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May 29th, 2003

That was such a good show!    Though its been 15 treacherous
days since I’ve been to a show so that made this FREE show even better!

A night of Metal and $10 pitchers. What more in life could I ask for?

I took tons of pictures of
Inches of Blood
(of course) as well there are 3 videos

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Every single one of my rant’ers have updated in the last few days (even Tom
with two rants!!!) so check ’em out!

As well check out the BANDS section…. I spent a ridiculous amount of time
prettying ( <– holy crap that’s a word!) it up. Makes you want to look at all
the pictures all over again!

May 28th, 2003

First off I called Ryan Drabble and YES the Belvedere show at the Bassment is

But if your of age then go to 3 Inches of Blood but get there early cuz its a

If you like funny shirts then check out

place. It was a good waste of about 20 mins of my time. Enjoy!

May 27th, 2003

So Saturday night I’m drunk (as per usual) and we are walking down 2nd avenue
and there is a shopping cart in the middle of the sidewalk….so….of course (
<–hey Kirk I spelled it right!) I am like “dudeman I can totally jump over
that!”  My friends tell me I can’t but being some sort of supernatural
being I believe that I am capable of jumping over a shopping cart

Now by now your thinking “I totally know what happened next….Ryan fucks up,
falls on his broken arm, breaks it even more, and is totally screwed….”
<— Now this is undoubtedly what would have happened and if I did fall on my
arm again I would completely screw up the joint and it would be totally not

So now your wondering “Then what did happen?”   WELL, as I start
running towards the shopping cart gung-ho on jumping over it and a world of
applause coming from all around me for my never ending awesomeness I twist my
freaking ankle and scream in pain and limp for two days after….

So now Ryan (being me) has a broken arm and a twisted ankle. Great huh?
Well, this all made me think about how it was a good thing that I twisted my
ankle because I doubt I would have made the jump over the cart (though if I was
sober I TOTALLY could do it! *note to self:  video tape myself jumping over
a shopping cart* ) but I probably would have fallen on my arm again (cuz that’s
the side I usually fall on) so it brings me back to the question:

Do bad things happen for a reason some times?

Like often bad things happen in life, but sometimes, if they didn’t, worse
things would have happened.  An example would be all the people who slept
in for work the day of 9/11 and “would have died” except their car broke down,
or they were late for work that day.   There have been times when I
have accidentally slept in and missed my first class, only to find out that the
class was cancelled anyways and if I had came to class I would have missed out
on a precious hour of sleep and be pissed off. (Kind of a bad comparison to
dying but you get the idea)

Life is full of coincidences, but I believe some times its not a coincidence,
its someone/thing looking out for you….

May 26th, 2003

Notice anything different?

I got rid of the left frame and put it into the top banner which I also
spruced up.

If anyone has any complaints, problems, or comments send an e-mail to ( <–
yes that is a real e-mail)

Also notice the scroll bar on the right is black and grey! (*ooohhh ahhhhh*)

I have three more rants coming up but I spent all my time on that damn logo.

May 25th, 2003


Incase you have no idea what I’m talking about I passed 2nd year Electrical
Engineering with a huge 60% average, thus SMASHING the 58% passing mark and
allowing me to go on into the 3rd year.


May 24th, 2003


I don’t remember tying my shoes today. I know I must have done it, but when?

I also am not 100% sure if I took my Asthma medication today. I remember picking
up the inhaler, but it is so automatic for me to click the dosage dispenser that
some times I question whether or not I even clicked it.

There are so many things in life that are routine. Brushing our teeth, putting
on pit stick, eating, etc. However we have all forgotten to put on our pit stick
at least once in our lives. Or if not that, there is something that you have
forgotten to do once that “I can’t believe I forgot that” –> What happened?

Was there some distraction? Did we get carried away on something else?  Or did
we assume that because it is so automatic to do something like that, that we
could break the routine and we would come back to it with no problem. 1

I think it is scary to rely on automatic things like our morning routine because
if they fail then we will be stuck at school or work and feeling all
self-conscious because “oh my God I can’t believe I forgot to brush my teeth
today, what the hell happened?”

