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July 31st, 2003

I entered these 8 “photos” of mine in the Exibition Photo Contest.
The Saskatoon EX runs August 5th – 10th so if you are there go to HALL B and VOTE FOR RYAN JACKSON!

If I win I’ll totally give you something for voting for me…totally…

July 30th, 2003

You can finally listen to the 6 new Metallica CD

July 28th, 2003

Can’t say I’ve ever been a “fan” of Metallica. Not to say I don’t like them, but for some strange reason, despite the fact that every time I heave heard them I’ve liked them, I have never bought or even listened to a whole Metallica CD. Of course I have heard Enter Sandman, but that is the only Metallica song I could name.

When I saw that “WOW there is a new Metallica CD out” I was weary as always because “all bands sell out and sound like crap eventually”. I figured their last album (having not even heard it) sounded lame so this must be worse.

Still I asked one of my friends at Future Shop if the new CD St.Anger was any good. Matt said that there had been mixed feelings from customers about the CD. Andrew told me that a customer returned the CD “because it sucked”. I asked if that was allowed and he said no, but the customer made such a fuss and got the manager involved so they actually returned an opened CD. (The asshole probably burned it first.)

ANYWAYS! I asked why the customers didn’t seem to like it and Matt said that it was because “it sounded like their old Master of Puppets stuff”. I immediately went to the headphones and listened to the CD. I am always amazed when a band goes “back to their old stuff” so I gave it a listen. I was hooked! The CD player only let you listen to the first 30 seconds of each track but I was so impressed with the Intros that I bought the CD completely based on first impression.

If you want to hear the same Intros I did listen to
sound clip I made.If you like what you hear, read on. Otherwise go look at this picture of an old mans

Now this CD has been out for a while now, but I didn’t know about it till a week ago when I bought it. Like I said it sounds like “their older stuff” which I really like (perhaps the reason I wasn’t a “fan” of Metallica was because their latest stuff didn’t appeal to me).

The coolest thing I think about it (which is what sparked this rant-eview ) is that the CD comes with a DVD which is the video of the band playing during the recording of the CD.

The Album (named St.Anger) was recorded in a “room” with 3 camera guys filming the band playing. Rather than the typical super fancy sound stage with soundproof booths, headphones, and mic screens, the album is Metallica “just playing” (or “jamming” I guess you could say).

It sounds like they would if they were playing live (without the screaming crowd or echo) and I really like that. You can even hear the lead singer James Hetfield ( breathing on the mic which is unheard of with major label recordings. The concept of a huge band trying to sound like they are being recorded in someone’s basement is thrilling to me. (or maybe I’m just too easily exited)

Watching the DVD, there is the exact same Audio but you can see how much energy the band has when they play. I watched the DVD first and it helped give a “face” to the music, which made listening to the CD more enjoyable.

Now hopefully as you read this you are listening to the sound clip I made (if not click above you lazy shit). Being a fan of more hardcore-metal-fastpunk-etc I am a huge fan of the guitar and drums on this album. I was VERY surprised at the originality and catchy’ness of each song (once again I was expecting the Album to suck and got quite the opposite).

The Intros “sound like their old stuff” and have a Slayer intensity (double kick drum, head banding sound) to them which is why I bought the CD. Lyrically the album is “what I would expect from Metallica” having not really known their music that much anyways. Some tracks just have the typical “mindless rock” lyrics ( “shoot me again I ain’t dead yetÖ” ) but for the most part the music and fact that the James Hetfield has an awesome voice makes up for any downfall in the CD.

Each track is 6 to 9 minutes long with a total playing time of over 75 minutes in 11 tracks. All this with a DVD packaged in for $14.99 you can’t go wrong, and Hey, even if you don’t like the rest of the songs after the intros think about how most punk songs are only 2 mins. So by the time the intro is over you can skip to the next track your still better off than most punk albumsÖ

I guess if youíre a “fan” you will have already bought the CD. If your like me and you like what you hear with the intros go buy a real CD for once and make it the new Metallica CD (Fuck I sound like I’m being payed here don’t I! Ö. Maybe I’ll just feel better about “buying” a CD rather then burning it if I can get other people to buy it tooÖ)

July 25th, 2003

Along with GeorgeStock you should also somehow manage to go to:

You could be Ultra (yes Ultra) cool and do GeorgeStock Saturday and Wakeboarding Sunday.

Thats what I would do….. alas…

July 24th, 2003

I finally did it.  On August 18th it will be my 4 year anniversary of “workin’
for the Clown” and my last day.

