Yesterday we had our orientation with "Ged". He is our Signature Travel Agency Rep and "his job is to make sure we have fun".

Every night there is an organized them bar or event. Last night for $35US we went on a bar crawl to four bars, with a shot at the door of each, and two free drinks at each place, ending at Coco Bongo with an open bar. Starting at Fat Tuesdays, then Margaritaville, then Pat O'Brians, and finally Coco Bongo. There were over 300 "Signature People" on our crawl and on our bus we got the Rep Nolae "The Mexican Danny Deveto" who pulled out a 26 of tequila and told us we had 1 minute for everyone on the bus to finish it off (it was empty in 52 seconds after 15 people and was the first non watered down shot  I have had here (which I wasn't expecting so I filled my whole mouth with it and then realized how strong it was!)

Coco Bongo was ridiculous! In Saskatchewan the max capacity for a bar (regardless of its size) is 500 people....there, it was quite easily 1500 or more people there (definitely more than 1000) and it was PACKED! Aside from the Hugeness was that every 15 minutes there was a show put on with trapeze artists. If you remember the movie The Mask, part of that movie was at Coco Bongo (ooooh ahhhh!) so one of the shows was a guy dressed as The Mask (and a midget (or just really small Mexican person) as a "mini Mask" with him. They flew around the club on wires and then followed by Spider Man and Green Goblin flying around on trapeze too. The lights, music and show were amazing (Yes Mom you were right) and once again, even though it was open bar "I didn't need to drink because I was having too much fun..."

Earlier that afternoon we caught a bus (6 pesos will take you anywhere you want to go which is much better than 180 pesos for a taxi) to the main street down town in hopes of exchanging our money and going to the marketplace.... well the bank was so freaking packed we waited 2 hours for Terri and Ryan to get their travelers checks converted to pesos so once that was done we just went back to the hotel so we could go out.  BTW - I was smart, didn't get travelers checks, and just walked up to an ATM, put in my debit card, entered in the amount of money I wanted, and it spit it out with instant up to date exchange rate!  I wouldn't recommend travelers checks for somewhere as commercialized as Cancun because you know it will be easy to get your money out (because they want you to be able to spend it!)

Today (Tuesday) we went back to the marketplace and I finally got to start taking pictures! (gnomes included of course!). At first I was a little hesitant to pull out my camera and take pictures of people for fear they would get mad at me.... now sometimes I feel this way at shows too....and as always, the solution: BEER!  It is 2am right now which means I have been drinking for about 13 hours now because I pretty much just walked around Cancun today drinking Corona and taking pictures which is a dream for me! We went to a "fancy" Mexican restaurant tonight which cost a lot more than eating from a small place, but the waiters, entertainment, and atmosphere were all worth it (especially the dozens and dozens of skeletons everywhere!) We ordered margaritas which seeing as we actually payed for them, where the second actual real drinks we have had because they were so strong! We have come to appreciate the free drinks at the open bars being watered down though because the next day = no hangover!!! due to getting sooo much fluids with the alcohol.  The weather here has been overcast and it pretty much "spitted" all day with about 30mins of full blown rain which didn't make the photographing situation today stellar.... but the pictures will speak for themselves!

I found one of the best ways to take pictures was riding in the bus with the window open... you cover tons of ground fast, several stops, and if someone gets mad... you driving away!

Tonight we went to Fat Tuesdays. We finally "made some friends" with 9 girls from Winnipeg who are all really cool and sure know a lot of drinking games and songs! The club was (being Tuesday) packed and the majority of the club is outside on the patio (if you've seen The Real Cancun that's where Snoop played) (BTW - although a lot of that movie was fake as hell... the majority of it was dead on with the atmosphere, activities, and parties)

Anyways enough writing as I need to sleep because I'm scuba diving tomorrow!  Enjoy the pictures!