I sit and type this on a laptop, overlooking white sand beaches, and a turquoise ocean.

Yesterday we arrived at the airport at 4am to catch our 7am flight Directly to Cancun with a stop in Regina. The Saskatoon Airport has gotten a huge facelift since I was last there and it looks incredibly modern now. The security doors even have a retina scanner! Yes, I didn't know "those were out" either!  Security at the Airport was ridiculous. They searched and scanned everything of mine, and swabbed my camera bag and lenses to check for explosive traces. We were in the plane from 7am till 1:30pm which flew by pretty fast, despite feeling like I was a sardine, cramped, and "due to Homeland Security Rules everyone must remain seated and seat belted for the first hour of the flight" (no matter how bad you need to go to the Bathroom!) 

When we arrived in Cancun it was 27 degrees Celsius which is a shock from the -20C when we left Saskatoon that morning. It still had not set in where I was or what I was doing yet.  The second you leave the airport there are people there who grab your luggage and insist on carrying it for you (and receiving a tip after of course!) It was quite difficult to carry my own luggage as all these people want to make tips. I also hadn't converted any of my money to Pesos yet so I couldn't tip unless I wanted to give them a toonie as some kind of souvenir.  Our hotel is huge and all inclusive but we hadn't been to the orientation yet so we didn't really know where anything was or what to do. We found one of the restaurants but they were just changing over to supper and so were putting everything away. I ate fish and salad on a desert plate with a spoon.  After we found the other restaurant with much better food and cutlery!

One thing that we were told before we went and is true is that it is a lot more relaxed here than back home, so when you ask for something don't expect it instantly with super quick service because the locals here are used to living in constant heat and don't work that fast to conserve energy which makes sense. And hey, if the drinks are free then why complain about waiting a bit longer for them!  Our hotel room safe was missing its door and our other hotel room's safe wouldn't lock. We didn't want to leave our room until we knew our passports (and my camera) were safely locked up so we had to wait forever, but finally got service. My initial impression of this place wasn't what I expected, but now that I have wound down a bit, found the good restaurant, the good drinks, and have a safe, I am now just here to have fun...and take pictures of course!

For our first night we decided to go to "La Boom", which was also where everyone else in our hotel seemed to be going so it wasn't that hard a decision. We had to pay 280 Pesos (=$40 Can) for cover, but then it was open bar inside and I would have to say was the best bar I've ever been in! Why? Well consider this:  In normal bars if you've never noticed the DJ will play good music and bring everyone out on the dance floor to have fun, but then after a while the DJ will always start playing older crappier songs (eg. Girls just want to have fun, or a country song, etc) Now when that happens half the people on the dance floor take this as an opportunity to "go get a drink". From a business perspective of a bar this is the best  way to make money, because then whenever you start playing older, less-popular songs then that is when people start buying drinks.

"La Boom" last night played the best music I have ever heard at a bar because not one bad song was played, it was all newer "bar songs" which made everyone want to stay on the dance floor. (Thus saving them money because you aren't drinking) When you did drink, it was "free" of course, but I found I was drinking way less that I expected simply because I never wanted to leave the floor because I never got a "chance". When I did drink, the drinks were super watered down (as I would expect), so you have to drink sooo much to even feel anything... oh yeah and THEY DON'T HAVE RYE!!! I could buy a rye and coke for money because it is "imported" so isn't included at the open bar. I guess I will just have to develop a taste for white rum!

Anyways I should really outside having fun right now so I hope I didn't bore you much! Check back in a couple days for more adventures and check out the pictures. They say more than words ever could!