I am a ridiculously forgetful person and so I always have a toothbrush and pit
stick in my backpack. Call me a nerdy slob, but it has come in handy more than
once for me, and even though you may have never broken your morning routine
once. Someday question yourself as to whether you know if you always do your
routine, or if you simply rely on it to automatically happen.

I have no idea what I am talking about.

May 23rd, 2003

I’m back!!! Oh its sooo good to be home!

and now another rant…


Admit it. Its holding you back on something. Even if you don’t think you are

“like that” there is probably something.

Yesterday I bought pit stick from the confectionery here. There were two

different kinds, Right Guard and Secret.  Now of course being a male you

would assume that I would have bought the Right Guard, and yes, Right Guard

is what I normally use, but upon further inspection I saw that the Right

Guard was just Deodorant where the Secret was Anti-Persperant which I

needed. I bought the “chick stick” despite what anyone would say because I

knew it was better for me.

Now that is a bad example sure, but how bout pink highlighters. Have you

ever not chosen a pink highlighter just because it’s pink and “the other

guys will make fun of me”?  In my opinion pink is one of the most effective

highlighters because it isn’t too dark like blue or too light like yellow.

Do you take that into consideration?

Make choices in life, big and insignificant based on what the greater good


My biggest pride issue (I’ll admit it) is that I don’t have a car yet

(though I’m saving my pennies!) and if there is a girl I want to ask out, I

will avoid it because I don’t want to pick her up in a minivan…. I know

the “greater good” would still be to ask her out because we can still go out

and it isn’t a big deal…but for some reason I would rather not ask her out

even though I know the reason is stupid.

What’s holding you back? What can you do about it?  What is the greater


May 22nd, 2003

Tonight one of my absolute favorite bands DEATH BY STEREO is playing in Regina and
I am stuck up here :(

If you are reading this by 5 pm and have nothing to do tonight DRIVE TO REGINA and see
Death By Stereo –> I PROMIS you wont be dissapointed!

Also if anyone takes pictures of the show (digital or film) please e-mail me!

is starting to look more like home as well there are a lot of

for me to watch here so I can finnaly catch up on my “list of awesome movies that
everyone tells me I have to watch”

Today I got to go out and see the giant

out at the big open pit




Eye contact

If your going to talk to me look me in the eyes.

I know this girl….lets call her M. Ichelle …no no ..that’s gives away
too much… how bout Michell E. Ok ok so she never makes eye contact and it
makes her look soooo cold. Like I’m sure she is nice person, but she comes
off as this super stuck up bitch because when anyone talks to her she
doesn’t even look at them in the eyes to even say hello. Ever met anyone
like this?

Eye contact says a lot. It says that you are focussed on that one person.
That nothing else is more important than what you are saying to me right
now. Not making eye contact can speak for you when you say nothing. For
example when you are being scolded or yelled at for doing something wrong by
your parents. Do you ever look at them in the eyes while they are telling
you what you did wrong?

I think about this whenever I walk pass someone in a hallway…. You know,
if you see someone you know coming down the hallway you will look down at
the ground or at something around you until the person is about 10 – 20 feet
away from you. Then you will look up, look at them in the eyes and either
say Hi or give them the sacred “nod”.

Just as my opinion with small talk, I hate passing people in the hallway.
It is always the same thing. You stare at the ground till the person is
close THEN look at them. As soon as the person is gone you go back to
looking up at where you are going. Who looks at the ground when they walk
anyways? You can see the ground 50 feet in front of you which is where you
are normally looking…. until someone else comes by.

What I am telling you to do is DON’T LOOK DOWN! You don’t look down
normally when you walk, so why look like an idiot when you walk past
someone. Be the stronger person and look straight ahead when you walk. Don’t
wait till the person you know (or don’t know) is 10-20 feet away to say Hi
or Nod, make eye contact as soon as you see them and smile.