McDonalds, though not a very prestigious job, certainly was fun to work at.
Everyone was the same age as me, I made over 100 friends, and the hours were
always super flexible. I would certainly want my children to work (at a place
like) McDonalds because it was a really good job to have while in school, but 4
years is enough and I have 3 jobs right now so goodbye McDonalds!

If you haven’t heard about it yet GO TO GEORGE STOCK!

go to http://www.gstock.vze.com/ for
more info.  Basically on Saturday drive 20 mins out on the South Highway to
Regina and you’ll see signs.  It is 16 bands for $8 = 50cents a band and
they are all really good local (and one non local) bands. Check out the website
for more info and go have a good time!

As for me. I leave on a plane to go back up North for a week in 8 hours so
I’m going to bed!  If you have a digital (or film+scanner) camera take lots
of pictures and send them to me! (I’ll post them with your super cool name
beside them!)

July 23rd, 2003

Last night I went and saw Bowling for Columbine and it absolutely blew me
away.  I started an applause at the end of it because it was so amazing and
thought provoking. It was the first movie I have seen in way too long that I
walked out of happy. Of course it is more of a documentary than a movie but if
you haven’t seen this movie GO SEE IT.  It is playing at Rainbow Cinemas @
9:30pm all week for only $3.    It hasn’t been released on video
yet so this is your only way to see it and for $3 its cheaper than renting so GO
GO GO!  Call some friends and see it. You wont be disappointed.

If you have or haven’t seen it check out Michael Moore’s website
it has some interesting articles etc.

That’s all I have to say about that.

July 22nd, 2003

I know what your wondering. What was that “Super Secret Basement Show” I saw
on the threeohsix calendar for Monday night?   Well I wondered the
same and then I found out it was two bands playing in “the setaside house
basement”.  There were only two bands and they were both from out of town
(one was from Calgary). It was a pretty cool little “super secret show” in a
basement. Bringing my # of shows I’ve seen in a basement to two!

The Pictures of The Buzzing
and Fallen Year are in the
bands section as well all of the “organized” pictures of the Friday night show
are in the bands section and I edited all the pictures to make them look not
crappy so go look at them all again for the first time!

One last thing. I am at 98 bands on my site now (and this site isn’t even a
year old yet….) so the question is “who will be my 100th band” ?

July 21st, 2003

So Friday night after the show I get home, throw up the “jumble” of pictures
and crawl into bed. …. what’s this?….I feel my foot twitching…but I’m not
moving my foot….  I turn on the light and I see a freaking mouse running
between my feet!!!  THERE IS A MOUSE IN MY BED!!! AHHHHH!!!  I run
upstairs, get a trap and some rat poison and set them in my room then sleep
upstairs in my brothers’ bed (he’s in BC for the summer).

From then on I say “I’m not sleeping in my room till I find a dead mouse!”
…. well…. my wish came true.  I get home from work yesterday and throw
my bag on my bed. An hour later I take the bag off and lift up the covers and
low and behold there is a little squished mouse under my sheets!  EWWWWW!
I guess it was hiding there and I squished it with my bag.  Needless to say
I washed all my sheets and mattress, as well I am not sleeping in my room till I
vacuum and clean EVERYTHING in my room.

It is amazing how something so small and harmless can be so TERRIFYING!!!

Back to Business. The videos from Friday night can be seen
HERE so if you want to see Adam get shocked all over
again or see the videos with TERRIBLE sound then check it out!
The “organized” pictures will come tomorrow. (Betcha’ can’t wait!)

July 19th, 2003

If your dying to see all the pictures right now from the show I have them in
an unorganized JUMBLE.   I’ll organize
them and post the dozen videos I took tomorrow.

Sleep now.

July 18th, 2003

I just got back from up North OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH its
soooooo good to be home!

There are TWO yes count ’em TWO SHOWS TONIGHT!


Poster Event date

2003-07-18 09:00
Subject : Sparky, Polk,
GoodSamPark, The Soccer Moms
Description :

The Bassment

245 3rd ave s

$6 at the door.

Show at 8:00pm

This is a show to help our Production Group get started. We want to have
stability in the shows that we promote, and so that we can get bigger and
better shows into Saskatoon.

Though I haven’t ranted about it yet threeohsix has finally sold
out and is now going to become a “real web magazine” and a production company
which is actually a good thing because the money made putting on shows will go
back into putting on big shows so now rather than a band skipping Saskatoon and
going just to Regina we can be like “we guarantee you this much money if you
play in Saskatoon”.  What does this all mean? –> GO TO THE SHOW!!!


