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January 31st, 2005

Pictures are up of
Ultimate Power Duo
when they played at Louis’ a wee time ago. Enjoy!

January 29th, 2005

Pictures are up (ridiculusly late) of
Magneta Lane and
The Mark Inside when they played with The
Junior Pantherz back den’

January 26th, 2005

…..Oh yeah I run a website!

So I was in Edmonton for four days and on the way there we stopped in
Lloydminister to get some A&W. When I walked in I was overcome with this strange
pungent smell. It took me a few seconds till I realized what the smell was…. A
that we were on the Alberta side of Lloyd.

Since July 1st we have all been spoiled (and some of us shunned) with the
smoking bylaw in Saskatoon. I must say being an asthmatic and allergic to smoke
I have loved the smoking ban since day one but on the days when it is -30 and
-40 degrees outside you have to show some compassion for the people outside
getting their buzz….or do we?

Since January 1st the entire province of Saskatchewan has been smoke
free and I must say it is great. I love going to places and not smelling
like smoke. This last weekend all of my clothes reeked of smoke after
going to the pubs on Whyte Ave and I realized how much I appreciate
living in a smoke free city.

This rant isn’t about me though. This rant is to encourage all of you
to go out and get drunk!  Many businesses are complaining about
business going down since the smoking ban, however it is still quite
hard to make the argument that banning smoking ruins businesses when
only 1/5 people smoke. You can’t tell me that only 20% of the population
keeps 100% of the hospitality industry alive.

At the same time though the other 4/5 people who are used to staying at home
and “not going to the bar” or “not hanging out with friends” or “not spending
tons of money drinking overpriced alcohol” need to get off their asses and spend
some money at your local pub, tavern, bar, or lounge. Even restaurants are
better now that we can all breath. After being in Edmonton for 4 days I can
definitely say that we have it good here so go enjoy it.

The best times are spent in good company. Go out and enjoy.

January 19th, 2005

I have sooo many more pictures of the last few shows to put up but
unfortunately I haven’t had time because I have been preparing my portfolio for
a Journalism Conference in Edmonton I am going to in 3 hours. So there won’t be
any new pictures for the next 4 days but until then …. Here’s my new

January 17th, 2005

Pictures are up of
Junior Pantherz
from Saturday. Enjoy!

January 15th, 2005

Pictures are up of Fury and
the Mouse
from Friday night. Enjoy!

Be sure to go to Junior Pantherz tonight at Louis’ and the
show at the Bassment tomorrow night.

January 12th, 2005

Pictures are up of Slipknot
from last night.

CRAZY masks, orange jumpsuits, barcode tattoos, a ridiculous
amount of bouncers, and history made in Saskatoon was all found at the Slipknot
concert last night at Credit Union Center. The nine member heavy metal band from
Iowa graced an enormous stage last night to thousands of fans with opening acts
Unearth and Killswitch Engage.

Slipknot has been on hiatus for a few years after their last
album Iowa. The members basically hated each other which you would pretty much
expect to happen in a nine member band with three percussionists, two
guitarists, bass, turntables, samples, and a lead vocalist. The most intriguing
thing about the band however, aside from the number of members is that no one
has ever seen them without their masks on. Like the band GWAR, each member takes
on their own character which adds to the experience of seeing the band live.

I had expected Slipknot to only play but much to my surprise
they talked to the crowd a lot. The lead singer Corey was very thankful to the
fans for their latest album Vol3: The Subliminal Verses going platinum in
Canada and he said that if it wasn’t for the fans they would just be another
band from Iowa. Halfway through the song “Spit it out” the band stopped playing
and Corey told the audience they were going to make history in Saskatoon. He
told all of the people in the pit to get down on the ground and as close to each
other as possible then he told everyone in the seats to run down to the pit and
do the same.

In an instant hundreds of people were jumping over the barricades
and running down to the floor to get down on the ground. The entire
arena was packed with people and all of the security and the bouncers
looked very worried. “We are going to be banned from Saskatoon for this”
Corey said as he told everyone to stay down. Then when the band started
“Spit it out” back up Corey yelled “get up jump”. The entire pit went
wild.Slipknot left the stage with the crowd in a frenzy and then came
back for an encore with the the songs “People = Shit”, “Wait and Bleed”
and finally ending the night with my favorite song “Surfacing”.

The members came back out after and threw drum sticks and water
bottles into the crowd with one drum stick funny enough making it completely
over the crowd and hitting a very unsuspecting sound guy in the back of the
arena. Corey thanked the crowd again and promised them they would be back to
play again. He took a bow as he walked off with the crowd screaming and looking
very forward to them coming back again.

January 11th, 2005

Saturday January 15th

Junior Pantherz with the mark
inside, MagnetaLane and Parades Against Parades

@ Louis’ Pub

Sunday, January 16th 2005

UNDERMINDED [www.underminded.com]






@ the Bassment, $6 at the door.

Doors at 7pm, show at 7:30 sharp!

January 10th, 2005

Pictures are up of
Chimpan-A to
Sorry for not updating for a while but I had to revert
to an older backup of the site and it took a while to get everything working
again!  Many more pictures / rants / etc to come!    Enjoy!

January 3rd, 2005

There are some great shows coming up including The Used, and
Slipknot so check out the Shows section.

January 2nd, 2005

Happy New Year Everyone!



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