Don’t be afraid to look someone in the eyes…. It’s a lot nicer than the

May 21st, 2003

You can expect a rant from me every day for the next week so be sure to keep checking back because now that I’m stuck up here with nothing to do but write…I have a lot to say!

Small talk…

“how about that weather”….”did you hear ___ made it to the ____ in that
____ sports game” ? … “I am so tired” ….”boy that ___ class sure sucks”
…. “bla bla bla”


I hate it all.


When I sit on the bus I always have my earbuds in listening
to music. Sometimes if I don’t even feel like listening to music I still
keep my earbuds in just so I don’t have to listen to the pointless crap
spewing out of peoples mouths when they only see each other for 2 minutes
and they feel they have to say something so they might as well talk about
the universal “small talk” initiator –> the weather.

The weather is the one thing that we all have in common. Despite who you
are, where your from, what your doing, you are all affected by the weather
therefor it is the #1 small talk subject but every time I hear someone talk
about the weather I want to puke because it is all bullshit.

Now if you know me, you will know that I’m not some introvert who doesn’t
like talking to people. In fact I am way too over talkative and I never shut
up. Now Kirk would say that everything I say is bullshit any ways, but at
least I don’t talk about the weather. I try to come up with random different
things to talk about rather than small talk.

I remember the first time I met my friend Terri’s roommate Tara we didn’t
seem to have much in common when we first met and we weren’t talking so just
out of no where I asked “so how’s your pets?”. For some reason it was the
first thing that came to my mind but we ended up talking about our pets for
half an hour and turns out a magpie attacked her cat so her dog now chases
away magpies to protect the cat.

This sparked a whole conversation on how animals think and was pretty
interesting for a first conversation with a person I just met.
It was out first conversation and it didn’t involve any bullshit cliché
small talk.

I love watching the news because there is always something interesting that
has happened that will always be an interesting topic to discuss with

I don’t know how many people I told about the guy who cut his own arm off to
get free from the boulder he was trapped under but it sparked a ton of
interesting conversations with people about peoples will to live and power
to endure —> now isn’t that a lot better than “you took math 110 too? Wow
that was a hard class”


Next time you are on the bus, or run into someone you haven’t seen in a
while ask him or her something out of the ordinary. Something they wont be
expecting that will cause them to respond in a way that actually makes them
think rather than just repeat the same dreaded response they give every day
when someone says something for the sake of breaking silence.


Don’t talk for the sake of talking —> talk for the sake of conversation.

May 19th, 2003

…just letting you all know that I’m making $28/hour today…. :)

May 17th, 2003

I know what you’re thinking: “Blast and Gadzooks! Where is Ryan? Where are
the pictures of the last show? Why hasn’t Ryan updated in like two whole
days? ”

Well I am up North Again so that can explain the lack of updates, but as
for why I didn’t go to the Liberated Noise show on Thursday night…
I broke my arm. Yes, in all my awesomeness I went over the handlebars
on my bike while doing a drop and fractured the end of my Ulna at the
It wasn’t even a prestigious fall either :( I just thought I would “ride
it off” so I did the drop again (let it be known) and kept riding for two
hours and then went to work.
I figured since I was leaving to go up North for a week the next day I had
better get my arm checked out just to be safe because it still hurt and
turns out I did break it.
Luckily I don’t need a cast because it is just a fracture at the end of the
joint so casting it would be bad because I would have a stiff elbow for

Well that’s my boring story. If you read it good for you! At least now you
know that rather than being at a show which I love I was at the hospital
which I hate.

I took a ton of pictures here last time I was up North but I never put them
up for people to see so if you care you can click below to see the hard life
I have up here when I’m not working :)

Pictures of Cogema Uranium Mine

May 15th, 2003

If your more of a rock fan than punk then for sure check out this show




You know how there seems to be a week for everything that can kill you?
Cancer Week, Heart and Stroke Week, etc.  There is a week to appreciate and
reflect (and donate) to everything that can kill you, but why don’t we reflect
on things that aren’t alive in the first place but we still take for granted?