If your super cool like me you will go to both because the
Amigo’s show wont start till 11:30 – midnight’ish so see you there!

July 17th, 2003

If you want to see some more pictures of the lake click
HERE otherwise read on and wonder why
I think about this stuff….

Today’s thoughts continue on about what I
said a couple weeks ago about Causality.

Remember when I talked about how I think if
I went to the Baseball game I would have changed the order of events and that
guy wouldn’t have been hit in the face with the baseball. (See June ramblings

Remember I said how Terminator 3 was
disappointing but the ending made me think.

Ok, so first off. Am I selfish for believing
that I could have prevented something from happening by being there? The way I
was thinking was that everything that occurs in life is a fragile order of
events that is extremely easily altered and the future (or projected order of
events) is constantly changing as we change our minds on what we are going to

Here are two things to think about that
would be similar to what the baseball game I didn’t go to.

(If you didn’t read what I said then in a
testishell: A guy got hit in the face with a baseball at a game I had decided to
not play in. I wondered if I had gone to the baseball game would my presence had
altered the chain of events and the guy have not been hit)

If you remember your grade 10 history a
Serbian nationalists shot The Archduke of Austria-Hungary in “the shot heard
round the world” back in June 1914 and that is said to be the spark that started
the first world war which then lead to the second world war.

Now letís create a character. Letís call him
Bill. Letís say Bill was usually a punctual guy and always liked to get to
events on time. Bill was going to be at the
that The Archduke was going to be in but something happened.
(Let’s say he stopped to tighten his shoes) and because of that he missed
being able to stand in a good position to see The Archduke of Austria-Hungary.

Now instead of Bill being in that
good viewing position, The Serbian nationalists got the good spot, which allowed
him to be close enough to shoot The Archduke of Austria-Hungary and be “the shot
heard round the world”.

So now the question: Was “the shot heard
round the world” fragile enough to be affected by Bill not tightening his
shoelaces? Let’s say Bill hadn’t stopped and he had got the good viewing spot
and The Serbian nationalists was forced to stand in a different spot which
prevented him from being able to shoot The Archduke of Austria-Hungary. The
Serbian nationalists was on a mission and still may have tried to jump out and
shoot The Archduke of Austria-Hungary but maybe someone else may have jumped in
the way or grabbed the gun away from him and then The Serbian nationalists would
have gone to jail and it never would have happened.

Hooray for Bill! He stopped the First (and
Second) World War from happening! Did he know it?

Does the war never happen? Or is the War,
the “big thing” INEVITABLE? If the “shot heard round the world” hadn’t of
sparked the war would something else have later? Just like with the Terminator
movie. Judgment day was never stopped, it was just postponed because it was
inevitable. Do you think the events leading to the First World War were fragile?
Or would it have happened no matter what the events, just postponed. There are a
million essays about “the powder keg of Europe” and how Europe was just waiting
to go to war and just needed a spark. So even though the war may have still
happened later it was still postponed which would completely change history
because something else would have started it. A shoelace did it all.

Next example. Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated
J.F.K. with a rifle from the window of a warehouse. Now lets say Bill’s
grandson, Bill Junior had stopped to tighten his shoe and therefore lost the
good viewing spot he wanted so instead he decided to go up inside the warehouse
to get a better view of the president. Lee Harvey Oswald hears Bill Junior
coming so he runs away and now Hooray for Bill Junior! He stopped J.F.K. from
being assassinated!

Or did he? Lee Harvey Oswald once again was
on a mission. He was capable of doing it before, so maybe he would have just
waited till the next parade and succeeded then. Or maybe Bill Junior would have
kicked Lee’s ass, called the police and stopped it all together.

So now am I still selfish for thinking I
would have prevented that guy from being hit in the face with the baseball? We
don’t realize what effect we have on peoples lives even though they don’t notice
it. Then again, do we effect people’s lives? Or is everything that happens bound
to happen inevitably? Am I a hero just like Bill?  …… or should I just
shut up because I have no idea what I am talking about….. if you read this far
then your stupid enough to have read it so you can’t say anything. HA!

June 15th, 2003

If you want to see some pictures I took here up North at my summer job click

I have a rant…but due to some historical inacuracies it must be rewritten so pictures is all you get (and probably care about anyways)

Oh yeah, listen to HOT HOT HEAT ! I just started listening to them yesterday and I’m hooked so you should be too!

