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360-Video and Innovation Talk at ONA12 from Ryan Jackson on Vimeo.

Andrew Satter @asatter discusses innovative video techniques. Ryan Jackson @ryan_jackson talks about his 360-video projects and an open discussion on video with the audience happens at the end. Enjoy! Sept. 22, 2012 at Online News Association annual conference ONA12 in San Francisco. http://www.ryanjackson.ca http://www.asatter.com

Ashley and I are driving back to Edmonton from San Francisco and I have limited internet connectivity so this blog post will be fully updated with links and quotes in a couple days.P.S. If you ever get a chance to drive the west coast, DO IT!

This is a super duper quick list of the links I’ll be sharing at the #ONAunconf Unconference session at the 2012 ONA conference in San Francisco


Try to do something different. NOT TV. “make something worth talking about” – Seth Godin.

-Multimedia — use best tool to do the job. … sometimes video, sometimes sound slides, sometimes panoramas, sometimes interactives.

– I want there to be a holodeck like on Star Trek!

-I want to have the news beamed into my brain like in the Matrix or Simpsons.

-We’re going to get there before you know it

Getting closer!

#1. put me there.
360 panorama Twitter CEO yesterday

I hate boring video
. Passive vs. Active. We will sit down and watch TV for hours (passive) but it’s hard to watch a 2-minute video online (active)

Make your videos active.

-Interactive Talking Heads


something simple…
Interactive Political Debate Video
-I shot video. Lucas Timmons figured out the API and he blogged
HERE how to do it.

Blog about shooting it

-28 mins of video here. people spent WAY more time on it than if it was just a normal linear video.
-think backwards. how do you wish you could watch long videos that are boring?
Immersive Video

Make videos immersive and interactive.

Blog post about shooting 360-Video.

Watch 360 Dodgeball Video on Edmonton Journal

Went viral. picked up by Gizmodo and got 10,000 hits in an hour. which 10k x 100mb video = a lot of bandwidth!
Slave lake 360

-took this tool I made and used it for something more serious and breaking news

“Google Streetvew” style 360 video tour

360 Street View Tour of Slave Lake after Wildfire Devastation
-got special access because this video could be used as a service to the citizens.
Blog post about making my own Google Street View Tours

The next year I returned and shot 360 Before/After Panoramas showing the reconstruction

Lucas Timmons created the map.
Blog post about re-shooting the panoramas from the same place.
-next year later i returned and did the exact same route. thank god for GPS. Lucas Timmons

-Next, combine those two ideas. Start with one project and build on it for the next.

360 election – Interactive Coffee with politicians

-how be used for something different. scarcity. interactive, put you there.
Interactive 360-degree interview with political leaders:

Blog post about interviewing politicians in 360-degree video.

Choose your own adventure game

Interactive 360 “Choose your Own Adventure” Tour of Edmonton Carnival

-Best viewed on iPad.
-now this is cheesy but think of it as a little town. You could do panoramas of a small town or neighborhood and make it so you go to each section and talk to people.
-360 video on a Roller Coaster

-Start with one thing and build build build on it.
-i use KRpano.
-interfaces with VR headsets and game controllers.

-360 isn’t for everything
-must be super duper interesting topic to get good ROI
-must be something worth looking around for.


Collaborated with Carnegie Mellon University

-contacted them and collaborated

Zoom into video and move around in time and space.

-dodgeball again! 1st – viral…2nd. 360…3rd… time-lapse in time and space…
-URL and video screenshot

GigaTAG Facebook.

Also created a Facebook GigaTag so you potentially have 5,000 University students tag themselves in Facebook.


Dynamic time lapse of CAPITAL EX
-every hour update video.
-just PHOTOS…

Robot tweeted every time it took a photo



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