For instance a car
. Sure your
car may me a lemon, but as much as it breaks down and sucks gas, do you ever
look at the odometer and think “holy crap that is a lot of kilometers this thing
has done!” You should appreciate the fact that your car (or your parents car)
has taken you everywhere you wanna go. We only reflect on what our cars have
done for us when they break down, why don’t you think about what your car does
for you every day. Without it, you would be walking or catching the bus and
saving the environment and wouldn’t that suck?

Next is your dishwasher
(if you wash
your own dishes then pretend).  Our dishwasher has broken down once in 5
years I can remember. Now it was THE BIGGEST inconvenience to have to wash
dishes by hand *ewww ack* for two days, but have you ever thought about how your
dishwasher probably does at least one load a day, almost every day of the year
for several years? That means in the last five years my dishwasher has done
~350×5= 1750 loads in the last 5 years that we have lived in our house (and it
was used by the previous owners for I don’t know how many years). Do you ever
stop to appreciate something like that?  An inanimate object that has done
something with minimal breakdown has never asked for anything in return except a
little Jet Dry….

Songs of the Day are:

Ninety Pound Wuss – Daylight Savings Man
<– this song is one
of my anthems!  You will either hate of LOVE this guys voice!

Ninety Pound Wuss – Perseverance

Ninety Pound Wuss – Girl Song

May 14th, 2003

So thanks to the guy in Another Day Down (sorry I don’t remember your name! )
I found out about

contest on Alternative Press’s website which is basically a contest for
“best freelance band photographer” and I am to submit 3 pictures I’ve taken of
“bands that would interest AP readers”. I have chosen the two above of MxPx and
Strung Out for sure, but does anyone have any suggestions for the 3rd?

Please e-mail me at
Even if you don’t know me! I want to win this!
Just tell me the file name (by right clicking on the picture and selecting
Properties).  Thanks!

TARRAH updated!!!

Songs of the Day are:

Alexisonfire – polaroids of polar bears
<— this is
a sweet hardcore band. If you like Thursday where there is singing with
occasional screaming, this is screaming with occasional singing!

Alexisonfire – the kennedy curse

May 13th, 2003

The Show last night was awesome! Everybody loved the McGillicuddys as well it
was good to see Untimely Demise play after a very long hiatus. The lead singer
of Another Day Down told me that they weren’t going to actually play the show
but it was because of the poster I put up on my website (see below) that they
decided too!

Another Day Down was a good opening act with lots of energy but unfortunately
the crowd didn’t feel like standing up but by the end of Untimely Demise there
was a small pit going and once The McGillicuddys came on with an accordion,
mandolin, and fiph (combined with guitar, bass, and drums of coarse!) half the
room was standing (though the room was small because it was a Monday show) and
everybody danced or at least tapped their feet to the Celtic punk.

Here are The Pictures of

Untimely Demise

Another Day Down
Also there is
Video of the McGillicuddys




I was also very happy because after reading in a photography book about how
to eliminate overexposure I learned a VERY good trick.  The problem was
that the flash on my camera was too bright so when I got close to a person they
would be too bright and all of the colors would be washed out. I used to just
put my finger over half the flash but a way better trick is to just put tissue
paper over the flash and BAM now I can take pictures up close and they still
have color! = I’m happy (and I can take better pictures now and not cover up the
flash with my middle finger and always be giving the bands the finger!)



The next “Super Awesome Show” that you should go to is:

As well there are posters up for BELVEDERE with Cowpie and ummm…..yeah I
don’t remember the first band buy BELVEDERE playing at the Bassment on MAy 28th
which is also the same night as THREE INCHES OF BLOOD at Wash ‘n Slosh which
means you should try and be super cool like me and go to BOTH SHOWS because Wash
‘n Slosh shows start late and Bassment shows rarely  go past midnight…

See you there and finally : —->>   Bunnin and Tom updated (for
once!!!) + Nolto  (as always!  Isn’t he good!?)