June 14th, 2003

Well I had a rant and pictures that I took of the lake up here that I was going to upload but they were on a floppy disk and surprise surprise the disk is corrupted.
It’s hard to believe that floppy disks were once the main form of file transfer and now I wouldn’t trust any data on them.

Enough nerd talk. I’ll update at noon.

June 13th, 2003

Work is life

Whenever I talk to an older person who has been working two or
three times longer than I have been alive it really puts my life into

I have worked 5 different jobs in my 20-year life so far. I
still work at 3 of them, but I will be quitting good ‘ol McDonalds in August so
I can focus on school and my summer job ends in August too just leaving me with
my Hewlett Packard Rep job on the weekends.

Whenever you ask a person “what they have done” in their life
they always list off the jobs they have worked. “I worked at this place for 10
years and then I did this for 4 years and now I’ve been at this job for the last
8”. We spend a 1/4 of our life working (40hrs/week divided by 168hrs/week) and
yet when people think quickly back on their lives “what they have done” is their

No one ever says “I went to the lake 96 times, Disneyland 4
times, and Mexico and Hawaii twice” or “I met 12856 people, made love to 4
different woman, married one, and have known 627 different phone numbers”.

Though most of you reading this aren’t “old” yet, think
about what you would say, “you have done” in your life not counting work.

Where have you lived, travelled, been? Who have you met,
befriended, seen? What is the most important thing you have done? How many
people in your life have you helped in any way?

One of the best things I ever read was from “Being Calvin” by
Casper Neurotic:

“If you life was a book, would you bother reading it?”

June 12, 2003

Well if your wondering why I haven’t updated in a while its because I’m back up North again for my summer job. However on the bright side I have tons of time to write and take pictures so I’ll be updating lots this week (I already have three rants on the go)…and here is one.

I am insulted a lot by movies and advertisements that think I
am an idiot. For example the picture above illustrates how to use the page
lifter AND explains in words how to put your finger in a hole and lift! Why
bother wasting ink explaining how to do something that is obvious?

I would hope that if you are capable of reading the
instructions for something as simple as that you are capable of figuring things

I guess this also comes to the idea of “reading the manual”.
How often have you jumped to “some assembly required” without reading the
instructions? In the case where there may be confusion on how to do something
then instructions are useful and should be provided but when something is
blatantly obvious in how to do it then why waste ink and time printing

Perhaps companies have to do it to cover their own ass in case
someone gets hurt.

What really bothers me though is movies where the dialogue
leaves nothing to the imagination. Like when the characters completely explain
everything in the movie to the point where I am insulted because it seems they
think I can’t figure anything out. I think the best movies are the ones that
after you watch them you can discuss with your friends what you got out of it and
what your interpretation is of what happened and what was said. (Watch the movie
K-PAX, it is about a guy who says he is an alien and the great thing is that
even in the end you are still not sure because it is up to you to think about
what happened and what was said)

Lately I haven’t seen any movies in the theatres that do that
(leave it up to us to figure things out). Maybe Hollywood thinks we’re idiots,
or maybe they have made us into idiots because of


July 9th, 2003

A sad day for men everywhere.

July 8th, 2003

So then the question begs to be asked…. was Terminator 3 worth my $9  ???

I just asked what should have been the last question first but in case you
hate me and don’t want to read my opinions on the new Terminator movie (or want
to judge for yourself) then all you need to know is:


Now two more questions come up:

#1 Why is it worth seeing at all?  #2 Why would there be any doubt?

To start. This is by far THE most action packed movie to date. There are only
two parts in the movie where there isnít stuff blowing up and that is because
they are driving in the desert (but during one of the scenes Arnoldís battery
starts leaking and so he throws it out the window and it blows up = you pretty
much donít get a break during the movie)

I spent the majority of the movie waiting for it to slow down actually. T3
certainly breaks from the tradition of intro

rising action


The movie just jumps right into it with you meeting the ìoldî John Conner and
seeing heís a bum and then the T-X comes in and starts killing everyone.

The action never stopped and as good as that is, it took a lot away from what
I think could have been a better movie. There was 99% focus on action and
special effects and it seems like they cut corners when it came to the actual

The actors, directing, and dialogue were very disappointing. You would think
if youíre spending $170 million on a movie you can invest in making the stuff in
between the explosions worth while. To put it short T3 wasnít anywhere near as
serious as T2.

There were many pointless attempts to make the audience laugh by doing
parities of T2 which indeed were funny but took away from the seriousness of
what was happening in the movie.

