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October 30th, 2003

WAAAAY back in September I did a “photo shoot” with
promo package and now *finally* here are the pictures!

punkoryan.com just moved over to a new server with threeohsix.org so if
any pictures or links aren’t working don’t worry they will be fixed in a
few days (I’m in midterms here!)

October 27th, 2003

Seeing as I have a midterm tomorrow I figured it would be perfect time
wasting to throw a dozen new pictures up in the
section!  Check out Saskatoon by Day/Night, Flowers, &
Misc.   Enjoy.

October 25th, 2003

I haven’t updated my friends section in soooo long!  Luckily last
night was the biggest PUB
in Saskatoon history!

I shoulda studied for my 4 midterms I have left… but I’m photo
director for EE so I “had” to go…it was my responsibility! :)

October 24th, 2003

I was asked to put this up. I never heard of him, but if he was good
enough to be honored at a memorial, then maybe I should hear him:

Singer-songwriter Elliott Smith passed away on Tuesday, Oct.21st from a

self-inflicted stab wound. he was 34.

Anyone who’s seen “The Royal Tennenbaums” will recognize his distinct,
hauntingly beautiful song “needle in the hay” which accompanied the scene
in which Ritchie Tennenbaum attempts suicide.

The talented, dark acoustic musician was not always well-known, but he was
highly-respected, acclaimed by fans and critics alike for his music (he
wrote the Oscar-noted song “Miss misery” for “Good Will Hunting”), as well
as for his demeanor; he was known as a quiet, but open individual without
pretensions and with a real appreciation for everyone.

Fans of Elliott Smith (or just those who appreciate the efforts of an
honest musician) are invited to an informal gathering to pay their
respects to him at:

Vimy Memorial Bandshell

Saturday, Oct. 25th at approx. 3:00pm

(if anyone can bring portable speakers, or a portable stereo, it would be

very much appreciated. then we can listen to some of his music together in

the park.)

October 23rd, 2003

First off, if your a nerd like me and like to see the numbers of the
Saskatoon Election go

.  (I can’t believe Pankiw beat Maddin and almost beat

You may of heard about him in the news but there is
a guy in Regina who is running his own Saskatchewan Political
Opinion site that is starting lots of shit in the media. Even if you
don’t agree with his opinions, I think it is pretty cool that
someone is exercising free speech like this here in Saskatchewan.
Usually you just see sites like this in the states.


October 22nd, 2003

Well I suck and have to work on my SEVEN assignments that are due
Friday, so I’m not going to the show, but I voted!

October 20th, 2003



@ The Basement

w/ The Decline, The Paper Kites

Doors: 8pm, All Ages

Price: $5

you didn’t see

The Reason
play back in March I hope you at least heard of the
show they put on. It was a Monday night and everybody’s jaws were to
the floor as this band played. (Or at least mine sure was!)

dually suggest that you make it to this show on Wednesday.

you want to hear some of their stuff go

Check them out.

October 19th, 2003

Notice the ticket # ……   (* “oooh
ahhhhh” *)

If you haven’t heard of Hot Hot Heat before, go hear of them, if
you don’t have a ticket for them yet, go buyeth them

That is all..

Wish me luck on my math midterm!

October 18th, 2003

Pictures of
Autopilot Off
from Regina and Saskatoon are up. As well RAISED FIST is
playing Saturday night at Louis’

I have to study for a midterm unfortunately but if you
don’t then you should check out some killer Swedish hardcore!

October 16th, 2003

All the pictures of AFI and
Poison The Well
are up now and Autopilot Off will be up soon.

As well there are several great bands coming up in the
next week so check out the

on threeohsix.org

October 15th, 2003

I won’t have all the pictures from the Saskatoon show up
for a couple days (damn school!) but above is a taste.

And for all those who weren’t there
THIS is what you

A year ago I don’t think Saskatoon could have had such a
turn out (over 1500 tickets pre-sold + hundreds more at the door)

This last year “the scene” has grown soo much and I thank
www.threeohsix.org and Surreal
Productions and ALL YOU for coming out to the shows!   Remember
back  March 12th?

The other day my friend asked me “Why have we been getting
so many sweet shows lately?” … All I could say was:

“because it happened

October 14th, 2003

AFI in Saskatoon is tonight!  There are still plenty
of tickets available at the door so go go go!

Here are some of the film pictures I took in Regina:

October 13th, 2003

I don’t know if Saskatoon is sold out or not, but if it
isn’t, and you don’t already have a ticket get off your ass and get a
ticket because you will be missing out on an “experience” to say the

Here’s the set list, it will probably be the same in
Saskatoon, but who knows!

