The Dave Hill Look – Letters to the Editor Illustration

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Edmonton Journal Editor-in-Chief Allan Mayer poses for a photo with the vast piles of letters to the editor the Journal has on file in Edmonton on December 3, 2009. Photo by Ryan Jackson / Edmonton Journal


I was asked to create an image to illustrate how many letters to the editor we get every year. We have a filing cabinet with over 13,000 letters in the office so I spent an afternoon setting up lights and moving everything around to make it perfect.  As you can see from the image above, I used three speedlites a strobe and a 40×60″ reflector to light the image.  I tethered my 5D to my laptop to preview the images. I also used my handy dandy Canon 24mm f1.4 lens at f11 / ISO 100.

The image I submitted to advertising only had levels and white balance done. The one you see above however was photoshopped a lot more using the “Dave Hill Look” work flow.


This is the second time I have used my new O-Flash which is a very
cheap knock-off of the Ray Flash.


One of my favorite lighting tricks is to make a boom arm out of a
flash stand, a monopod and a bogen superclamp. Boom arms
really open up possibilities for light placement and you
probably already have a light stand and a monopod.

Update: And here’s the result!


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