My next complaint was of the music. Now maybe it just wasnít turned up
enough, but in T2 the soundtrack and original score really added to the movie by
adding suspense and appropriate effects.  None of the original T2 score was used
except during the credits and once again that took away from the seriousness of
the movie.

I guess you can say that a lot has changed in movies in the 12 years since
the 1991 T2. It seems now the ìblock busterî movies are more about action and
less about ìaction + movieî. Donít get me wrong. I love action movies and
Terminator 3 is certainly one of the best action movies to date, but I was
expecting it to be done as well (if not better) than T2 and that just isnít the

Several times during the movie you could pick out blatant advertising ìplugsî
like a Semi truck being pulled over with Xenadrine plastered all over it. This
was an obvious plug and took away from the seriousness. Like I said, for $170
million I was expecting more of a ìmovieî and less of an ìaction-cash grabî.

Now after all of these complaints your probably wondering why I originally
said T3 was worth seeing in theater. Well once again it is the most action
packed movie to date (with the expense of the action taking away from what
should have been a legacy). The story, though dry, does have some VERY
unexpected twists and Iím not going to say anything but I was very surprised
where the story went so Iím not going to bash the story itself, but I think the
story could have been told a lot better with better acting and dialogue.

Would I go see it in the theater twice? No.  That is simply
because there wasnít anything more to the movie than action.   Iíll admit the
ending did ìmake me thinkî but I didnít leave the theater with a sense of
satisfaction that I was hoping to get. I guess I was just setting my self up for
disappointment by thinking it would be as awesome as T2, but then again, after
seeing T2 wouldnít you at least ìhopeî the sequel would measure up?
Go see the movie but don’t be mad at me if your disapointed (hey you may want to
go see it 5 times because it blew you away!)

As for me…. I think Iím going to go watch T2 againÖ..

July 7th, 2003

The weener’est dog I have ever seen!

July 6th, 2003

Well FINALLY all 217 pictures and 16 videos are in the
BANDS section. Enjoy!
*NOTE: If the videos don’t work then come back tomorrow and I will have fixed

My Photo Pass allowed me to take pictures of any band for the first two songs
(after 2 songs they kicked all the photographers out because there were too many
crowd surfers falling on us). I tried to get 1 min of video of each band too,
but as usual the mic on my camera really sucks, but its better than nothing!

This was by far the best Warped Tour for me. I got to be up close for every
band and do what I love most –> Take pictures!

There were 6 other people with Photo Passes which made me feel special. I was
able to go behind stage too, but there wasn’t really anything back there but
busses and sound equipment.

Tom also updated with his “experience” of Warped and the pictures from
are in the Friends section.

Sleep now….

July 5th, 2003

I haven’t thumb nailed the pictures of Warped Tour 2003 yet but if you can’t
wait to see the pictures then just look at the

Why haven’t I thumb nailed them yet? Well I was out having too much fun at
the Skuzz and then taking the
Gnomes that Gordon stole out on the town.
(Don’t worry, we’re returning them with the pictures of their (“adventure”)

July 4th, 2003

Pictures of the “trip” are up.
Bands will come later tonight / tomorrow.


July 4th, 2003


I have a BAJILION pictures (yes I filled up a GIG of memory cards!) of Warped
Tour and our whole trip!

It is 5:00 AM. I just got home. We left Calgary at 9:30pm Thursday and drove
all night and now I sleep, then it will take me 6 hours probably to update all
of the pictures so if your reading this right now come back tonight and all of
the freaking amazing pictures will be up!



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day date watches watchesrolex jubilee datejust ladies watches omega breitling jubilee gents watches cartier tag heuer formula 1 watches movado constellation watches classic watches chanel and so on at one blogger sea master watches it compared the luxurious chic of tokyo flash watches with the one provided by rolex according to one technology blogger jubilee datejust ladies watches the tokyo flash watches is levelled at geeks and pay more attention and much investment on the designs for people to look for a more costly expenduture on time speed master watches and make the people all over the world cherish time and make full use of their time sea master watches walyou a major proponent of the newest technology available on the market highlighted how the independent series from tokyo flash watches were a particularly great thing for more geeky people to buy given the distinct designs which the company creates it explained as we all know tortue watches rolex watches are not cheap bentley_motors watches and their social status is also something you pay for but not many can afford them as a result a tokyo flash watch has been classed as a great alternative that will in no way cut down on the cool design classic watches fashionable style and elegance which watch buyers crave in the current market speed master watches explorer ii watches classic watches walyou claims that tokyo

