Essential Party Tools for Big Valley Jamboree

Posted by ryanjackson on Aug 6, 2012 in photos |

I wanted to shoot something a little different at Big Valley Jamboree this year and I noticed there were certain items that every reveler on the festival camp grounds used to keep the party going.

A multi-hose beer bong called Bongzilla. Why chug one beer by yourself when you can chug six beer with your friends?

A cooler full of ice and drinks. This is more important than a suitcase full of clothes. You can't drink clothes.

A gas-powered margarita blender. A lack of electricity doesn't mean you can't sip classy drinks.

Toilet paper. After three days of camping this becomes a form a currency. Use it to trade for goods and services.

Collapsible table. What, are you supposed to play beer pong on the hood of your car?

Bug spray. Keeps the 'skeeters away and doubles as deodorant. Hello ladies.

Cowboy boots. Show's that you are really serious about this country music thing. Uggs and rubber boots don't count.

Kiddie pool for cooling off in the heat. Just add epsom salts for a full spa experience.

Bottle opener and cork screw. Let’s face it. You're probably not drinking anything that requires one of these but it makes you look refined.

Bag of ice. Keeps your beer cold and magically turns into a handy bag of water for brushing your teeth the next morning.

Paint stick plunger for forced-pressure beer drinking. Probably best if you don't use it for painting first.

Pepto Bismol. Makes a great early morning fruit smoothy after a long night of drinking.

Ping-pong balls for playing beer pong. Can also be used for a popular sport known as table tennis as popularized in the 1994 film Forrest Gump starring Tom Hanks.

Acoustic guitar. You don't even have to be good at playing it. Just know enough chords to pick up girls.

A flying disk and stake for playing beersbee. Finally all those years of intramural ultimate frisbee can pay off

Giant speakers. Why listen to the country music acts on stage when you can blare loud techno music to everyone around you?

Homemade beer bong. Shows that you are committed to to having a good time. Also comes in handy if someone needs a quick oil change.

Cowboy hat. The cheaper the hat, the more likely it is that you only wear it for Big Valley Jamboree.

Pre-made shooters. The ones with dairy go great in your morning cereal.

Collapsible lawn chair. Also doubles as an umbrella when the storm clouds roll in. Don't be the guy that forgets a chair.

Pirate flag. Use it to mark your campsite and scare away 16th-century Spanish treasure ships.

Red Solo cup. Cheap, efficient, red. Also works as a communication device when combined with string and a second cup.

To make these photos I simply borrowed a king-sized bed sheet from my hotel. I then got volunteers to hold up the sheet as a background. It was a bright sunny day so I shot on the shadow side of the sheet. When I exposed for the object (which is in shade) the sheet would blow out white. I then dodged any dark spots in Photoshop to make the background go pure white.



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