Shrine Circus Setup Time Lapse

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Head animal trainer Marcel Vasseur takes Baghera the South American black jaguar for a walk around Rexall place during setup for the 62nd annual Al Shamal Shrine Circus at Rexall Place in Edmonton on March 11, 2010. The circus runs from March 12-14. (Ryan Jackson / Edmonton Journal).


Edmonton Oil Kings players (left to right) Stephane Legault, Travis Ewanyk, Laurent Brossolt, Klarc Wilson, and T.J. Foster check out Limba the Asian elephant during setup for the 62nd annual Al Shamal Shrine Circus at Rexall Place in Edmonton on March 11, 2010. The circus runs from March 12-14. (Ryan Jackson / Edmonton Journal).


Head animal trainer Marcel Vasseur takes Alph the Hamadryous baboon for a walk during setup for the 62nd annual Al Shamal Shrine Circus at Rexall Place in Edmonton on March 11, 2010. The circus runs from March 12-14. (Ryan Jackson / Edmonton Journal).


Sebastian Duval, left, and Ronald Gagne from Montreal practice their routines during setup for the 62nd annual Al Shamal Shrine Circus at Rexall Place in Edmonton on March 11, 2010. The circus runs from March 12-14. (Ryan Jackson / Edmonton Journal).

Watch Rexall Place transition over 48 hours from a hockey rink to the Shrine Circus in March 2010. Time Lapse video by Ryan Jackson / Edmonton Journal


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