We bought a house!

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our home IMG_0462

Ashe and I bought a house!  Good times!

Our Realtor Steve Kanizaj was fantastic and helped us find the perfect house for less than asking price.  The cool thing about Realtors when you are buying a house is that they don’t cost the buyer anything as the Realtor simply gets a portion of the commission on the sale. Your Realtor’s job is to find homes, arrange for viewings, make the offer and get you the lowest price possible.

Since Ashe and I were first time home buyers we had no idea what we were doing so he really helped with the paperwork and organizing everything.

Steve was very professional and fun to work for and Ashe and I highly recommend him if you are looking to buy or sell a home.    You can contact him at stevek@realtyexecutives.com or call 780-709-8400

For our mortgage we used Jamie Coulter in Calgary who found us the best mortgage rate and bank for us and really made the mortgage process more personal and less “dealing with a bank” ‘ish.  Again, he finds you the best rate and doesn’t cost you a thing so you can only benefit. His website is jamiecoulter.ca and you can call him at 403-835-1535.  He’s in Calgary and we live in Edmonton but that didn’t matter since everything was done through e-mail/fax.

They can also refer you to good home inspectors, movers, lawyers, etc.
Referral is everything which is why I’m writing this.

As a thanks to Steve for his great work , I did head shots for his new website that he is building.  Enjoy!


Stephen Kanizaj with Realty Executives Progressive poses for a photo in his home on December 20, 2009. Photo by Ryan Jackson / ryanjackson.ca


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