watch replicas
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stainless steel rolex replica has a strong case created from genuine solid stainless steel the size dimensions can be very slightly different but this is not a big deal at all no matter how high quality is the replica rolex the case of a replica is not crafted from a single chunk of stainless steel like a genuine rolex watch replica omega replica glashutte watches fake movado watches bezels description Replica swiss rolex watches the bezel is the ring around the crystal which can sometimes be functional replica tag heuer although commonly overlooked fake chanel watches fake concord watches fake calvin klein watches the bezel is very important part of replica rolex diamond markers description Replica tissot watches diamonds are found on many genuine rolex watches Replica graham watches either on the faces the bands the case or the bezel they are places on many replica rolex models as well Replica bvlgari watches replica diamonds vary from plastic crystal tag heuer watches replica citizen watches mineral stones to low quality and high quality cubic zirconium stones Replica a lange watches pins/screws on band description the band of all watches consists of links which are held together either by pins or screws genuine rolex watches have bands which are held together by screws water resistance fake audemars piguet watches description the water resistance of a genuine rolex watch ranges from none at all certain replica miscellaneous watches

fake watches
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firstsuch as the fist self-winding watch replica miscellaneous watches the first water proof watchcase and so on Replica watches to lots of people Replica bell&ross watches rolex watch are also the symbol of wealth and the rolex watches are popular through out the world sums up all the reasons made this timepiece specialthe essential watch- rolex watches fake miscellaneous watches replica fendi watches its made for the mans man Replica hermes watches rolex watch has a very close relationship with the famous james bond submariner fake ulysse nardin watches as the first james bond watch it is a cult classic as well as a contemporary favorite fake tissot watches this watch was military issue of rolex watch the british royal navy and royal marines Replica chanel watches for a period of time our own us navy seals were issued rolex submariners there is more relationship between rolex watch and james bond ian flemings james bond character wore a rolex oyster perpetual in the series of spy novels and in the early eon production bond films in dr no 1962) fake tissot watches fake seiko watches fake gucci watches sean connery as james bond wears a submariner fake chanel watches ref cartier 6538 replica ebel watches on his wrist connery also appears with a submariner in from russia with love 1963) goldfinger 1964) thunderball 1965) cartier watches you only live twice 1967 and diamonds

cheap replica watches
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good-looking features like that of a real rolex a replica watch does not say that it is of poor quality but it is one great option for those people who check on factors like affordability and durability rolex replica though offers a shorter life unlike the real rolex watches bvlgari replica it does cater to the affordability factor which is a cause of worry for many replica cartier watches for sale if the car you are driving has cost you as much as a rolex watches does replica miscellaneous watches replica swiss rolex watches corum replica longines replica hermes replica you will definitely not pay that amount to buy an authentic watch but you will love to wear a fake rolex watch instead one can save a substantial amount by going for rolex replica and you can use the money saved on a vacation or payment of a new vehicle original replica watches are so expensive that you may not want to buy it just to improve your style ulysse nardin replica the grades play an important part in distinguishing different rolex replicas watches and getting acquainted with their related prices cartier replica we prefer buying a fake rolex watches instead of the real thing for price really matters replica breguet watches replica cartier watches bvlgari replica an imitation rolex comes with an acceptable price tag while the genuine watch is far too expensive for most ferrari replica replica swiss rolex watches replica romain jerome watches replica rolex watches

fake watch
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expensive looking replica watches is prestigious they make a statement at work and at play the time is now to get your replica watches that are famous around the world these affordable imitations make you look rich at a fraction of the cost choose from any of the following watches jaeger lecoultre watches rolex omega breitling cartier watches for sale cartier watches cartier bell ross watches miscellaneous watches tag heuer movado panerai watches glashutte chanel and so on tag heuer in order to expand its business in the watches and clothing fields ulysse nardin parmigiani watches miss sixty is now join with alcatel and issue a mobile phone with the companys branding logo which make the company become widely known calvin klein armani watches also remind the customers of its fashionable items in order to improve its popularity in the accessories market replica watches miss sixty has joined forces with alcatel to create a mobile phone for the fashion-conscious individuals around the country miss sixty watches are already a major feature of the style houses line up but it is hoped the clamshell-shaped offering – which uses an iron man-esque colour scheme of red with gold trim – will help the brand seal its place in the market for fashionable mobile phones bell ross watches oris watches although girard perregaux watches

