Portrait of wrestler Breanna Egloff

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M.E. LaZerte High School female wrestler Breanna Egloff, 17, poses for a photo outside her school in Edmonton on February 24, 2010.

rj_Breanna_Egloff_240210_02-lightingI shot Breanna wrestling for a story by Chris O’Leary for the Journal.

After the match the sky was beautiful and I knew she was hot from the match so I asked her if she would pop outside for a quick portrait. I already had my lights set up and there was a nice flat football field just outside the gym.

I used my DIY Tilt-Shift lens which is fixed at f2.8 and shot with my Canon 5D at 1/50 sec, ISO200.

Since I was shooting wide open at f2.8 I had to set my flashes to minimum power at 1/128.

If I could have done this again I would have asked her to not smile so much and not look at the camera. With that being said though, her smile really showed her friendly character. I wish her well in her wrestling career.

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