Photo Illustration: Un-recovered Bank Accounts

Posted by ryanjackson on Jan 18, 2011 in lighting |

Photo illustration of Un-recovered Bank Accounts. Image taken at Aegis Locksmiths in Edmonton on January 6, 2011. (Ryan Jackson / Edmonton Journal).

To make this photo illustration to go with our series on Un-recovered bank accounts our photo editor Neil just pulled out the phone book and called a bunch of locksmiths until we found one that would let us take a photo in their showroom.

Then I went to Axe Music and bought a fog machine for about $55.  During Halloween everyone is selling fog machines but come January you can only get them at stage lighting places.

I wanted the picture to be tight so I chose one of their smallest safes. They had a super cool safe that was circa 1855 but it was too large and they couldn’t get it open so this one had to do.

I draped black cloth over a table for a background and put the fog machine inside the safe with my new 160 LED video light. I used a CTO (change to orange) gel on it to warm up the light.  I had a speedlight off to the side and behind to give some highlights and illuminate the fog.  The photo turned out pretty good and was main art in the Journal. To see if you have un-claimed money in a Canadian bank account check out



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