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outerwear such as coats fake tag heuer over 40 locations will be used to promote the line-up alongside ted baker watches with flagship stores stocking the items alongside concessions in selfridges and house of fraser and other deals with independent stores allowing for a further spread of stock fake swiss rolex earlier this month fake chopard watches fake maurice lacroix watches the ted baker blog highlighted how it is moving across the globe after an eagle-eyed fan of the brand spotted a store 30 fake tissot watches 000 miles from the uk in the central world shopping centre in bangkok fake swiss rolex fake iwc watches fake fendi if you like ted baker watches just go to a trustworthy shop or its official website to buy your favorite because there are so many fake products of brand-name watches which make the customers confused fake miscellaneous timex watches are ready to enter the indian market with high intensity it will strengthen its influence and solidify its position fake rolex fake tag heuer watches fake omega which at last expand its business to india in order to make itself a more respected brand around the world fake breitling watches for sale fake alain silberstein timex watches are orientating themselves towards the indian market speaking in an exclusive interview with livemint fake alain silberstein watches fake ulysse nardin watches com – an asian partner of the wall street journal

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fake maurice lacroix cars the monaco v4 watch is inspired by car engines fake fendi surprisingly engines and mechanical watches have a lot in common fake titoni as they have similar concepts at the basis fake bvlgari fake montblanc fake glashutte transmission fake armani fake versace fake seiko friction torque and power tag heuer managed to change the rules of watchmaking ?C it has substituted a rotating oscillating weight for automatic winding for a 425-gram platinum ingot which is used as a kind of cylinder fake baume mercier in a linear movement fake audemars piguet as if it were not enough the company replaced the traditional wheels power transmission system by a drive-belt transmission one consisting of 13 belts with a gauge measure of 0 fake titoni 5 x 045mm fake girard perregaux the author of the idea behind the belt system is swiss watchmaker jean francois ruchonnet fake audemars piguet who cooperated with tag heuer in creating the monaco v4 watch the belt transmission system is superior to traditional gears as a belt can transfer power over any distance and does not require a chain of gears in addition to this it excels the traditional system in flexibility and shock resistance fake versace the monaco v4 movement also has 2 fake a lange sohne 2mm diameter bearings with 025mm balls that rotate

citizen watches
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fake oris perpetual calendar etc) such persons are very sociable fake christian dior fake versace they like everything new and unique fake alain silberstein they do think that desires exist to indulge they are children deep in their souls fake cartier the blancpain super trofeo chronograph is powered by a mechanical self-winding movement calibre f185 having a power reserve of 4 hours the movement of the chronograph was treated with electroplating solution used to completely blacken the movement bridges and main plate the blackened gold central rotor is decorated with a super trofeo 2009?? inscription the movement making 21 fake girard perregaux fake oris 600 vibrations per hour enables the timepiece to measure independent time periods with 1/6th second precision fake oris besides hour fake hublot minute second and date functions fake armani the movement provides a flyback chronograph fake titoni the over-sized numerals 9 and 12 in red and white on the black dial of blancpain super trofeo chronograph remind of the numbers painted on the lamborghini gallardo lp560-4 cars the strap of the watch is made of alcantara fake audemars piguet fake versace fake armani fake maurice lacroix fake titoni a composite material used to cover surfaces and forms developed in the 1970s

replica watches
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wont also be sure of whether you are getting the genuine article or not citizen christian dior another option worth checking out when it comes to purchasing rolex watches is trying out ebay where there are thousands of such watches being sold each year though before you buy such a watch from ebay you need to understand that you wont get a guarantee and you also risk being duped by sellers who may not think twice about palming off counterfeits to you ebel omega chopard in fact before buying your rolex watches christian dior you need to know how to spot a fake and the best way to ensure that yours is not a fake is to have it checked by an authorized technician who can remove the case and thoroughly check the parts movements and bracelet which though is time consuming will nevertheless help you avoid buying a fake fendi maurice lacroix there is fixed price for rolex watches more or less among all of their authorized dealers you also can check the price for each model seiko it is displayed in the tag along with the serial number a minor discount even can be available from the dealers calvin klein girard perregaux baume mercier audemars piguet but discount scope for the list price is little generally speaking over 1000 audemars piguet armani baume mercier