Song of the Day is:

– Boggle
<— I really like this band because they
are fast and Canadian. Check out
for more info on this, and other great Canadian punk!

May 12th, 2003

First off GO TO THIS SHOW!  It’s a Monday night show = Need as many
people as we can get so tell all your friends!  If you are reading this and
it is already 8 or 9 pm then still go! The show wont start till 9pm probably so
there is always time!

If you don’t like reading then just BUY THE NEW NOFX CD…otherwise read on.

I am going to inspire you to do something. That something is to BUY the new
NOFX CD and not “just burn it”.

When I was in Future Shop yesterday and saw that there was a new NOFX album
at first I thought “didn’t they break up?”  After listening to 10 seconds
of the new album entitled “The War on Errorism” I was very glad that they
didn’t.   If you were at Warped Tour last year NOFX talked a lot of
smack against George Bush but seeing as they only had a 30 min set they didn’t
go into much details as to WHY we should hate Bush.

As you can see from the cover of the CD they make a lot of fun of Bush on
this album, in fact I would say this album has the most actual meaningful lyrics
of any of their albums because they sing about something they all strongly
believe in —> stopping ignorance when it comes to politics and the media.
A very good reason why you should actually buy this CD is because it is enhanced
and has videos on it including a trailer for the movie Unprecedented  ( ) which is a
biography on the 2000 US election and how it was rigged so that there were 175,000
ballots that were not counted, 27,000 people who were not allowed to vote
(16,000 of which vote 98% democratic) the CD is worth it just for the video on
it (you can watch a shorter video on the website but the one on the CD is longer
and better)

I know what your all thinking though…does the actual CD suck?  Has
NOFX sold out like EVERY OTHER BAND seems to and gotten
soft/lame/slow/mellow/trendy ???

THE ANSWER IS NO!!!   My ears smiled as I listened to every track
and heard that THIS IS NOFX they haven’t changed or anything, in fact they have
gotten better.   There are only two tracks that don’t really have any
meaning (they are actually about music and his favorite bands) the rest of the
tracks are what you would expect from NOFX.

Starting off with “The Separation of Church and Skate” where Fat Mike sings
“When did punk rock get so safe? / When did punk rock become tame? / These
fucking bands all sound the same / Confrontation and Politics replaced with
harmonies and shticks” being that there are so many punk bands now that just
“sing songs about girls and love / these fucking records are rated G” and no one
seems to stand for punk anymore.  Another track relating to the same topic
“Medio-core” is about “Medio-core the list keeps growin’, the melodies have been
stolen”. There are too many bands coming out “they were okay, not great, but
pretty good” and we are being forced to settle with mediocre bands, stolen
riffs, and unoriginality.

Almost all of the tracks are fast which sooths my A.D.D.  The first song
sounds like Huevous Rancheros at the beginning with super catchy bass and guitar
(what else would you expect). The song “Anarchy Camp” fed my Ska needs with
saxophone and a catchy ass tune that makes me want to dance and the title track
“American Errorists” that makes me want to mosh so bad I pray NOFX will come to
Regina (sad I say Regina before my own home city).

In conclusion of this crappy review that I didn’t put half the effort or
thought I had wanted so just take my untrusting word and  buy the fucking
CD because I know you burn too many CD’s so why don’t you support one of the
gods of punk and buy the new NOFX CD!!!   If you like NOFX I promise
you, you wont be disappointed with this new album, it is NOFX and they haven’t
changed. Come to think of it….they are the only band I can think of that
hasn’t and isn’t that reason enough?

Songs of the Day are:


Idiots are Taking Over

Irrationality of Rationality

I linked these
off the Official NOFX website and I assure you, these aren’t “the only good
songs on the CD”.  The whole CD is awesome so spend $13 and buy the CD!!!

