerably, with Weixeldorfer receiving offers of $5,000-$6,000 US ($6,445-$7,734 Cdn) for the rights to her domain name.

Weixeldorfer's company is aptly named He scooped up in anticipation of her future success after she won a Saskatoon Idol competition in April by "blowing away the judges with her incredible voice and outstanding personality," as stated in a news release.

That contest vaulted to an audition in front of the Idol celebrity judges in Regina. He read about it on the Canadian Idol website - a vital source for name-shoppers. According to Weixeldorfer, the rights for Fantasia Barrino's domain name, winner of the most recent instalment of American Idol, went for $50,000 US.

"So I did a Google search on Theresa and she seemed well worth the $11 investment," he said.

"For a radio station to pick her and say she blew them away, she obviously had a lot of talent. I figured she was destined to be in the Top 25."

The registration fee must be renewed each year or the name becomes available to anyone for $11. is now owned by a business called, which touts its role as that of "securing Internet identities."

Sokyrka's mother, Sonia, says the companies are virtually committing identity theft.

"There's crooks and scam artists all over the world," she said.

"I'm sure that if Theresa makes it and a record company wants to buy the name, they can. We're certainly not going to pay $5,000 for our own name."

Sokyrka is spending time at a friend's northern cabin, the location of which Sonia wanted kept unnamed.

"What she needs now is private time - time to be Theresa again."