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omega cheap watches omega museum watches Replica rolex watches for sale omega classic watches cartier declaration watches You can buy cheap Rolex Replica and fake Rolex watches here Free shipping Fake rolex watches sale Over 10000 StylesRolex Replica Watches at the lowest price cartier 21 must de watches Rolex watches cartier tank francaise watches breitling certifie omega classic watches Omega Watches cartier classic watches Tag Heuer WatchesCartier Watches cartier cpcp watches Gucci Watches cartier tankissime watches omega constellation watches cartier libre watches breitling emergency mission watches LV WatchesaneraiIwcMontblancVacheron ConstantinPatek PhilippeBreitling cartier classic watches replica handbags

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Replica Louis Vuitton the case of which is manufactured from tantalum this rare blue-gray metal Louis Vuitton employed mainly in electronics and surgery had not been used in watchmaking until the recent years Replica Louis Vuitton it is so hard that in order to make the case of the watch it was diamond-cut the flanks of the timepiece are crafted from palladium a rare silvery-white metal making part of the platinum group Replica Louis Vuitton at watchessell designer handbags Replica Louis Vuitton com we specialize in top quality replica watches swiss engineering precision crafted timepieces are perfect gifts these products are not cheap imitations Louis Vuitton replica handbags Louis Vuitton Handbags they are genuine replicas of the real products wearing these expensive looking replica watches is prestigious they make a statement at work and at play the time is now to get your replica watches that are famous around the world these affordable imitations make you look rich at a fraction of the cost choose from any of the following watches Louis Vuitton rolex Replica Louis Vuitton omega Louis Vuitton breitling Louis Vuitton cartier Louis Vuitton tag heuer movado chanel and so on Louis Vuitton the montblanc boutiques also represent the policy of the watchmaking company strongly associated with the art world replica handbags since 2004 young

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48-city world time five daily alarms designer handbags Louis Vuitton a countdown timer and 1/100-second chronograph combining technology with style last month Replica Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton casio joined forces with the surfrider foundation and released the limited edition g-shock x surfrider foundation watch to raise money for the environmental organisation Replica Louis Vuitton besides standard shock and water resistance and other features of the new casio watch Louis Vuitton Handbags it also combines a tiny solar panel with a large-capacity rechargeable battery which will make the timepiece more longevous and it becomes more worthy for the casio friends to buy it at watchessell replica handbags com we specialize in top quality replica watches swiss engineering Louis Vuitton precision crafted timepieces are perfect gifts these products are not cheap imitations they are genuine replicas of the real products wearing these expensive looking replica watches is prestigious they make a statement at work and at play the time is now to get your replica watches that are famous around the world replica handbags these affordable imitations make you look rich at a fraction of the cost Louis Vuitton Handbags choose from any of the following

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watches on replica pimp has become a craze with people because it satisfies all these requirements and also when you look for a replica watch you will want it to be steadfast in its performance like that of the original one Replica Louis Vuitton which is undoubtedly found in a replica rolex watch the replica rolex watches already have many an exotic designs wow gold features similar to the ones found on the original as we all know that the replica rolex submariner daytona designer handbags seamaster speedmaster Louis Vuitton Handbags yachtmaster and the gmt master ii collections are designed to satisfy the sportsman aviator and travellers just imagine the huge sturdy body on your gucci bag when you sport one of these replica watches! this is the symbolization of people`s class and style Louis Vuitton Replica Louis Vuitton replica handbags replica handbags Replica Louis Vuitton but the users of car care need to perform continual maintenances to guarantee tiffany necklace in correct shape and function well over a period like each products the rolex watches are also troubled by the regular wear and tear and they need occasional lubrication of delicate parts Replica Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Handbags the company car wash the users to get their watches serviced at a

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collection of adidas watches will be available all over the world which will bring excitement the adidas fans adidas has unveiled its new fashion line collection of clothes for the autumn/winter 09 season the lightweight range of yatra clothing has been designed specifically for autumnal activities Louis Vuitton Handbags replica handbags designer handbags such as yoga and pilates designers claim it offers the ultimate in comfort and performance featuring the trademark climalite fabric design to help moisture management by pulling sweat away from the skin to the outer fabric where it can evaporate more easily there is also a matching range of footwear replica handbags an outfit that many will no doubt choose to complete with an adidas watch among the new footwear is the icara ii that has been designed with women in mind Louis Vuitton Handbags featuring a slip-in Replica Louis Vuitton enhanced fit moulding meanwhile the mens new autumn/winter 09 range includes a night purple relax t-shirt perfect for the gym a full zip hood jacket and a performance sneaker available in either black or red the new collections will hit stores this month across the world Louis Vuitton if you like the adidas Replica Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton




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