May 11th, 2003

I had an awesome night at Lindsay’s Birthday click
HERE for pictures if you were there.

So I spent way to much money on this “fancy dancy” wide angle lens for my
camera and it ended up ruining half the pictures I took of
POLK and
Friday night :(  but ohh well I’ll figure it out.   Unfortunately
my batteries died so I wasn’t able to get pictures of Samuel The Black Shaman,
Morally Sound, or Divinity :(    I do have a

of Polk playing though. (sorry the sound sucks as always)

I went to the show with my friend Joel and we can both say that we were VERY
impressed with AUTOPILOT and if you get a chance to see them for sure give them
a listen because they have a grunge sound that I have so missed for too many
years.   Samuel The Black Shaman also played an acoustic set which was
very entertaining as well.  By then my Camera had died so for once I
actually just “listened and enjoyed” a band rather than worrying about f-stops
and shutter speeds when I’m taking pictures.

Polk played very good too and though I’m typically not the biggest fan of
chick bands (though there are two guys in the band) Brook’s voice was well
controlled and …

FUCKING MICROSOFT!!! ok I wrote a huge review and said tons of stuff and then
Microsoft FrontPage crashed on me so you all get NOTHING cuz I’m not typing it

i only spew out crap from my keyboard anyways

Song of the Day is:

Sepultura – War for Territory <— isn’t even a very good
song (don’t bother listening unless you like them) but Morally Sound does an
awesome WAY BETTER cover of it.  You would already know that of course if
my review had not crashed…

i’m just bitter…me need sleep

May 8th, 2003

First off read

article. This guy got his arm trapped under a boulder for 5 days and he cut off his own freaking arm to get free!

And now for “Ryan’s Thoughts”

“Clicks”…….Remember back in high school (or if you are in high school remember now) when your school was full of clicks. Jocks, Nerds, Punks, Band, Tech Crew, SRC, Loners, etc.
We like to think we are diversive and accepting of others, yet we all naturally fall into whatever category we feel most comfortable. Back in high school I though of myself as a “floater” because I was between three different groups of friends. I didn’t want to just be with one group of people because I had so many friends in other groups.
It would be nice for everyone to just be one big happy group but thats not the way it is.
I find that University is way less “clicky” than high school, but then again, the longer you are there, the more you can fall into a certain group.
On Tuesday when I came up here (I’m still up North) the first thing we did was have lunch in the caffeteria. I found it quite funny to see how even in an adult workplace the same thing can happen. At one table was all the white Engineers and managers, at another was all the white workers, at another was all of the native workers, then there was the table where all of the woman sat, and finally there was me. The youngest person there with no “click” to sit with :(

Tomarow 4 more summer students fly in, alas I fly out the same day but I will get to work with some people my own age soon. Then I will have a click of my own to eat with.
Untill then I will just think about how interesting it is to see how people fall into groups that they feel most comfortable in (I’m not saying that I don’t understand it because it makes perfect sense why clicks happen) and how despite how “clicky” high school was, it’s not the end, it’s just a taste of how life really is.

May 7th, 2003

Where is Ryan right now?
I am about 170 miles away from the North West Teritories at McClean lake and YES I do have internet!

I am working my summer job for Cogema Uranium Mine.
Today I got MY OWN OFFICE that’s right! Ryan Jackson has his own office! It’s crazy! On the down side it is pretty lonely being up here away from all my friends, but there is plenty to keep my occupied (like working 12 hours a day) and there is the best gym facility, squash/racket ball, big screen HDTV home theater etc which is all pretty cool but right now I would trade it all for a beer with my friends. (though the 24hr kitchen is pretty sweet regardless. Last night I woke up at 2:30am and had pie and pudding!)
My boss reminds me of the guy in the movie Office Space (the main character). He is never shaven (but he’s not trying to grow a beard), and his most common phrases are: #### all, #### off, #### out, and #### it.