Miserai Cantare


Days of the Phoenix

Bleed Black

Ever & A Day


Celluloid Dream

Morning Star

Leaving Song Part II

Silver and Cold

No Poetic

This Time Imperfect

Dancing through Sunday

Girl’s Not Grey

Total Immortal

Death of Seasons

God Called in Smith Today

And here are the pictures!   I shot off a two
rolls of film too so check those out tomorrow!

AFI and
Poison The Well
were absolutely amazing!   (Autopilot Off pics shall come later,
I’m tired!)

October 12th, 2003

I just found out at 8:27am this morning that I should have
a photo pass for both AFI shows! Check back here at like 3am – 4am Monday
morning and pictures will be up of the Regina show, otherwise see you

October 10, 2003

That was fun!   Check out the pictures of
Death from Above and
The Paper *Kites

October 9th, 2003

For the love of God! If your shoelaces are too long SHORTEN THEM!
As I have illustrated above, if your shoelaces are too long, cut them to a
reasonable length and sear the ends!  It only takes a couple
minutes and you will save tons of time and effort in the long run!

What sparked this is a guy in one of my classes with the longest
shoelaces and they just hang down on the ground and he steps on them and
undoubtedly has to tie them several times a day. I think the reason I am
so bugged by this is because back in high school for a year I had
shoelaces that were far too long. Rather than doing something about it I
just let them drag, untie, catch on things, and inevitably ruin my life
When it finally dawned on me that I should shorten them I felt like an
asshole for
having long shoelaces for such a long time.

Do I seem to be exaggerating here? Well… how many things in your life
have you improved on and now when you look at someone else with the same
fault as you had you can’t stand them?

A better example than shoelaces would be sitting on the bus with
elementary school “kids” (no offence)   I can’t stand hearing
them talk about stupid shit and use the word “like” every 2’nd or 3’rd
word, but I know that “I was like that when I was that age”

Growing up sucks – you end up hating everything…. oh God and I’m only

October 8th, 2003

First off might I mention that it is 4 days till AFI in Regina and 6
days till AFI in Saskatoon!   *tick tick tick*

Secondly there are two really good shows on Thursday that you should
get your homework done early so you can go:

Ska-Punk Show!cablecarsuite

The Modules

The Couch Addiction

Samuel The Black Shaman


The Bassment


Doors open at 6:00, Show at 7:00.



…and Death from Above (the second band at the
Billy Talent show) are playing at Amigos with The Paper *KitesIf
you haven’t heard them they are really catchy punk with only one guy
on bass and one guy on drums. When I heard them I was like “I can’t
believe a band can sound this good without a guitar!”  If you
like dancy music like Hot Hot Heat check these guys out.

The Show is at Amigos and will probably be 9-10’ish or so and it
will certainly be a dancin’ show so come out (or go to the show at the
Bassment, whatever your fancy)

October 6th, 2003

Well as I promised dummy I’m putting my Beastie Boys –

parody video from Grade 12 drama back up! This isn’t the
final edit, but this reflects about 50 hours of filming/editing.

Click to see the

music video (with the bridge scene cut out) that had a budget
and real Beastie Boys.  (you may need

Windows Media 9

October 4th, 2003

So my funny story (and apology) is that I said on Monday that “you
should go to the Mayor debate at 1pm” but it was really at 11am. My friend
Andrew told me a dozen times that it was at 11am but I thought he was just
being an asshole and lying to me so that I would go to school early…

That’s not the funny part though. What’s funny is that I only caught
the last two minutes of the debate and then when it was done Global
television shoved a camera in my face and was like “Why did you come out
to see the debate today?”

“Because I want to be a responsible voter and come out to see the
people running for mayor so I can make a good decision”

The funny thing is that I missed the entire thing and then got on the
news to talk about watching it.  Ahh that’s the second time I’ve been
on the news now….

October 3rd, 2003

What sucks about film vs. digital is how long it freaking takes! …..
but its sooo cool!  I’ll have more pictures in a day or so. Anyways I
have a funny story but you’ll have to wait till about 6pm to hear it so
check back then.

October 2nd, 2003

Here is 400 Strong from
Last Night (being Wednesday) at The Bassment.  I also took pictures
of Blue Skies at War but they are on film *oooh ahhhh* so we’ll all have
to wait for those. (*fingers crossed*)

And I finally edited the pictures from last Tuesday so you can see the
pictures of Three Inches
of Blood
and Blue Skies
at War
again for the first time

Finally there is a “Mayor’s Debate” in lower place Riel tomorrow (Thursday)
at 1pm = You should go so you can become more educated on who is running for
Mayor of this city = You can vote responsibly!

October 1st, 2003

*FINALLY*Pictures of:

Billy Talent


Death from Above


Are up!


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