I will have pictures when I get back but till then:
Bunnin and Nolto and Goodman updated!

This computer has NetNanny on it which wont let me view my own freaking website so I hope this works and I’ll hopefully see you all at The Bassment on friday! Be there!

May 6th, 2003

Well tomorrow I start my summer job up north at Cogema uranium mine = I wont
be updating for 4 days :(     My job is going to be week
on/week off and they fly me in and out every week which is pretty cool, but on
the down side I will end up missing a lot of shows :(     On
Thursday May 8th in Regina is the Grind Tour with Belvedere, Big Wig, and the
Planet Smashers.  If you  haven’t seen Belvedere live before I highly
recommend you drive to Regina and see them because they are a really really good

Surreal Productions is Proud to Present

The Grind Tour

Thursday – May 8th – 2003

at the Exchange

The Planet Smashers




Big D and the Kids Table

Tickets available at The Tiki Room, X-Ray Records

$11.00 Advance

$13.00 Day of Show

Doors at 6:30ish Show at 7:00ish


It might be a good idea to e-mail
and make sure your on the “out of town” list to be sure you get in.

See you in 4 days!

Songs of the day:

Belvedere – The Peoples Song

Belvedere – Malpractice

Belvedere – The Only Problem With Wishful Thinking

Belvedere – Excuse Me, Can I Use This Chair

Belvedere – Repetition Rejection

May 5th, 2003

I almost *always* update my site with the pictures from a show the same night
so that I get it over with BUT with 4 shows in a row I made the mistake of
putting sleep before update (see yesterdays post), but I guess that was probably
a good idea!

*FINALLY* here are the pictures of

#1. The May 1st Show at The Bassment:
One Drop

Drinking Semen

Buck’s Pics

#2. The May 2nd Show at The Bassment:
Shackleford (click refresh)

Buck’s Pics

#3. The May 2nd Show at Amigos:
Days Late
(click refresh)

Buck’s Pics

Also here are three videos of One Drop Collective:




I even wrote a review of the May 2nd show but I’m going to go to bed because
these pictures took WAY too long!


Song of the Day is:

Malchiks – Mario
<— a sweet ass cover of the
Super Mario Brothers theme

May 4th, 2003

sleep wins

May 3rd, 2003


Well if you were SUPER COOL like me then you would have gone to The Bassment
AND Amigos tonight to see two really great shows!

I will have all of the pictures up in the next day but there is a taste
above.  Right now Ryan needs sleep so he can help Tara move tomorrow.

Also… if you like pop-punk (c’mon, admit it!)  At Amigos tonight is
Lucky 7.

May 2nd, 2003

So here are the pictures of my Bad Religion

opened for Bad Religion.  Cameras weren’t allowed inside so
I had to sneak mine in “*pat pat* what’s that?  …. um…my wallet….”
I was front row for both bands but I was by the right speaker and I am near deaf
in my right ear now!  I SWEAR I will always wear ear plugs at shows from
now on because my ears have had enough concerts! (BUT I HAVEN’T!)
Bunnin also met up with us at the show and he got some really good pictures (he
was front center) so I’ll put those up later too.

I’ll have pictures of the May 1st Metal/Ska show up tomorrow.


Go to The Bassment  on May 2nd to see Ubiquitous Midgets / The Paper
Kites / Shackleford / Conch at 7pm for $5 and then when the show is over around
11’ish you should walk to Amigos and see Polk and the Pinch at Amigos which will
start at 11pm for
another measly $5.

Think about it! Two shows in one night! What more could you want?

May 1st, 2003

So BAD RELIGION WAS AMAZING and I have a ton of pictures but I am going to
the show tonight at the Bassment (see below) so for now all I’ll say is:


If you remember he doesn’t believe in celebrating peoples birthdays because
we should value peoples lives just as much every day of the year…. but I am
not him and birthdays are sweet!

“remember, your not a year older, your a year closer to death”


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